The use of essential oil of mint

Soothing and "cool" mint flavor recognizableof thousands. Green plant with succulent leaves are used today not only as a drug, but also in cooking to decorate dishes or as a flavoring spices. In addition, peppermint essential oil affects the body as an invigorating and tonic.

The properties and composition of the essential oil

Mint - one of the most common and widelythe plants used, which has found its use in ancient Greece. About miracle opportunities mint Hippocrates wrote in his manuscripts were told that fragrant green herb relieves many ailments, and the beauty of women makes it more expressive.

About three thousand years ago, the mint was considered the main drug for the normalization of the digestive system, as well as natural painkillers.

Mass and purposefully grown peppermint British began in the XVIII century, since then the plant has been gradually migrate to us.

Get the essential oil from the fresh petalsusing steam distillation. To do this, in the course are all succulent leaves on stems. It should be noted that the oil of peppermint take dried plants. Externally, the essential oil has a yellow or pale green color, it is quite fluid, unlike other odorous compounds. Its flavor is fresh and slightly sharp, able to "penetrate" the breath of even those who have a stuffy nose. It is also full of cool shades of mint flavor and hints of camphor.

The greatest amount of essential oil contained inpepper mint - up to 6% in the inflorescences, and 2.5% - in the leaves. menthol content depends entirely on the plant species, this figure varies from 50 to 70%. On interest rates are also affected by weather conditions, in which the mint sprouts were collected, conditions and duration of storage, the method of obtaining the extract.

Beneficial features

The principle of operation of essential oil of mint:

  • relieves nausea and vomiting;
  • eliminates dizziness;
  • It relieves inflammation of the gums and reduces their pain;
  • eliminate bad breath;
  • enhances immunity;
  • removes toxins from the body;
  • with pine oil aromapary disinfect the premises;
  • It is a stimulating agent for the cardiovascular system;
  • normalizes and improves the condition of the brain vessels;
  • increases efficiency and alertness;
  • as part of comprehensive treatment eliminates capillary net.

Also, mint essential oil is widely used for the removal of these symptoms:

  • upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, pharyngitis;
  • periodontal disease and other problems in the oral cavity;
  • headache, nausea;
  • neurosis and fatigue;
  • heartburn;
  • rosacea;
  • acne, insect bites;
  • minor burns;
  • as the care of aging skin.

Benefits of peppermint essential oil

The specific and unlike the other mintaroma affects the human body not only physically, but spiritually as well as mentally. The present composition means the molecule, affecting all body systems towards improving the physical and emotional condition.

The smell of peppermint essential oil tones the tired body, refreshes and relieves stress. It also acts favorably when you need to cheer up and gain energy for the day.

Scientists have proved that the essential oil of peppermint increases brain activity of women, removes stiffness and improves confidence.

Its high efficiency for colds, excellent oil fights off viruses and germs, reduces body temperature.

To without harm to health to remove the head or menstrual pain, enough to inhale the fragrance oil.

During the cold with loss of voice mint essential oil also removes unpleasant symptom.

Application of Cosmetology

So far, this is not a miracle cureIt is very popular as a cosmetic preparation, however, some experts in the field of beauty still use this natural ingredient because mint can quickly remove any skin irritation.

Mint oil improves the skin's protective function, which could be affected by exposure to cold or heat.

The cooling effect of air circulation improves and evens out skin color.

In the early stages of acne agent helps overcome the problem and also to deal with capillary pattern on the skin.

Contraindications to the use of:

  • allergy. Since aromatic peppermint oil is a very potent allergen, then it should be used with extreme caution. Before using best to consult with a specialist and get tested for sensitivity;
  • children under 6 years of age is not recommended to use oil, as well as those people who take homeopathic remedies. The fact that reduces the efficiency of the latter mint;
  • it is also impossible to combine essential oils with products based on herbs;
  • as the essential oil in a concentrated and in a diluted state has a cooling and invigorating effect, that his long-term use is not acceptable. It can cause insomnia.

The use in a domestic environment,

Peppermint essential oil is one of the most active in its effects and commonly used. It is used typically in diluted form.

  1. To create the room cool fragranceand disinfect the air, already in hot water or aromatic lamp is recommended to add 5 drops of oil. The aromatic medallion enough from 1 to 3 drops.
  2. You can also take a relaxing bath afterworkday by adding in warm water of oil droplets 7. Depending on the preferences of the dose can be increased. This procedure will ensure you enjoy spending time and peace of mind.
  3. To create a moist dressing mint ether connects with other therapeutic or cosmetic oil. By about 5 grams of the basics you need to add 2 drops of oil. This mixture is effective and grindings.
  4. Peppermint essential oil eliminates the many problemsoral cavity. To do this it is best to use applications: a cotton swab dipped in vegetable and essential oils (in equal proportions), applied to the inflamed site and remains there as long as not pass the pain and inflammation.
  5. On the same principle of action also based its analgesic properties. On 1 part peppermint oil accounts for 2 of any other, all is well mixed and applied to the sick plots.
  6. A list of prescriptions given to this essential oil for use in cooking. Adding it can be in such specialties:
    • Cream for cooking pastries and cakes;
    • to extinguish the meat;
    • black, green tea;
    • wine or mulled wine;
    • Mojito drink. The recipe is simple: to 1 liter of beverage you want to add 5 drops of oil.
  7. Very often in a household agentused to ward off insects and parasites. A lot of unexpected pests have extremely negative attitude to the mint smell, whether fresh cut stems or essential oil. Irritating to the flavor and small rodents. To this end, experts recommend on the floor in every corner of the house to leave a few mint extract, diluted in water.
  8. This tool is also effective when you need toget rid of the insects in the garden, for example, the ubiquitous ants, which can spoil the vegetables or flowers. Suffice it to sprinkle mint oil plant, insect, and soon cease to disturb the plants in your garden plot.

And to add to the end of that essentialPeppermint oil is effective as part of an integrated treatment of dandruff, dry and brittle hair. If you decide to use this aromatic and invigorating means that healingandbodywork recommends that you always have it in your medicine cabinet in case the essentials.