Benefits of chocolate

Chocolate is loved by all - regardless of age, nationality, social status or religion. This delicacy is the most favorite of millions of people on the planet.

Chocolate - it's probably the most versatileinvention and, as a consequence, the acquisition of rights. Chocolates can be easily snack at work, it can easily take on the road or bring as a souvenir gift for friends. With chocolate you can drink coffee, and even better - to say "I love you" or "I'm sorry." But experts say that this sweetness insanely useful, since fans of this great figure of goodies, and more - they are much less likely to suffer from diabetes. Dark chocolate can save from depression, because it gives a sense of euphoria and reduces sensitivity to pain. In addition, it is in this product is a substance which is associated in humans with excitement and love. healingandbodywork tell you what else is useful chocolate.

  1. A slim body. Despite the fact that chocolate is a very calorie foods, the source of these calories is in the glucose and milk. That is, these carbohydrates are "readily available", they are very quickly broken down and consumed. Of course, if you eat a chocolate, then carbohydrates quickly settle to the waist fat fold, but if you eat chocolate wisely, it can become part of the well-balanced diet. At the same time, women will eat chocolate and lose weight!
  2. The source of energy. Chocolate a lot of fat and sugar - this is the most basic energy suppliers. But thanks to the presence of magnesium and potassium person receives what is necessary to the nervous system and muscles are working in full force and effect as expected. It is because of these qualities of chocolate is very useful for children and athletes.
  3. The stimulatory effect. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which creates a stimulating effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Due to the fact that carbohydrates supply energy, which is easily accessible and rapidly consumed cocoa butter fats are digested much more slowly, which provides the body with energy for a long time.
  4. The small amount of caffeine. Many people are afraid to eat chocolate - are afraid that there is a lot of caffeine, but it's actually not the case. In one chocolate bar contained only 30 grams of caffeine, while the coffee in the cup 6 times - 180 grams.
  5. Benefits of Chocolate for the heart and blood vessels. Cardiologists argue that cocoa beans contain polyphenols which have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Besides these substances contribute to efficient blood flow, reduces the load on the heart. It argued that cocoa can improve the immune system. That is why dark chocolate - with a high cocoa content can even be used for medicinal purposes.
  6. Protection of tooth enamel. Many people think that chocolate causes damage to the teeth, but it is not so! Chocolate is the safest sweet product, it is completely harmless to the tooth enamel. In addition, experts say that cocoa butter, which is found in chocolate, can will protect teeth special protective film, which coats the teeth, which prevents the destruction of the latter. It should be noted that a special "power" different shells of cocoa beans - they are so strong antibacterial properties that Japanese physicians in the near future are going to try to add this product to toothpaste or mouthwash. Of course, chocolate - this is not a panacea and not a substitute for toothpaste (especially since the preparation of this dessert shells of cocoa beans do not use), but if there is a choice between chocolates and caramel, the choice must be done in favor of the former. They certainly are not as harmful.
  7. The exciting effect. The fact that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, said the ancient Aztecs. It was the first time they began to use chocolate in order to maintain power. All this is due to the presence in the composition of theobromine and caffeine. It is therefore not advised to eat a lot of chocolate for the night, otherwise you can not fall asleep for a long time.
  8. Psychological picture. It appears by what chocolate you like best, you can get a complete picture, which deals with the expression of the inner world. An important concerns even then, what toppings you prefer and how to get rid of the wrapper. Such "decryption psycho" suggests psychotherapist Murray Lengem. He even published a book, which is called "chocolate therapy" in which he "dare to open your inner world." The therapist says that those people who love milk chocolate, prefer to live in the past. But fans of dark chocolate - materialists, who look only forward, into the future. Those who love white chocolate, have a heightened sense of justice. Open and sociable people like to eat chocolate with some stuffing.
  9. Lowering cholesterol levels. Cocoa butter contains unsaturated fatty acids - is palmitic (43%) and stearic (41%) of the acid. It is stearic acid, getting into the body, is transformed into oleic acid, which is precisely known that can reduce cholesterol levels.
  10. Increased potency and sex drive. Earlier, during the time of Louis XIV, namely chocolate was used as a "drug" to enhance potency. There is documentary evidence that even in the XVIII century in Italy chocolate used to increase sexual desire. At one time, chocolate was even strictly forbidden in the monasteries, as it could arouse the monks clear sinful thoughts that would enter them into the temptation of adultery. Contemporaries say that enhance sexual desire can only pure chocolate without additives or fillers. Exceptions are nuts.
  11. Troubleshoot problems with digestion. Chocolate, if it is of good quality, never hurt the digestion. On the contrary, a good quality product will stimulate digestion and reduce intestinal muscles. Chocolate is digested very quickly - a maximum of one hour.
  12. The benefits of chocolate for diabetics. Special chocolate that does not contain the usual sugar, since it is replaced maltitol, completely harmless to people suffering from diabetes. Doctors clinically proven that the product is produced from barley (maltitol), perfectly can replace sugar, moreover, it is beneficial for the stomach and intestines to.
  13. The benefits of chocolate for pregnant women. Scientists say that pregnancy is very helpful to eat chocolate - unless, of course, the future mother are no contraindications. The fact that this chocolate can prevent preeclampsia - a complication that occurs during the third trimester of pregnancy. This disease has a common history with the disease of blood vessels and heart. In addition, thanks to theobromine can improve work in the muscles and blood circulation in the placenta to establish that block the process of oxidation. Also do not forget that chocolate can give lots of positive emotions, which is also very important for pregnant women.

Chocolate - it is very tasty and healthy treat,but do not forget that everything should be in moderation, so overeating chocolate does not lead to good. Especially because of this dessert can begin allergy!