The use of avocado oil

The oil of this exotic fruit is not oftensee on the tables and in the medicine cabinet of our compatriots. And for good reason. Here is Colombian and Mexican tribes for another 10 thousand years ago and tasted avocado oil from it, and were not only eating it, but treated them.

The composition of avocado oil

Fruit of avocado oil is considered one of the mostenvironmentally friendly compared with other vegetable oils. In addition, it is the most nutritious, and in this respect is not inferior to the eggs and even meat products. This fact is even embodied in the Guinness Book of Records, where avocado is listed as the most high-calorie fruit.

The fruits of this fruit a lot of protein, three timesmore than, for example, apples and grapes. And the number of fat it passes all known fruits. More than his fat, coconut only. The third part of the fat is easily digested. Vitamin F in this oil a few times more than in the well-known fish oils. Besides this vitamin, the fruit is rich in B vitamins, as well as A, C, D, E, the latter, by the way, this oil is five times more than in the olive, and he has a property capable of rejuvenate, heal wounds and to support the immune system . In addition to vitamin E in the oil overseas fruit contains also squalene - a powerful antioxidant which is a part of our skin and sebaceous glands. Its presence in the body is required in order to produce hormones. In conjunction with the enriched water squalene tissue organs with oxygen. Avocado oil is necessary to use those who have undergone radiation or radiation.

Many in the oil of avocado and chlorophyll - aan antibacterial agent which gives a fruit and green. Chlorophyll is well affects many systems of the body, removes toxins, heals wounds and prevents the formation of kidney stone disease. Another difference from other avocado oil plant, in that it contains a lot of lecithin, which is an essential building material for cardiac muscle, brain and nerve endings.

Oil Treatment Avocado

It is difficult to say in what illnesses do not usethis oil. First of all, MirCovetov recommended to use it for those who suffer from cardiovascular problems. The oil reduces blood cholesterol levels, strengthen the blood vessels, so just include in your diet this product, you will already be prevented atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke. It is also recommended to use the oil for those who have problems with hematopoiesis.

If regularly add butter in food, itbeneficial effect on the digestive system and increase metabolism. They can carry out prevention of gastritis, ulcers. Oil normalizes bile excretion process and treat liver disease, the intestinal wall does not absorb toxins and free radicals.

Due to the fact that the avocado containsthe minimum quantity of sugar, butter is recommended to use for diabetics. In addition fatty acids that are contained in the oil, are capable of lowering blood sugar, thus providing energy to the body. Also, it is advised to those who have a lot nervous. B vitamins together with magnesium and lecithin treat nervous disorders, headaches, contribute to an easy sleep. If you use oil for food every day, it will increase efficiency, mental work will be easier and will be a good mood.

It is useful to have oil, not only adults but alsochildren, because it contains substances which affect the growth of bone and tissue. He even recommended as the first foods to children under one year. Also, it is useful to use for pregnant women and women breastfeeding children. All this thanks to the lecithin, it helps to keep the pregnancy and bear a healthy child, increases lactation and affects genetic processes.

it is recommended to use oil for teaspoonful three times a day, half an hour before meals to treat diseases. The course of treatment - 20 days, it can be repeated 4 times a year.

Avocado oil in cosmetics

Due to the fact that the oil contained in the fruita lot of nutrients and minerals, it is great for the skin, nourishes and moisturizes. Avocado oil is used in cosmetics as a basis for the essential oils, or combined with other vegetable oils. Sometimes, that is used as an individual tool.

For the face, neck and hands can prepare suchnourishing mask: soak the cloth avocado oil and put it on the problematic place for half an hour. You can do a mask twice a day for about a week. And if you have the eyelids "crow's feet", then deal with them is a recipe: tablespoon spoonful of oil of avocado mixed with the same amount of olive oil, add two drops of rosemary oil and as much geranium and marigolds. Mask imposed on the eyelids and does not wash off.

To energize the whole body skin, you can pour a few drops of oil into the tub while bathing. After a massage with oil. First, you need a means to rub between the fingers, and then massage the skin.

Avocado oil is known for their therapeuticproperty with respect to the hair. You can add 10 drops in shampoo, which wash the head. For best effect, you need to mix 12 drops of oil with 150 ml of balsam for the hair and apply the mixture to the roots of the hair for two hours before washing. As a result of these procedures, the hair will be shiny and silky. You can make a mask for hair and at night. To do this, rub the oil into the scalp, then spread over the hair tie hair bag or handkerchief so as not to stain the linen. In the morning, thoroughly wash the hair with shampoo.

To strengthen your nails, you need to before you paint them a few minutes to massage them with oil mixed with lemon juice and oils of rosemary, patchouli and lavender. Total take five drops.

Avocado oil in cooking

Because oil is not inferior to avocadosfat content of animal fat, it is very like to eat vegetarian. His unique and delicate aroma oil accentuate the taste of chicken meat and fish dishes, as well as vegetables and seafood.

When heated, the oil does not alter the taste, notsmokes, so it is often cooked vegetables and meat. You can also cook out of it first courses and even add a little baby food, especially for low birthweight babies.

It turns out tasty Greek salad with oilavocado. To make it, you need to cut large cubes of tomato, cucumber cut into strips. A salad just break his arms, the onion cut into rings, cheese "Feta" cubes, olives cut in half. All products are mixed, and are filled with avocado oil. Next you need to add salt and pepper, sprinkle with oregano and drizzle a little lemon juice. Leave the salad for ten minutes, then you can mix and serve.

Oil Shelf life is short, even in a sealedstate, it is not stored more than 9 months in a cool place. After packing avocado oil is unsealed, it can be stored only in the refrigerator, thus to make sure that it has been hermetically closed by a lid. When storing it in temperature below five degrees, it can be seen at the bottom of the pellet in the form of flakes, it disappears when heated.

Contraindications to the use of avocado oil notmany: it is the sensitivity of the product, in particular the enzyme chitinase, which sometimes causes a reaction in people who are allergic to latex. Additionally, do not abuse those suffering from obesity, because of high calorific value product. As well as those who suffer from acute liver disease. In any case, before the start of the treatment is necessary to consult with your doctor.