Uneven fingernails

Manicures will never be perfect, if yourMarigolds are sick and look presentable. Uneven nail plate on the nails of hands - a common defect that brings pain, but in no mood spoils the beautiful ladies.

Sea waves - again!

Typically, waves appear on all the nailsimmediately. Especially good are distinguishable, if you look at the nail in the "profile". Assessing the appearance of your nails on the side, you can see how deep hollows on the plate of each. "Wavy" pattern is striking for its diversity: sometimes several parallel grooves, which are located along the nail plate at the same distance from each other, and it happens that nail "decorate" only one or two transverse hollows, do not grow as it grows. Waves can be subtle or very pronounced. The effect of the grooves and ridges on the nails without nail polish strengthens bright pearl. Agree, like anything deadly, but the view from the nail on uneven nails "some not so."

The grooves and ridges - is not the only version of the deformation of the nail plate. That may still look like this "nuisance":

  • the nail becomes like a spoon, when a small cavity appears on its surface;
  • on the sides of the nail plate slightly raised ridges are formed, and the central part of the nail expands and thickens. These nails look overly big;
  • nails exfoliate and break easily, its surface marked with white patches or spots ischernennymi.

Why nails sick

The problem can be considered purely cosmetic, ifdo not follow the basic rules of nail care at home. When you are doing a manicure whenever casually cut away the cuticle, be prepared that your nails will soon "zavolnuyutsya". Thick leathery cushion protects the germ of the nail area from harmful infections and bacteria. Rough cuticle removal hurts the growth zone at the base of the nail plate, resulting in the nail grows uneven and weak. Manicure involves gentle nail care: you need to push back the cuticle of the nail to the bottom of a wooden stick or cover it with special solutions, which soften and dissolve thick strip of skin at the base of the nail.

If you are sure that all the wisdom of the rightmanicure know inside out, by all means try to find out the true causes nail deformation - in any case, one should not underestimate this problem.

official term exists in medicine forthis phenomenon. Non-fungal record defeat, the bed and the nail roll call onychodystrophy. Pathology is accompanying complication of infectious diseases, diseases of the digestive tract, dysfunction, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, neuro-psychiatric disorders.

We list a few far from harmless factors that cause destructive changes in the thickness of the nail plate, curving her ugly.

  1. In most cases, the causecurving fingernails consider mycosis - fungal diseases. Infection occurs by contact: in the beauty salon, with handshake sick person, and so on..
  2. Severe injuries and entrapment that does not injure himself fingernail and nail bed.
  3. Chronic lung disease, "thyroid" the heart and joints. In this case, the nail treatment is useless: that they do not hurt, you need to eliminate major diseases.
  4. Diseases of the skin in the form of eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus.
  5. Aggressive chemicals impact on nails, acids, alkalis and other synthetic items.

Treatment of "wavy" nails

Typically feminine approach to the problem - hidedisfigured by jagged nails under several layers of bright nail polish - it is considered to be fundamentally wrong. Luck, of course, hide a defect, but at the same time, further exacerbate the condition of the nail - it will block the oxygen supply to the nail plate and disturb its overall trophism (nutrition).

Another big problem of modern manIt became his inflated ego and free access to almost any information. Thus, some imagined that know more than doctors, are beginning to self-treat the nails, suggesting that the culprit of the strain has become the fungus. Without laboratory tests, even an experienced doctor would risk diagnosis, needless to say, and even more so that we can not get involved in self?

To regain its former smoothness marigolds inFirst of all you need to consult with a qualified professional who based on microscopic examination are correct and effective treatment.

MirSovetov recalls that jagged nails - alla symptom by which the body responds to the underlying disease. Combined therapy to restore the health of the nails should be held in parallel with the treatment of the disease, which has become the reason that your nail polish is may not be ideal.

Treatment is aimed at the resumption of the diseasetrophicity full of nails and tissue that surround them. For the recovery of the nails used drugs, normalizing blood circulation and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. As adjunctive therapy using physical therapy and massage.

Particular attention is paid to the rehabilitation of nailsvitamin-mineral complexes that serve as building material for the nail plate. Particularly important are the health nail preparations of retinol, iron glycerophosphate, phytin and nicotinic and ascorbic acid, thiamine and cyanocobalamin.

In addition to the drugs, the effect of which is directed at correcting the nail condition, patients prescribed fortifying and stimulating the immune system means sedative drugs.

When treating onychodystrophy good effectIt observed after the local procedures - a hot bath (up to 45 ° C), which added essential oils and sea salt, pine extract, or sodium bicarbonate. It's a real gift to patients with nail - healing fluid stimulates blood flow to the nail sprout zone, restoring the tissue around the nail plate meals.

Another no less important procedure recognizedapplications on the basis of the warm natural wax, paraffin, ozokerite, therapeutic mud. To bring the greatest benefit application, a remedy liberally applied to the cuticles, cuticle and skin around the nail.

Physical therapy for the treatment of nail involves the use of iontophoresis, diathermy, phonophoresis with vitamins A and E. The treatment takes place in courses of 10 - 15 procedures with a break for 5 - 8 weeks.

Heavily delaminated nails with bulges onsave the nail plate special keratolytic plaster with which the dead skin of the nail portions are softened, making it easy to remove them painless. The patch is glued after the soap-soda baths.

Treatment of "wavy" long nails, soinstant results should not be expected. The more regularly you do everything prescribed by the doctor treatments, the faster grow new smooth nails!

And finally ...

How would you not anxious to boast spectacular girlfriends manicure, remember that in the period of treatment to treat their nails need a special care and love. In no case can not:

  • hide jagged nail plate under theartificial nails. At first glance, the procedure seems to nail real salvation when native nails boast seriously. However, accrued nails are a real threat to the present: not only that the droplets are not treated, so more and a chemical burn of the procedure can finally "finish off" the damaged nail plate;
  • messy crop dry cuticles. Ask an experienced master to share with you the basics and rules of safe nail care at home. Gentle edging manicure should be able to make every woman;
  • nail files nail polish patients with highthe degree of abrasiveness. Of course, the waves on the nail plate will disappear for a while, but eventually will be shown with a bang! Soft nail file can polish your nails at least 1 time per month.

While the cause of the curvature of the nail plate is notinstalled, all beauty treatments for nail better to minimize a careful trimming and filing. A bit of patience and perseverance is required to return your marigolds smoothness and shine!