The use of almond oil

Almond oil - a universal remedy. It is used both in pure form or combined with a variety of other components. The oil is used everywhere. Many who have met with its unique properties, enthusiastically share their secrets.

Almond oil is obtained from almonds. The plant itself is small, grows as a tree or shrub, a height of 10 meters. During flowering almond blossoms with white or pink buds. When Almond is ripe, it can be easily removed from the tree. Almond fruit itself looks like a nut, inside which there is a stone, much like the apricot. This part almond and used for various purposes. Almond is the taste of sweet and bitter. Sweet almond oil is obtained, which has many positive properties. Bitter almonds contain considerably fewer oils and is considered unfit for human consumption because it contains toxic components - hydrogen cyanide.


Sweet almonds was first detected in Asia andIt was named as a "beautiful tree". This name almond was because of the beautiful and unique flowering properties of almond fruit. Queen Cleopatra fell in love with almond oil as the best means for skin care. From the fruit of the almond butter made and used it in folk medicine as a fortifying agent. Bitter almonds are used very carefully, for example, to get rid of freckles and sunburn.


Almond loves the sun and, therefore, the tree grows inMediterranean climate. Currently bulk almonds grown in California. Use almond oil for the purified and crude applying different technologies.

Ingredients Almond unique. It contains a lot of vitamin E, as well as proteins, minerals, and fats, which significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels. Almonds also because of its balanced composition processed into flour and subsequently added to the dough. These products are low in carbohydrates and are often included in the composition of the low-carbohydrate diets.

If you remove the tree of ripe fruit and uncover, inside you will see a kernel which contains carotene and carotenoids. If the kernel crumble - you will feel the aroma of almonds.


Almonds contain a large amount of oil inpercentage from 30 to 60%. Almond oil is obtained from the dried kernels of sweet almond. The resulting oil is not soluble in alcohol. It can only be dissolved in ether or chloroform.

Almonds can be toxic and cause allergic reactions such as skin rash, and urticaria, in rare instances, its use can lead to anaphylactic shock.


In almond butter a wide range of applications. It is widely used in cosmetics, in cooking, medicine and pharmaceuticals, is added to perfume compositions. However healingandbodywork consider the application of almond oil.

Cosmetology. Almond oil is widely used in cosmetology. First of all, it is used for skin care and body. The oil is a good moisturizer. Do not dry the skin, it can also be used in winter, when the skin is too dry and starts to peel off. With oil and light massage dry skin moisturizing and acquire radiance.

To get rid of cracks on the skin, enough to lubricate these parts almond oil.

With the help of a special cosmetic almondcolor can be improved oil person raise skin tone and give it a healthy complexion. Also with the help of oil can lighten up problem areas - spots, freckles.

If a person suffers from such diseases aseczema or psoriasis, almond oil - is a real find. It will help get rid of redness, skin rash judgment and will alleviate inflammation and soothe irritated skin.

The recipe for the skin.

To get rid of dark circles under the eyes,necessary at night to rub almond oil lightly. The skin in this place moistened, and light massage will increase circulation. Your skin will gain its former well-groomed.

Following these procedures will take under the eyes and swelling of the skin will be healthy:

  1. Take a cotton sponge and apply it almond oil.
  2. Gently wipe the skin.
  3. Massage your fingertips.
  4. Leave the oil to make it absorbed.
  5. Do not wipe the oil, make a gentle massage.
  6. Follow this procedure every night for about a month.

From wrinkles.

With almond oil, you can get rid of wrinkles, because it contains vitamins of youth: A and E.

  1. Clean skin cleanser and blot with a towel.
  2. With a cotton sponge, apply oil on the trouble spots.
  3. Leave on the skin until completely absorbed.
  4. The oil should be put in the refrigerator and use on a daily basis at night.

With the help of massage with almond oil, you can gradually get rid of scars on the skin, and age spots. Be careful before using slide test for allergic reactions.

Cleopatra bath.

Take a liter of milk and heat it in a separateWare heated honey. Mix the two components and add two tablespoons of almond oil. Pour into the bathroom and take a bath for about 30 minutes. After that, the skin gently with a towel to get wet.

Oil and sun.

Almond oil perfectly protects the skin fromultraviolet rays. Choose protective gear from the sun with the addition of almond oil. In addition to protection from the sun you get and protect your skin, its radiance and hydration. Apply the oil before going to the beach, do not rinse.

Almond oil helps to cope with such a problem as a rash on the face or acne. Thanks to oil, inflammation of the skin will soften and dehumidified.

For the nails and skin of hands.

Our hands are exposed daily to harmfulexposed to the sun and detergents. That the skin of hands and nails are not suffering, you can use almond oil. It moisturizes the skin, heal minor wounds and minerals and vitamins that are contained in the oil will help strengthen nails, relieve them from breakage.

One secret to beautiful pens:

  1. Take almond oil.
  2. Apply on clean skin.
  3. Wear gloves for 20 minutes.

Caring for eyelashes.

Our eyelashes also require special care. To treat them, we can, using almond oil, after which the lashes become fluffy and shiny. Choose to care for eyelashes special almond oil for eyelashes.

With the help of simple recipes you can achieve a good growth of eyelashes.

Recipe 1. If oil is not diluted use, it should be warmed in a water bath. It "works" warm butter.

Recipe 2. In a glass of mineral water, add 2-3 drops of almond oil. Apply the product to the eyelashes, thin brush. Make sure that the tool does not fall into the eye. Carry out the procedure several times a day.

Recipe 3. Almond oil with castor oil and squeezed grape seed act as retarding means loss of eyelashes.

4. Almond recipe paired with rose oil will remove the irritation of eyelids after using mascara.

Recipe 5. Exceptional as well restores and strengthens the weak eyelashes. Take equal parts of almond oil, fir, burdock and castor. Add liquid vitamin A. Or oil olive, castor and almond plus fish oil and liquid vitamins A and E.

Tricks of almond oil:

  1. To keep your mascara last longer, and eyelashes were fluffy, add two drops of oil tube.
  2. Almond compress to relieve fatigue with ageeye. The decoction of herbs peppermint, sage and lime tree (you can substitute green tea), add a few drops of almond oil. Moisten a cotton ball and place for 15 minutes on the eyelids.
  3. Achieve lash velvety effect, you can use ... and brandy butter, add 3 drops of brandy butter and apply the brush carefully.

Caring for hair

Many women long ago discovered the uniqueproperties of almond oil. It can help you to achieve well-groomed hair and silky, the main thing - to be able and to know what components combined almond oil.

Consider some effective hair masks. Remember that the hair mask can not prepare for the future, since the storage components useful properties will be reduced.

For hair growth.

Take dry mustard, and two cups of warm water. Add to 75 grams of yogurt and pre-mixed egg yolk and almond oil (1 tablespoon). Mix well and apply on hair. Wrap your hair with a towel and leave for 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

Apply to freshly washed hair almond oil. For a month the hair will grow by 5 centimeters.

For dry hair.

In the warm almond oil add yogurt. The mixture was put on hair, wrap. Wash off after 30 minutes.

Saving tips.

Two tablespoons of almond oil mixed with a spoonful of milk and oat groats (crushed). A mixture of warm up and put on the tips. After half an hour rinse and wash hair with shampoo.

It is also possible to add almond oil shampoo. Just a few drops of your hair and forget about split ends.

When using almond oil do not forget thatit can be toxic. Bitter almond - cause allergies, sweet almond oil can stain clothing, and if any negative changes after the application is better to consult a doctor.