The use of boric alcohol for acne

Skin problems today arerelevant to many people of completely different age categories, be it in the teenage years or adulthood. This trouble always gives a person discomfort. If dry skin is easily eliminated by any moisturizer, then acne can help to get rid of quite a budget and effective medication - boric alcohol.

Boric acid for problem skin

Very often the means to fight acneknown brands are not able to cope with this sensitive issue, so we resort to the use of the popular and proven methods. In order for the skin of your face has become smooth and even apply boric alcohol, which for many years of its existence, has earned just positive feedback from those who he helped to get rid of acne.

Boric acid solution in ethanol (boronalcohol) is used in medicine since the 19th century. Used as an antiseptic, it is able to penetrate rapidly into the skin, accumulate in tissues and organs.

In addition to a good disinfectant boricAlcohol dries inflammation and acne on his face, in his medicine used to treat dermatitis, itching relief, elimination of otitis ears, getting rid of diaper rash, eczema and purulent processes in the skin.

Pimples or acne - it's just nastya cosmetic problem, but also a serious disease, cure is sometimes unable to even the most popular drugs. In structure inexpensive boron alcohol sold in any pharmacy, there boric acid powder, and ethyl alcohol. It should be remembered that the use of the aid must be carried out strictly on the recommendations of a physician or according to the instructions. Improper or uncontrolled use of it can cause burns to the skin, and it will lead to excessive dryness and flaking.

Regular and proper application of the drugreduces the number of acne, remove the red spots, and give skin a healthy look. Use medication unnecessarily dermatologists do not recommend, you first need to find out the cause of the problem. For example, when overactive sebaceous glands boric alcohol will help, but if the pimples appear due to hormonal imbalance or disorders of the internal organs, then the tool will be powerless.

From the body boric acid appears very slowly, it is also quite a toxic agent.

Indications and contraindications to the use of boric alcohol

Indications for use:

  • dermatosis in an advanced stage;
  • psoriasis;
  • acne;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • acne of any etiology;
  • excessive activity of the sebaceous glands.

The therapeutic effect of the use of boric alcoholIt is a deep cleansing of the skin with a guaranteed long-term result. New acne dried up and did not appear again, the pores are disinfected, leaves fat and the skin gets used to the drug.

Advantages of boric alcohol for acne:

  • cheapness. Buy antiseptic available in any pharmacy at a reasonable cost;
  • ease of use. Boric alcohol is necessary to lubricate the inflamed areas of the skin with a cotton disk;
  • high efficiency in the treatment of acne and long-lasting therapeutic effect.

Before you start treatment boric alcohol need to be aware of its shortcomings, the main ones are:

  • burning, dermatitis, and pruritus. With care use in patients with sensitive skin because of an allergic reaction may occur;
  • It dries the skin. Unfortunately, people do not use boric alcohol with dry skin.

In a small list of advantages and disadvantages of boric alcohol, there are also side effects from its use.

The instructions to the drug indicated that they can not be lubricated with large areas of the skin.

If you are prone to allergic manifestations, theBoric acid is not suitable for the treatment of acne. Allergies can also occur on the individual components of the formulation. In the case of individual intolerance before starting therapy no harm will be tested for sensitivity.

As a part of antiseptic alcohol there, then it is able to dry the skin, so people with dry and sensitive skin is better to stop using it, so as not to make things worse.

With an overdose of boric alcohol for treatmentAcne can appear nausea, headache and vomiting. If you have found that during treatment with this drug have emerged one of the above symptoms, immediately discontinue treatment and consult a doctor.

Treatment of acne boric alcohol

Boric acid is included with manycosmetics for skin treatment: masks, lotions, tonics and lotions. Some of them are quite realistic to make yourself known and available components.

  1. The mask for acne. To 50 g of glycerin, add 20 ml of boric alcohol solution. Mix and apply on damaged skin. The mixture should be left on the face for 15 minutes, then rinse with water and wipe the face soothing tonic. This mask is suitable for oily skin, and it is recommended to use no more than 2 times per week.
  2. Chatterbox with zinc ointment. Mix in a separate vessel, 25 ml of boric acid solution and 40 ml of salicylic. To add the liquid for 1 hour. L. zinc ointment, all carefully Stir and send in the refrigerator. Before each new application it is recommended to shake it and handle means trouble spots on the skin 2 times per day.
  3. Chatterbox on the same principle can be prepared and aspirin, add 4 crushed pills to one bottle of boric alcohol. Apply to the skin before going to sleep better.
  4. In the fight against acne is effective as an antiseptic lotion. At a ratio of 1: 1 is necessary to connect a boric acid solution and tinctures of camomile. Purified skin to lubricate it means 2 times a day.

The duration of treatment Chatterbox - no more than 14 days. Repeat it can again 2 weeks later. When pregnancy is to use products with boric alcohol is not recommended.

If there was a better scaling to reduce the frequencyuse and dosage. For example, do not need to process the drug solution all over your face - is enough to put boric alcohol dot. In order to prevent harm will also use this antiseptic. After successfully passed the course of treatment after 3 months of therapy can be repeated again.

Boric alcohol - the effect is obvious

The best therapeutic effect of usingboric alcohol for the treatment of acne occurs when the cause of skin disease was a violation of the sebaceous glands. If spots appeared due to failure of hormone in the body, menopause, slagging or other problems with the gastrointestinal system, it is not necessary to wait for a positive effect.

If pimples are in the form of neglect, theresult from the use of boric alcohol quickly come. Throw treatment in this case is not necessary, it is better to be patient and to continue therapy, because just a few weeks you will be able to get rid of the annoying problems forever.

Boric alcohol for seven days is able torelieve your skin from mild forms of acne, inflammation or teenage acne. More severe acne and running MirCovetov recommends to treat together with salicylic acid and chloramphenicol.

Do not forget also about proper nutrition during treatment, because of the condition and operation of the gastrointestinal tract condition of the skin depends largely.