Types of arrows for the eyes

If you think that the nature of your eye notattractive - do not worry. Perhaps you just do not know how to do the right makeup. In this case, make your eyes attractive to help the different shape of the arrow.

Arrow Makeup has always been in fashion. They are almost all women, regardless of face type, hair color and eye. MipSovetov draws your attention to the fact that there are different types of arrows to the eye, about them today and we'll talk.

A little history

Black stripes on their eyelids painted womanin ancient times. We know from history that Cleopatra loved to decorate the face using his outstretched hands. That she was different from other women of ancient Egypt. While we are trying to strike the eye so as to be like a sacred animal - cat. This is done using a powder which was prepared from copper ore.

Required tools

To accentuate its advantages, you need to learn how to draw arrows. With just one stroke of the pen, you can add the look of expression, visually increase or decrease the eye.

To create a unique image, you can use:

  • pencil;
  • shadows;
  • eyeliner.

If you use a pencil can drawarrow with a soft border, or the circle of eyes. If you want to draw an arrow on the century - not select a hard pencil (see designation PM - semi-soft). For the inside of the eye fat suit and a soft pencil. If you want to make up remained fresh all day, buy waterproof makeup.

Shadows is better to draw a smooth needle. Then it is easier to correct the shape of a pencil.

When using the sparse liner you geta clear line. It will be much brighter than a pencil. The liquid ink is easier to draw a very thin arrow. But, in contrast to the pencil line, need to be able to use eyeliner.

If you are just starting to learn drawingarrows and lines to be not flat - it will be harder to fix. It is best to use eyeliner that is a pencil form. Such an instrument would be easy to draw an arrow of any shape: a straight or curved.

There are also professional linerdrawing arrows. They are sold in small jars and have a soft texture. Make-up artists apply paint thin beveled brush. Cream eyeliner let you draw a straight line.

What types

Eye arrows may have a different shape, or vice versa be pale, greasy.

Consider the popular types of arrows:

  1. Cat's Eye. These ancient Egyptian painted arrows. They gave the image of originality and at the same time allowed to look unusual. Learn to draw the line is simple: to be a little "take" the upper lid and lift the "tail" of the arrow up to the temple. Then comes the turn of the lower part of the eye - it also fail, draw loop and connect both lines. Draw "on a cat 'arrows can be in different ways: leave the" tail "acute or departing only one or two millimeters around the main draw another arrow - thinner. And if you make it a different color - is an unusual variant of the evening makeup.
  2. Color. Do not be limited to the standard shades to create a shooter. Depart from the frame and draw a brown, celestial, green and even crimson line. Selecting color - at your discretion. Remember that color arrow should be drawn very carefully. If you can not immediately make a clear line, try to draw a thin black pencil outline and then bring her chosen color. healingandbodywork will reveal a little secret: if you want to make a beautiful arrow, you need to use eyeliner, eye shadow and brasmatik one tone.
  3. Thick arrow to add thickness to your lashes. But it will not be easy to draw. Therefore, you must first carry out a thin line, and then go over it again with a pencil. In this case, it will be slightly thicker. Use this to paint makeup can be like a pencil and eyeliner, and it is desirable to take a short thick brush. If you decide to decorate the eyelid shadows, walk applicator with the selected shade on already painted arrow.
  4. Half. Originally emphasize the eyes can be as follows: Take a soft pencil and draw a line at the bottom of the century, followed by the lash line, but only up to the middle. If you want to highlight your eyes, it can be applied to the corner of his eye a little light shadows with nacre. Arrows will look stylish. But if your eyes are small, the light pearlescent shade may reduce them further.
  5. Egyptian. Such an arrow is now gaining popularity again. Draw them is not complicated, and its "tail" can be located on the lower and on the upper eyelid.
  6. Feather. If you want to refresh and diversify the make-up, the easiest way is to put eyeliner on the eyelid or the shade, and then grind boundary arrows. If your eyes are slightly convex or large, then this option is for you, and you must use a black or brown eyeliner.
  7. Dual. These arrows draw is quite difficult, but the time spent will be repaid in full a great result. Dual thin arrow that starts from the middle of the eye, and ends at the end of the upper eyelid, also called "cat's eyes". First you will need to spend a single line from the eye to the edge of the bridge, and try to draw the arrow as close to the lash line. Bring it to the end of the inner corner of the eye is not necessary, because the main purpose of the double arrows - take the tip. Do not forget that both lines should not be connected. Between them shall be a clear space, which is filled with shadows lighter shade. Thus, the view will seem profound.
  8. Wings. This kind of arrows fit blue-eyed girl. Draw them to be up to one-fourth-century lines. The thickness can vary from thick to thin. The last option will give your image a certain audacity.
  9. Delicate Line. Suitable for daily makeup and romantic date. The arrows make tempting eyes. Try to draw a thin line, not extending beyond the corner of the eye.
  10. Style Marilyn. These arrows draw easily. It is necessary to draw a line (try to make it thin) by age, and the "tail" to bring up. It should rather be fat than the main line of the arrow.
  11. Arrows Hepburn - wide, with a thin "tail" to the top. Actress loved to surprise the audience with his unusual makeup with thick arrows.

That Every Woman Should Know

Those who are only going to learn to draw arrows, as well as those women, who have long been able to do it, does not hurt to get acquainted with these tips:

  • if you are a little over forty, do not paint arrows only on the lower eyelid. So you can greatly narrow down your eyes;
  • bring direct arrow easy - little fingers pull the eyelid;
  • do arrow only half-closed eyes. At wide-open or closed-eye line will not ideal;
  • do not paint the broad arrow in one fell swoop - Apply a first thin, and then gradually thicken it;
  • We should not make one continuous line, because that immediately draw a straight line difficult. Walk pencil twice in one place;
  • do not forget about symmetry. If your arrows are drawn is not the same, make-up will not be accurate.

Experiment and do not be discouraged, you are sure to draw a flat arrow, which will give your image a special charm.