The use of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter - one of the solid perfumedoils widely used not only to create a sweet, but also in cosmetics and even to treat certain diseases. Oil with the scent of chocolate has a tonic and healing effect.

Production and properties of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter - a product consisting essentiallyof fat and having a light yellow color. At room temperature it is a solid and is easily broken, if the temperature rises above 33 degrees, it becomes liquid. its melting point is below human body temperature, and therefore entering the body, for example, cocoa butter with chocolate melts in the mouth from the first seconds, leaving no waxy aftertaste.

In order to obtain oil from cocoa beans, their firsttinder and then pressed on hydraulic presses. After this procedure is transparent substance having a light yellow color and odor resistant cocoa. This aroma can be mitigated, as well as the taste of the oil was subjected to deodorization, that is treated with steam under vacuum. When the product is cooled to 20 degrees, it begins to crystallize and become hard and brittle at the same time.

As part of the oil most of the occupiedfatty acid triglycerides. Thanks to them, the oil can be used for a long time and not rancid. Getting into the chocolate bar, the oil gives it the following properties: a surface that does not stain, easy melting in the mouth, no oily taste, hardness and brittleness as well as fragrance. When solidification of the product goes through several changes of crystal, that is, it is polymorphic. In order to form a stable oil held in the confection before adding to the product, it is heated.

For the human body is cocoaa source of good mood and well-being. Its use helps cell regeneration, moisturizes the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. In addition, the product of cocoa is considered environmentally friendly, why is it so popular in cooking and cosmetics.

cocoa butter Treatment

Most associated with cocoa and chocolatesweets, it also has been used successfully in the treatment of several diseases. For example, in the treatment of bronchitis. British scientists conducted an experiment and found that theobromine, which is part of the cocoa successfully treat cough, better than many drugs. Also unlike drugs natural oil has no side effects during treatment. As a cough medicine product should be consumed as follows: dissolve in one hundred grams of warm milk half a tea spoon of oil and a drink. This drink will surely enjoy the children, because the milk would be with a taste of chocolate. After drinking milk healingandbodywork recommends chest massage with cocoa butter, it will ensure the flow of blood to the lungs and bronchi. Also, children with colds will enjoy a chocolate drink that will cure: you need to boil half a glass of milk, add the 10 grams of butter, for color - cocoa powder and sugar to taste. Drink it must warm and not after receiving drink water and eat within two hours.

To protect themselves against viruses and infectionsduring winter epidemics, doctors recommend cocoa butter to smear the nasal mucosa. Fat in this case becomes a barrier to the penetration of viruses. Thus, you can protect and toddlers.

Oil becomes effective drugs for cocoathose who have problems with a chair, with constipation should be taken before going to bed one teaspoon of the product. The course of treatment - three weeks. If you have hemorrhoids, before each trip to the bathroom need to enter into the rectum a small piece (about the size of a candle rectal) solid cocoa butter.

To cure cervical erosion need onetea spoon of the product melt in a water bath or heat up in the microwave, add to it ten drops of sea buckthorn oil. In this mixture to moisten the swab and the night to put in the vagina, a course of treatment - 3 weeks.

When cholecystitis cocoa butter is used inas cholagogue. To do this, take a tablespoon of butter, melt it into liquid and drink on an empty stomach, it is better to do it in the morning before breakfast. Then you need to lie down, put a heating pad on the right side and to lie in this position for two hours. This procedure was repeated once a week, preferably on a day off to nowhere in a hurry.

Cocoa butter in cosmetology

For cosmetic purposes are generally used oilfor skin rejuvenation. Also it is able to get rid of the dryness. For this product can be used as cream: simply holding it in his hand, and then treat them to break the skin should be a small piece of an oil. Especially this method is used beauticians recommend in frosty winter months. During this period the usual cream is better not to use, but brushing the skin with oil, can be sure of its protection and nutrition. In summer, it is recommended in the same manner to lubricate the skin of the hands and feet, then they will be protected from dust and dirt. A holiday on the whole body, it is desirable to oil, by the way, make it useful and before going to the pool, in which case you can be sure that the bleach does not dry up your skin and it will remain soft. Especially that some special devices for lighting oil is not necessary, it is great to melt in their hands.

If you have cracks on the hands or onheels, a horny skin, you need to take equal quantities of liquid honey and warmed on a steam bath oil and smear problem areas at night. Use this recipe can be if not allergic to honey. If there is one, it is necessary to replace the honey with olive oil.

To strengthen the hair, you need two tablespoonsdried rosemary, pour a glass of boiling water, leave to infuse for half an hour and cool down, add three tablespoons of pre-melted cocoa butter. The ingredients mix well and apply on the hair, then they are hidden under a plastic bag on top and cover with a towel, two hours later, rinse shampoo. The procedure can be done twice a week.

Good for all skin types maskwhich is made from two tablespoons of parsley, a teaspoon of melted butter. The mixture is applied to the face by massaging gently and leave for half an hour, then wash off with warm running water.

Contraindications to receiving

Due to the fact that the product includes caffeine, its only 0.2%, the product still does not recommend use for children up to three years, and those who use this component is contraindicated.

Countries that grow cocoa beans are very oftenon hearing due to poor sanitary conditions, it affects the products, which include cocoa or oil. In addition, beans often live cockroaches, from which not so easy to get rid of. And on the large plantations are also often the plants are treated with pesticides. Further, to remove all pests radiological beans undergo treatment. Despite this, all manufacturers claim that their product is the most environmentally friendly, the buyer is difficult to determine the simple to the eye or taste, what kind of oil to really high quality.

There are a few caveats, who do notis to use cocoa butter beans. This small children, those who suffer from diabetes, multiple sclerosis, diarrhea. Because of the high caloric content of the product is not necessary to excessively use for people who are overweight. And also need to be careful to those who are under stress or nervous tension, since cocoa is even more excites the nervous system.

Those who think that it does not have contraindications to use product will be useful for a cup of cocoa with milk and butter in the morning, it is a charge of vivacity for the whole day.