The use of melt water

Everyone knows about the benefits of melt water, but noteveryone knows what exactly it is. When it comes to melting snow somewhere in the mountains, it is natural, that such water will be clean and healthy. But what about the residents of big cities? In fact, useful kind of water can be cooked in his kitchen.

A terrible reality

Previously, it was perfectly normal to meltsnow in the cold season and to use the resulting water. Even today, drove away from civilization somewhere in Siberia, you can see how the villagers specifically collect snow and melt water is used for cooking and household needs. A layperson might seem that this is just a way to save money. Like, what's wrong with that - people just enjoying the gifts of nature. So it is, but the true essence of the application of the melt water is not limited to obtaining free of natural wealth.

Why do only a couple of hundred years ago, people werestronger, healthier and live longer? Why now impossible to find not only a healthy adult, but even a healthy newborn? People are born with hereditary diseases or poor health. Of course, something so terrible reality is due to the deterioration of the atmosphere as a consequence of the so-called "technical progress", but most of the people are to blame for their illnesses. We have forgotten what it is - to be healthy. We do not use what nature gives us. We replace natural products with synthetic substitutes, citing cleaning, fashion and even the health care. Today substitution of concepts has gone so far that many in the head and can not come, that melted snow or ice can be more useful than the most expensive mineral water bought in a supermarket.

We have all heard this phrase - "heavywater". What does it mean? In theory, everyone knows that the tap water passes bleach cleaning, so it becomes "heavy". But it still means? The fact that water in its composition contains deuterium - toxic substance which slowly poisons the body inside. Of course, drinking water from the tap, you do not poison. Intrigue deuterium is that its effect is manifested through the years, and the disease charged to anything, but not on the plain water.

Animal experiments have shown that hydrogendue to deuterium are more powerful than usual. Rats, mice and dogs fed a "heavy" water for some time. When tissue was replacing hydrogen with deuterium at 25%, the animals are no longer reproduce. Most of them become sterile, and in some cases sterility was irreversible. With increasing concentration of deuterium in the water, the animals rapidly dying. Thus, only a week "heavy diet" led to the replacement of 50% of hydrogen in the body tissue, resulting in a mammal perished. In the case of fish, everything is a bit 'more optimistic' - they were killed by a hydrogen replacement in the tissues by 90%. Some algae can all live in a clean hard water. But what we, the people care? Of course, a person different from the rats and dogs not only in size, but also a way of life, which allows some to adapt to modern reality. But the result remains the same - every day we gradually pouring a toxic substance, and the results are reaping in old age. Only here it comes not old as in the past - in 100-120 years, but much earlier.

Notice that only concerns healingandbodyworkTopics drinking toxic tap water, but does not mention the harmful foods and habits. Even if you do not smoke, do not drink and do not indulge in chips with soda, "heavy" water slowly makes his case.

But enough to exaggerate and aggravate the situation. The purpose MirCovetov not to put you into a depression, and help them to live better, longer and better. Boiling water will not solve the problem, and completely withdraw deuterium fail. So we try to turn the harm from tap water in favor!

The use of melt water

Meltwater helps people not only to strengthenimmunity and to feel cheerful, but even extend the life and regain beauty. The secret of many Hollywood actresses and queens of the catwalk that they drink a kind of water daily. It is proved that the composition of the melt water is unique in its kind and helps lose weight and reverse the aging process is reversed!

It sounds like another gimmick or fiction,is not it? But if you look, there is nothing surprising in these words. Man on 75-80% of the water, and he had every day to replenish the stock. It makes sense that the quality of water that enters the body, will depend on his condition. Pour a "hard" tap water, gave the bleach, and have wrinkles, hair loss, digestive problems and other "charms" of slow poisoning. But if you give the body a clean natural water, you can be sure that he will keep health and youth as long as possible.

How does the meltwater? Its structure is similar to the cells of the human body tissues. Therefore, getting inside, this cell does not cause discomfort, and adapts easily to the space or replace old dead tissue cells, blood and so on. D. There is a basic replacement or regeneration, if you want. And it will not fiction, and a mechanism invented by nature itself. People have forgotten how to be healthy, but this ability has been incorporated from the outset and is available to each of us.

Regularly eating melted water can be slowthe aging process, to gain courage, increase vitality and attention, reduce sleep time. A tempting prospect for those who want to have time to make the most interesting cases and who never have enough hours in the day. In some cases, prolonged use of meltwater people lacked just four hours of sleep a night, and at the same time they felt just great! healingandbodywork not trying to say that the melt water - it's super-power engineering. Just by improving health and finding courage, a man less tired, therefore, it takes less time to rest.

Meltwater significantly reducescholesterol and improving metabolism, promoting the safe weight loss. Safe, because you will not lose a few kilograms sharply and not starve yourself, then to "break" and get better twice. Losing weight with the help of a water - a natural process that stops as soon as the body returns to normal.

How to make a kind of water

Hopefully, healingandbodywork managed to catch yourattention, and to consider the practical benefits of the use of melt water. Who wants to be beautiful, healthy and enjoy it for years to come? The recipe of the melt water is quite simple, though not without its intricacies.

To freeze better not to use fresh water from the tap. If not filtered or spring water from the spring, it is recommended to defend the tap water at least an hour.

Frosting best in frost-resistant containersor plastic bottles. The day is enough to drink a liter of water. Freeze it in a small bottle, and feel free to take with you to work to drink during the day.

Drinking water should be thawed immediately after thawing, so the temperature was not higher than 10 ° C. Too thawed, and even warmer water to be clean, but not useful.

Some people prefer to just freeze the water,as described above. Those who want to get the most benefit, do the following: when the water is a little grab a thin crust of ice should be removed that same crust. The fact that the first freeze harmful substances, including deuterium. Of course, to completely remove it from the water does not work, but you can at least get closer to the ideal purity.

Another secret "water gourmet" - not worth itwait for a full freeze. When the main part of the liquid will turn into ice, and inside will be middle, liquid, punch a hole and pour the uncured water. Now you have a recipe for a long and healthy life!