The use of the bath

Until a few decades ago when in the houses andapartments are not showers and bathrooms have been provided, the bath was almost the only place for washing the body. Nowadays bath - rather a place to rest, to relax and unwind with friends. And few people know about the healing properties of steam to health.

The use of the bath

We have a common baths and saunas. The sauna steam dry, and then do not need to steam with a broom because he almost instantly heats up and this procedure will only hurt. A steam bath in the wet, and here whisk will be very handy. With it shall devour the body heat and moisture will get useful massage.

For thin people would be best to take a steambath, that is where they soak your body warm, but full of people feel good it is in the dry sauna. While all this is, of course, is relative, you need to choose where it is comfortable.

Benefit bath should be treated in several ways:

  1. Benefits for skin steam.
  2. Of all the useful properties, which brings Bathman, it is the most significant effect on the skin. Under the influence of the hot moist air the skin is cleansed and younger. Through the open pores of the body out of the slag, dirt, toxic substances. If you go to a regular bath, then in a short time the skin will become more supple and healthy. Hot steam can be changed, even small congenital defects of the skin. If you have dry skin is different, it will be more flexible, and if, on the contrary, fat, then dry. Thus, the sauna is useful for all skin types, therapeutic steam leads her back to normal.

    Very good like in the bath for those who lost weight dramatically or after childbirth, the skin will be tightened considerably, and those who want to prevent the appearance of early wrinkles.

  3. Benefits for the body thermoregulation.
  4. Hippocrates said that the fever cancure any disease. So room and gives a sense of the most fever because, being in a steam room, a person's skin temperature increases to 10 degrees, and internal organs - three degrees. At this temperature many killed viruses and bacteria, because increases faster metabolism and the body's cells are recovered. You can even slow down the growth of malignant cells.

  5. The benefits for the nervous system.
  6. When a person is in the steam room, his blooddilate blood vessels, reduced activity of the brain and the person relaxes. Therefore we recommend that people go to the bath with the inflammation of the central nervous system, cerebral palsy, enuresis in children, nervousness, insomnia and hypertonia.

  7. For the cardiovascular system.
  8. Due to differential high and low temperatures,blood vessels become elastic, and the heart muscle is strengthened and the likelihood of a heart attack decreases. A person in the sauna increases heart rate to 150 beats per minute, and therefore increases the circulation, but at the same time the blood pressure is normal, because the vessels are dilated. In the skin dilate capillaries and improves its power, so those who have only recently emerged from the bath-house is always fresh appearance and they are full of energy. People who have low blood pressure, after the pair is back to normal. Russian bath successfully treated varicose veins.

  9. Benefits metabolism.
    Heat increases blood circulation, andwith them and metabolism. Therefore bath so fond of those who aspire to the ideal figure. Additionally, a person staying in the bath, sweats much and thus excreted out excess water and salt hated lost weight. This method quickly lose weight is often used before a competition athletes. However, it is worth noting that the lost weight back quickly once the cells to hydrate.

The damage that can cause bath

Many bath associated with beer, vodka andother alcoholic products. But doctors have categorically forbid combining these two hanging out for several reasons: the most important - is that consuming alcoholic beverages in the bath, the person loses all sense of time and may be present in the steam room longer than necessary, and it will affect all the organs. And the second - alcohol adversely affects the heart and lungs, and high temperatures will only aggravate the situation in the steam room. By the way, for the same reason, it is forbidden to have sex in the bath.

It is not recommended to go to the bath for those who illcatarrhal diseases, particularly pneumonia and bronchitis. And you need to be careful when visiting a steam room, if there is a disease of the cardiovascular system, because it may increase blood pressure at high temperature. And for those who suffer from diabetes and this is a significant dynamics of weight loss, visit the Russian bath is strictly prohibited.

In the category, who can not go to the bath, also includes people who have had a heart attack, a stroke, suffer from cancer or is suspected such.

It is also not recommended to visit the steam room for pregnant women, since under the influence of temperature vessels to dilate and this can harm the baby.

How to bathe

Take a steam bath correctly - is an art, and it has its own recommendations:

  1. Before the steam room must be made within two minutes to take a warm shower.
  2. No hats in the steam room do not go, in case of emergency, make a turban towels.
  3. Head watering is not necessary, but the hat is necessary.
  4. Choose a two brooms, shorter and lighter they are, the better.
  5. When working with brooms wear gloves to protect his hands from abrasions.
  6. The first time you go in the steam room without a broom, drink a glass of hot tea to balance the temperature of the inside and outside.
  7. After the sauna are not in the draft, not supercool.
  8. If you want to plunge into the snow after a steam room, do it immediately. Dipped - and ran back into the steam room.

Broom for a bath

The most common broom for a bath is made ofbirch. In addition, he has nice flexibility, it also contains enzymes that reduce inflammation, heal wounds and derive the excess fluid. Essential substances that are extracted from birch trees, helps to cure bronchitis and removed from the lungs phlegm. To prepare the broom is best to take the white birch.

Good bath and oak broom. Due to its strength it will last for 4 treatments. Besides tannins from the wood of the treated skin disorders and sweating.

In the Caucasus, often use eucalyptusbrooms. They are valued by its antiseptic properties, and interaction with steam and still obtain effective therapeutic inhalation. The only drawback of eucalyptus brooms that they are very thin and you have to put a lot of effort to warm up to him. So often in eucalyptus broom mixed with twigs of oak or birch.

Those who suffer from rheumatism or gout,MirSovetov recommends brooms nettle. Just before the steam, it should be several times in succession to moisten, the cold and then hot water, then it will cease to burn the skin.

In any case, what would you have chosen is not a broom,We need to comply with the measure. If you feel discomfort, it is better to stop the procedure. To do no harm. Listen to your body and be healthy.