Types bioepilyatsii

All of us, the women, at least once in their life have resorted toa procedure to remove unwanted body hair. Someone went to the fashionable salon procedures, some shaved hair ordinary machine, and someone had the experience of hair removal wax. This method of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body called bioepilyatsiey.

The procedure is as follows: You can easily remove unwanted hair from the body by means of wax or other mixture. Disposable procedure ensures a long effect, which will last from three to five weeks, depending on how quickly (or slowly) grow your hair.

If you need to remove hairbefore, then you need to wait until they grow back for at least half a centimeter. If you regularly perform waxing, the hairs are gradually thinning, their number decreases, and they grow slowly.

Benefits bioepilyatsii

In this type of cosmetic procedure, there are a numbermerit. The main thing - affordability. No matter where you do bioepilyatsiyu: Alone in her bathroom or in the beauty parlor - a procedure will not take much time and money.

The second major advantage of hair removal wax- It is effective. If you use high-quality materials and exactly to comply with the instructions, it will help you get rid of hair for the next three or even four weeks. It turns out that in a month will not need every day to monitor the appearance of unwanted hair and freely wear short skirts, dresses and shorts.

Most lovers bioepilyatsii claimwhat they like, not only long-lasting effect, but also the speed. For a short time you can remove hair from large areas: the bikini area, armpits and legs.

The procedure has virtually no contraindications,why waxing can be used even for pregnant women, people with metal implants and increased photosensitivity, when a person can not tolerate hardware epilation.

procedures Pros:

  • Unlike hair removal epilator, waxing refers to an expeditious procedure;
  • It has a long-term effect;
  • It softens the skin, inhibits irritation;
  • thanks to special components, dulls the pain;
  • Thin hairs grow, in contrast to the use of the razor.

How is the procedure

Before MirSovetov acquaint readers with bioepilyatsii rules, let's get acquainted with ancient recipes that were used by our ancestors.

Greek women have the problem of removing unwanted hair on the bodyIt has always been urgent, but this discomfort they experienced, because each had its own beauty secret. Many used tincture herb Brion, to remove excess body hair. Oriental beauties cooked special broth with lemon juice and sugar.

But the secret of the ancient Egyptian surprise you - a woman using a thin wax technology of its appearance is similar to the modern method of getting rid of unwanted hair by using wax strips.

So bioepilyatsiya carried out as follows:

  1. The skin should be pre-lubricated with a special means of disinfecting action in the direction of hair growth.
  2. Skin putting wax strips.
  3. Warm wax is to cover the skin along with the hair.
  4. Then the hardening wax.
  5. Now you can dramatically remove the strip against the hair growth.
  6. After that, the place to be treated with any sedative.

It is possible that initially you will be hurt. But each time removing excess hair will not be as pronounced, because the sensitivity of the skin begin to decline, and the pain dulled. This is due to the fact that over time the hair becomes thinner and not so firmly "sit" in the hair follicles.

On the forms

Now every beauty parlor can offer you to get rid of unwanted hair with the help of different kinds of wax.

Types of procedures:

  • hot wax is used in dense and thick hair;
  • low temperature - for thin and delicate hair;
  • cold method - suitable for all hair types.

healingandbodywork recalls that not every tool can be used for home treatments.

Hot wax.

Thus, hot wax is only usedbeauty parlor, since it must be able to melt to the desired temperature by means of special equipment. Released into pellets or briquettes. Suitable for the bikini area.

You should know that the word "hot" is notIt means that the wax should be applied to the body in a hot state. Melt (in preparation), he must at high temperature. But to use it should be warm, to avoid burns.

Cassette wax.

Suitable for home use. It is sold in special containers, but the need for warming up a special device - the thermostat. It will melt the wax to the desired temperature, then applied to a thin layer.

How do bioepilyatsiyu wax from the cassette:

  1. Prepare and antiseptic for skin degreasing, cotton or paper towel, spatula and the wax.
  2. Prepare the skin for degreasing agent and antiseptic.
  3. Apply a thin layer of wax and press the napkin to the skin.
  4. A sudden movement, remove the strip.
    Do not pull the fabric up, because it can stay bruises. Movement should be directed parallel to the surface that you are processing.

Wax paper strips.

For use in the home wellsuitable paper strips coated with wax. They need to rub between your hands so that the wax is hot, then open them and stick to the skin (it is desirable to use only on the legs). After the wax to "grab" with hair (three minutes), the strip may be sharply tear.

This species is considered to be less effective bioepilyatsiiand it is better to use rarely (eg on holiday). Beauticians recommend using strips for secure when you have done a full depilation, but some individual hairs can be removed strips.

Film wax.

He became popular in recent years due to the fact that almost as good as the hot wax, but its melting point is much lower, and safer.

Use it simply: with a spatula, apply a thin layer on the surface, leave to solidify, and then suddenly release the strip.

Wax is suitable for delicate areas: the area of ​​the armpits and bikini area. Its main advantage is also the fact that it is sparingly consumed.

Disadvantages procedures

Bioepilation is considered a safe procedure, but there are contraindications:

  • phlebeurysm;
  • birthmarks, warts and papillomas;
  • diabetes (micro-cracks in the skin can be a very long time to heal);
  • idiosyncrasy.

Skin care after the procedure

Once you get rid of extra hairs,the skin should be treated with a special serum that will reduce hair growth. If you want to lengthen the interval between treatments, the tool can be applied every day.

If you find after hair removal wax residue on the skin, it is necessary to remove the wipes, which also will remove the inflammation and moisturize the skin.

Be sure to carefully read the instructions, if you remove the hairs themselves.