The use of birch sap

In the first warm spring days and pullsstroll through the tender green grass, breathe clean air, which is already beginning to be recognized by fragrant aromas of spring flowers, and go to "birch hunt." Natural birch sap - a delicious and extremely healthy drink that can give health, beauty and longevity.

Birch - a symbol of the Russian land, knownworldwide and sung in folk epic. Our ancestors have for centuries used the power of the birch for the treatment of various diseases and the practice, if not in full, and reached till our days. Today, you can find a variety of recipes with birch sap, but few know its true power.

Birch - a unique plant in its essence, anypart of which can be used to treat diseases. Birch sap is especially useful, because it concentrated all the useful substances accumulated over a long winter.

The useful "birch tears"?

Birch juice contains many enzymes andbiological stimulants that strengthen the immune system. This is a powerful tool against the spring of beriberi and restore after a long illness. Benefit birch sap brings people with heart disease - it strengthens blood vessels and stabilizes the heart muscle.

A large percentage of tannin in the compositionbirch sap says that it can be safely used as an anti-inflammatory agent for the gums bleed, stomatitis, gingivitis and other oral diseases.

Easily digestible natural sugars glucose andfructose do birch sap is moderately sweet and pleasant to the taste, and is also very useful for the brain. Therefore, this juice is so beneficial for children, pupils and students. And best of all, that it can be drunk not only for healing but also for a reason - for the overall strengthening of the body!

Birch sap can even drink with allergies,because there is no powerful allergens that can cause reactions in its composition. It will be useful for pregnant women, young mums during lactation and people with digestive problem.

If you are concerned about persistent swelling after sleep orlong work, including birch juice in your diet and forget about discomfort! It perfectly displays the excess fluid from the body, providing a mild diuretic effects.

Delve into the characteristics and specificproperties of birch sap, it can be concluded that it is an excellent natural remedy to treat many diseases. MirSovetov already mentioned that the juice has a slight diuretic effect, so if you suffer from inflammation of the kidneys or kidney failure, get used to drink a delicious birch sap. However, in the presence of kidney stones need to be careful with the use of juice, so as not to provoke the movement of stones and renal colic attack.

Birch sap is used as a blood cleansing remedy for removing toxins from the body after a poisoning or exposure. Therefore, it is so useful for intoxication during pregnancy.

If you have reduced the acidity, drink a glass of juice three times a day to stimulate the digestive juices in the stomach.

Modernity makes us to be skeptical,therefore perfectly reasonable to ask the question: "Is it possible that birch sap are no contraindications?". Yes and no. It all depends on where and how it was collected "birch tears".

collection rules

On how correctly observedRules collect birch sap, directly dependent of its healing qualities. The first thing to remember is that you need to collect the sap from the trees that grow as far as possible from roads, factories and cities. Environmentally friendly product must come first.

Leaving to "birch hunt" should be at the beginning ofMarch with the onset of the first thaw. Season ends in late April, with the first "shackles" on birches. On the morning of birch sap flows in the trunks faster start collecting preferably in the morning. By evening, the movement of juice slows to a crawl and almost stopped.

It is very important to choose the right birch. It has to be big and strong, but not old. Too young trees is also not necessary to disturb - sokopuskanie could harm them. The circumference of the trunk birch ideal for collecting the juice should be about 25-30 cm.

When you have chosen your tree, makean incision in the trunk depth of 2-3 cm in half a meter from the ground. Insert the cut groove prepared in advance and substitute capacity. But do not expect that you will immediately be able to gain a couple of liters of birch sap. Of course, it can natech and 10, and even 20 liters of juice, but if you take more than half a liter, the tree can dry out in a single session with a birch.

Once the tank natechet about half a liter of juice, remove the groove and close up the hole with mud and moss.

If you set out to collect the three-liter jar of juice, ready to "make a hole" a few trees.


Birch sap is actively used not only inas drinking or curative drug, but also as a raw material for the creation of cosmetic products. Recall, tar soap - made on the basis of birch tar, it can do wonders to the skin, eliminating the severe seborrhea and exerting an anti-inflammatory effect.

Use pure birch sap instead of tonicor cosmetic foams for the face, and your skin will have a few days to shine cleanliness, become soft and beautiful. In addition, birch juice perfectly refreshes the skin, so that the wiping of the face in the morning will help you wake up and cheer up!

Below healingandbodywork talk about waysStorage birch sap, but Zabierzow slightly forward. The fact that the juice has a very short shelf life, even in the refrigerator, but if you freeze it into molds for ice, they can be used as a tonic for the face, neck and décolleté.

Mask based on birch sap helpsget rid of the dullness of the skin and a tired appearance. Mix the dry blue or white clay with undiluted birch sap to the consistency of thick cream and apply on face for 10-20 minutes. Rinse off the mask does not need water, and the same birch sap. Do such simple manipulations a couple of times a week and after 2-3 sessions you will notice dramatic changes in appearance!

Cream-mask of birch sap and sea buckthorn helpenrich the skin with vitamins, to give it a healthy glow and smooth out fine wrinkles. To prepare the cream-mask, it is necessary to mix 200 grams of sea buckthorn berries, 2 tablespoons. l. birch juice and 50 grams of wheat germ. Crush wheat and sea buckthorn, add the juice and apply on face for 10-20 minutes.

And you improve digestion, boost immunityand make your skin healthy and supple. Now is the time to do hair. Birch sap can even the most dull and damaged hair perm overheated make a role model, which is not even dreamed of divas advertising clips about shampoos!

Use birch sap as a balsam-conditioner after every hair wash. Just rinse their hair and they quickly become strong and shiny.

Oily Hair Lotion helps birch: 2 cups of birch juice mixed with 1 tbsp. l. honey and 1 hour. l. without salt hills. Pour into a bottle of dark glass, add 200 ml of vodka or alcohol and mix well. Remove the dark for 10 days, then wipe the lotion on the scalp for 1.5 hours before each wash. Shook his head warm towel and wash through the appointed time. Repeat the procedure 10 times, then do ten-day break and repeat the treatment.

How to store

Birch sap is stored no longer than two days,However, the shelf life can be extended, if the right to preserve the drink. Heat the juice to 80 ° C and pour into clean sterilized bottles or cans. Zakuporte container and dip in hot water pasteurization for 15 minutes.

The second way to "prolong life" birch sapIt is to provide a concentrate. For this fresh birch sap is heated and evaporated to 1/4 of the original volume. Then pour into a sterilized container and roll. When will want to feast on a delicious drink, dilute the concentrate with water and drink to your health!