Turmeric slimming

Eastern spice turmeric, with its secondobscure for us the name - turmeric belongs to ginger family and has its own individual and not like the taste of other spices. In addition to use in cooking, turmeric is widely used in the pursuit of a slender figure.

Useful properties of turmeric

Practically in every kitchen of the world accepteduse this spice spicy dishes to give sharpness and piquancy. Despite the fact that plant called turmeric grown mainly in Japan, China, Indonesia, and on the islands of Madagascar and Haiti, it was collected, dried and conveyed to all corners of the world.

The culinary uses turmeric is used as a spice, and having direct relevance to the ginger, it looks just as familiar to us ginger root.

In fact, all there are about 40 species of plants, but for culinary purposes is common to use only four:

  • tumeric. Externally is a long root. In the East, it is used most often, without it also does not cost the cooks of Central Asia. His popularity got home long turmeric in England and America;
  • round roots plants most commonly used for the manufacture of starch from turmeric;
  • one of the varieties of turmeric is called tsedoariya. The most burning kind, mainly used in the production of liqueurs;
  • aromatic turmeric orange. That spice that we used to see on store shelves.

The main constituent ingredient of turmericIt is curcumin. It is this component and spices gives the same flavor and aroma, for which it is respected many of the master of culinary affairs. Its advantages are demonstrated curcumin in the field of medicine, and recently nutritionists was made a unique discovery: turmeric is effective in losing weight. The fact that the spice has choleretic properties, thereby stimulates metabolism occurs in the body fat breakdown and reduction in total body weight. That is why today is so popular is the use of turmeric as a supplement to the basic diet. Eat turmeric as a detox agent is necessary since the minimum dose to determine, therefore, whether you have an allergic reaction to the spice.

Baggage utilities as part of turmeric invaluable. In one plant counterfoil has equal quantities: Vitamin B, B1, B2, B3, vitamin K and C. trace elements list is iron, iodine, phosphorus, and calcium. It should be understood that in 100 grams of spice all the vitamins contained in minimal doses, and only in a pinch of spice and even more microscopic amount of nutrients. However, we must not forget about the medicinal essential oils and additional components, including curcumin, and it gives a nice yellow color spices.

Scientific evidence shows that this ingredient killstumor cells in the body, without affecting healthy ones. Medications, having in its composition curcumin prevent the appearance of malignant tumors, as well as suspend the growth of existing ones.

In the food industry of curcumin adapted to make the additive E100, which is most often seen on the labels mayonnaise, yoghurt, cheese, butter and margarine.

In their homeland turmeric playsa special role in the system of people's power. Experts Ayurveda cure turmeric some health problems make cleaning procedures and do hot compress.

Athletes are recommended to use a spicegiving elasticity ligaments and Eastern doctors using turmeric prepare drugs for the purification of the energy channels in the human body and the union of the soul with the world.

According to astrologers, turmeric gives people energy prosperity.

Indications for use of turmeric:

  • as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent;
  • for the treatment of melanoma;
  • when used together with cauliflower does not develop prostate cancer;
  • It prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease;
  • Chinese medicine uses turmeric as an antidepressant;
  • thanks to components spices quicker healing of wounds on the skin;
  • eczema, psoriasis, boils and itching of the skin - all of these diseases can prevent a miracle plant;
  • searing spice actively involved in the metabolism and helps fight obesity;
  • turmeric main advantage is its ability to deal with cancer.

Slim-effect of turmeric

According to the US University ResearchTufts, it was determined that turmeric is able to stop the further growth of fat cells after weight loss. As follows from the report, the fat is formed due to the appearance in the lipid tissues of new blood vessels. Thus, upon administration of curcumin in fat cells, blood vessel growth stops, it does not expand the fat cells. As a consequence, a reduction in total body weight.

Modern nutritionists are increasingly advising theirPatients included in the basic diet this seasoning, since its action in the body normalizes metabolism. Mentioned above spice curcumin element effectively prevents the proliferation of adipose tissue. As specified by specialists in the field of nutrition, even when a high-calorie diet, but with regular use of turmeric, a person can keep their parameters are normal.

But the main principle of action of turmeric isthat due to its severity it makes your metabolism work harder to digest food and distribute it in the body. With vigorous during the digestion of food, there is no fat in the fat tissue of the lipid.

Recipes with turmeric for weight loss

There are several options for the use of turmeric to lose weight:

  1. The most common way of using the root - is to add it to the dish. It is easy to rub a piece of root in a salad or first dish.
  2. When combined with ginger, cinnamon and honey, turmeric added to tea or milk. This drink helps the body to energize and run the metabolism to work.
  3. If you want to get a quick result, it is necessary for 3 days to use based drink kefir. For 1 cup add 0.5 st. l. turmeric and ginger.
  4. But such a simple to prepare cocktailis the most popular among those who are watching their figure and fight against excess centimeters. To prepare the drink, you need to: bring to boil 400 grams of water, add to it 4 tbsp. l. black tea, 3 slices fresh ginger root, 2 g cardamom. Then, when the tea has cooled, pour the yogurt to 500 g, 100 g of almond milk, 3 cinnamon sticks, 1 tbsp. l. turmeric and finally 1 h. l. liquid honey. Spicy-sweet cocktail recommended strain and drink 200 grams instead of dinner.

As everyone says, who evaluated themselves on fat burning properties of the drink for a month of regular reception can lose up to 5 kg of excess weight, eliminate toxins and normalize metabolism.

Caution in the use of turmeric

Despite the widespread popularity of spices, wonderful taste and healing qualities, to use it as a means for weight loss need to be careful. And that's why:

  1. Curcumin can cause allergic reactions.
  2. At the same time the consumption of spices for weight loss and blood thinners, last absorption in the body is reduced to zero.
  3. Gastritis or gastric ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer in the active stage can be exacerbated in everyday use of turmeric.

Based on their research, the staffone of US universities concluded that the use of spices in the amount of less than 4 g per day will not bring any positive effects in the fight against excess weight. As a result, the ideal dose of turmeric to start the process of burning fat - 1 tablespoon.

Doctors recommend adding seasoning powder directly to the main dishes, and if it does not cause any unusual reactions, you can try to use it in the form of beverages.

Turmeric is not necessary to replace the staple diet, it should be used only as an additive to food, in reasonable quantities.

Admission spices is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • while taking a medication;
  • when there are problems with bile excretion, and in the case of formation of gallstones;
  • if you have a chronic disease, before turmeric-based diet should consult a physician;
  • people with pancreatitis, gastritis and ulcers, weight loss on turmeric is prohibited;
  • because of the severity of the spice can increase the tone of the uterus of a pregnant woman. Therefore, this seasoning and should be in the diet of pregnant women.