The use of bubble baths

How much you can fantasize, hearing onlyOne name for this procedure. Of course, with the very pearl bath it has little to do, but the benefits of it can be evaluated very highly. One course of treatment will result in your body in order you to forget about the stress and restore metabolism. How - and today we will tell.

Operating principle

Earlier, pearl bath can be takenexclusively in spas as prescribed by your doctor. Today this procedure you can provide any spa, hydrotherapy engaged. Moreover, if you have the opportunity, you can buy a special device that creates such bath home. It is worth it is relatively cheap, but when you consider that it is for life and for the whole family, you can not splurge.

Bubble bath - this is a common bath, filledflowing water to the bottom of which is placed a wooden lattice in which metal tubes are, they remove an infinite number of small air bubbles. This lattice compressor is connected, on which the pressure can be adjusted to vary the degree of saturation of water bubbles.

When bathing water should be hotbody temperature that is 36 degrees, the temperature is allowed even a little lower. This is precisely the temperature of the water has a healing effect on the body. The situation during the procedure - only lying and completely relaxed.

Bubbles visually resemble pearls (hencename), have on the body healing effect. First of all, they stimulate blood circulation, help to normalize blood pressure. The process of hydro nourishes the skin with oxygen and the body, helping to restore strength and normalize sleep.

You can choose to increase the effect of oneprocedures, adding sea salt to it, various aromatic oils. But remember, the beginning of the treatment is very important to discuss with your doctor, because, like all useful, have baths there are some contraindications.

By the way, the whole course is about three weeks,You can take a bath every day, making it sometimes breaks in 1 day or every other day. One session should take no more than 15 minutes. After the session need maximum comfort, excluded any exercise.


Do not ignore the advice of a physician beforeyou begin receiving top bubble baths. There are a number of diseases, which exclude these treatment baths. First of all you must be careful to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases in the acute form, as well as hypertensive patients with severe disease. Thrombophlebitis and any inflammatory processes are also at risk. Do not take bubble baths for people with severe fungal processes and open festering wounds.

But such common diseases asdiabetes and varicose veins are unlikely to be a contraindication, but the best way to start the course of treatment after consulting a doctor. Pregnancy also does not preclude reception bubble bath, but it is necessary to start after prenatal visits. The doctor will make the decision based on the overall health of the future mother.

Also launched a course of treatment, make sure thatHow are you feeling. If you feel a pronounced discomfort, you need to say this to your doctor. Sometimes the cause can serve very hot water, and sometimes a bad mood - a reason to stop taking baths altogether.

Indications for treatment

And now the pleasant: in all other cases, you can take a bath. Even if you do not have any pronounced disease, bubble bath will be useful to relieve stress, restore healthy sleep. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, and will be grateful to the action of this procedure: it relieves fatigue, eliminates any back pain, causes muscle tone.

Bubble bath has a relaxing andreducing effect, it causes positive emotions. For one course of treatment is able to permanently rejuvenate, restore joy and zest for life, soothe the nerves. In the year of such courses should be no more than three.

Diseases, which shows pearl bath:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • post-traumatic syndrome, asthenia;
  • hypertension (1st and 2nd degree);
  • hypothalamic syndrome;
  • soldier's heart;
  • hysteria;
  • psychoses;
  • neurasthenia.

Coniferous-pearl bath

This is the most popular kind of bubble baths. They are very useful because they add the benefits of essential oils of pine needles to the use of hydrotherapy. As is known, needles removes the phlegm, stops allergic reactions, and also possesses antibacterial activity.

Combining with oxygen, needles will enrich the bodyvitamins that it contains in large quantities - E and C. Penetrating into the skin, it creates a unique antioxidant, which affect both the condition of the skin (it is noticeably tightened, refreshed), and the general condition of the body.

The times will improve the metabolism and vitaminsThe group, which is also very rich in needles, can improve the blood, to ensure the flow of lymph, improve vascular condition, restore the airway.

Coniferous-pearl bath is important to make people not only to raise the general tone, rejuvenate and cleanse the body. They are also indicated for diseases such as:

  • atherosclerosis at early stages;
  • nervous system diseases;
  • immunodeficiency;
  • spinal hernia;
  • the first stage of hypertension;
  • respiratory diseases.

Rules of admission baths

These rules are suitable for a pearl, and forconiferous-pearl bath. Sticking to their need at home and in the salon or in a sanatorium, where you carry out the procedure, this will help increase the effect of the treatment.

  • never raise the temperature above 36 degrees. Thus, you reduce the therapeutic effect of taking a bath, as well as the possible deterioration of health;
  • do not increase while taking a bath for more than 15 minutes;
  • Bath should be taken when freshly washed body;
  • always take a bath in the supine position, try to relax as much as possible, and the whole body to feel the action that has a procedure;
  • it is best to appoint a receiving bath at night, so that after it you can safely relax and go to sleep;
  • No physical activities daily bath reception, they are not something that is not recommended - they are simply not allowed;
  • to enhance the effect can be added to the bath sea salt;
  • so that the skin does not dry after taking a bath should be lubricated every body milk or lotion;
  • if the treatment takes place for the first time you do this it is necessary under the supervision of a specialist.

Side effects

Remember that everything is good in moderation, as in the case ofour suite can even overdo it and hurt yourself a little. Therefore, do not increase the treatment for more than three weeks, otherwise you can get the opposite effect.

Also, experts attributed to the side effectssleep disturbance and possible emergence of anxiety at the beginning of treatment. This, in principle, the normal effect, but it certainly is necessary to inform your doctor to adjust further treatment.