Types of tanning

A really sunny days, still far away, andlook at the background of pale tanned want. You can, of course, go on holiday to Egypt or Turkey, but more than likely, the majority of people it is not under force. If the same option with a solarium does not fit, then go ahead to shop for a vehicle for self-tanning. Self-tanning products available to a wide range of consumers. They help to get a beautiful skin tone, without abusing the sun. However, remember that tanning - primarily chemical composition.

One of the main components of these toolsIt is dihydroxyacetone. It interacts with the upper layer of the skin, and it is he makes it darker. Some products contain tyrosine, which accelerates the process of changing color. This ingredient content increases melanin in the body, it will therefore manifest tan.

Now there are even specific pillstanning. The main element of them is canthaxanthin, which is responsible for the change in skin color with white to brownish noble. Such pills and have side effects - for example, hepatitis or change retina. They are not very safe, and in some countries even illegal.

In what forms are available funds for tanning?

1. Lotion
2. Cream
3. The gel, mousse
4. Spray
5. Napkins

The most common forms are stilllotions and creams for tanning. Recent well-suited for people who have dry skin. In addition, creams easier to apply and are good for people who are just starting to use such means. In the past few years made means 2 in 1 - in one bottle is a normal body lotion, which means mixed with tanning. These tools provide a more natural color and are suitable for people with light skin.

Gels and mousses dry much faster, therefore suitable for people who have stuffed hand. However, we must remember that if you gape, you get a spot.

Sprays used most difficult, but they are ideal to apply Self-tanning on his back and other hard to reach places.

Napkins are suitable in order to maintain an existing tan. Great for trips and travel, as well as for small areas.

What you need to know about applying bronzer?

Probably the majority of women who have already had time to try these wonderful tools, the first experience was, to put it mildly, unfortunate. Therefore, to avoid any problems in the future, remember certain moments.

To tan evenly lay on the skin, you need toFor several days before the application of the means well-cleaned skin. In the shower, use a body scrub and facial. Pay particular attention to elbows, knees and ankles.

Plotting tool for tanning, start with the feet in a circular motion and spread it throughout the body.

Do not forget to use gloves, or your palms are orange.

To maintain results, apply a thin layer of tanning every 3-4 days.

Pick up means in accordance with the color of your skin. And remember that if you are light-skinned leader, it is not necessary to hope that you will become a mulatto.

Remember that the money for bronzer for the face and body are different. To avoid trouble, consider this fact, and never apply a means for self-tanning body to the face.

To your elbows, knees and ankles have not given yourlittle secret, and did not differ in color from the rest of the body, first treat them how to scrub and then moisturize the skin well in these areas. And that was kind of a natural, mix tan with moisturizing cream in equal proportions. Apply this mixture on your elbows, ankles, knees, inner side of the arm and to the area under the chin.

To tan has not turned out too orange or yellow before smear from head to toe, try the remedy on a small area of ​​skin.

If after the application means you will not see any results, then most likely, means expiration date. Therefore, buying agent for tanning, read the label.

As for pregnant women - such as the impact onthe fetus does not have a tan, but better to be safe. If we really want to take advantage of such means, do not put them directly on the stomach.

If you still want to try to get a tan from a bottle, the Treat selection tools carefully. Do not be lazy to follow the advice on the application, and do not be afraid to experiment.