Bath with soda Diet

We all want to be slim and beautiful, but at timesso lazy pooping yourself trips to the gym and starve stomach slimmer ... Today to share with you an effective and completely natural slimming burdensome way - with the help of a warm relaxing bath. What's the big deal? Add the water a little soda and feel for yourself its amazing effects.

Average pastime in the bathroom can beturn into effective treatments for weight loss with the help of the most common canteen soda. Suffice it to recall how our grandmothers and mothers at one time washed and bleached enamel fat this white powder household. Of course, rubbed with soda in order to get rid of unwanted Zhirkov, it is not necessary. But if you pour in hot water for a certain amount of soda, a couple of kilos easily it leaves your body, opening the world seductive forms ...

Recipes soda baths

The classic recipe.

Enter full bath a little hot water (but not burn). Stir the water by hand, pour into a bath of 250 grams of soda. Fully immerse yourself in the water and relax for 20 minutes.

Repeat the procedure every other day 10 times in a row. In conjunction with a balanced diet (not to overeat, do not get involved in alcohol and sweets) you will lose 1-2 kilograms per session!

If you have heart problems, not necessarily completely immersed in water. Sit in the bathroom and spray the back and shoulders with water.

If for some reason you can not take a bath, you can pour water and baking soda, then quickly wrap up in a warm blanket and lie down for 15-20 minutes.

Soda bath with salt.

Bath with soda and salt has a more powerful effect.

Dial goryachevatoy full bath of water, add200 grams of sodium and 500 grams of natural sea salt (sold in any store cosmetics). If you can, you can pour and a kilo of salt - the effect will be even more expressive. Remember why it is so popular vacation at the Dead Sea? That's right - its salty water unsuitable for life, but it is extremely beneficial to the body. Take a soda-salt bath for 20 minutes, rinse your body with plain water and thoroughly wipe with a towel. Repeat the procedure two times per week to achieve a desired result.

Anti-cellulite bath.

For the preparation of this medicinal bath you need 100 ml of milk and essential oils (rosemary, eucalyptus or citrus).

Prepare soda bath on the first prescription andpour milk mixed with 6 drops of essential oil. After taking a bath, your skin will smell a pleasant aroma, it becomes soft and more elastic, and the extra weight quietly dissolved.

Helpful advice: to secure a wonderful Soda effect after taking a bath, use body scrub. It can be cooked with his own hands from the honey and the same baking soda. Mix 2 tbsp. l. honey 1 tbsp. l. soda, rub all over the body massage movements and rinse with warm water. After all procedures lubricate the body milk after showering or nourishing cream.

How it works?

Despite all the old, it is hard to believe thatlying in the water with the usual soda to quickly and easily removes boring kilograms. The principle of operation is quite simple soda baths. Of course, soda or sea salt can not "burn" fat in any way. The secret is in hot water - it dissolves the salt and baking soda, steamed pores of the skin and activates the chemical reactions that lead to intense sweating. Inside, plump roundness at the waist and hips, from which we are trying so hard to get rid of, is not just fat. Fair share of water is necessary to almost half the volume of deposits. Soda baths are directed on elimination of "bad" water, leaving only small fat deposits.

Taking soda bath in the first few times youYou will lose about 2 kg of weight per session. Then - less (500 ml), but the body will give as much water as it sees fit. This is probably the main advantage of soda baths to diet - they are absolutely safe for health.


Remember - drink soda for the diet as wellsenseless as to rub her body to remove excess fat. Soda as a beverage, can only be useful as an anti-inflammatory agent. Weak soda solution will help get rid of heartburn or remove an inflammation of the mucous membranes.

When the soda is in the stomach, it affectsacidity, disrupting its natural rhythm. The process of digestion "breaks" fats, as well as the nutrients are not absorbed into the blood, and you become ill. Of course, we are talking about the systematic use of soda, rather than individual cases.


Soda bath fully or partially contraindicated for people with:

  • heart disease (only pour water);
  • tumors (hot water can provoke inflammation);
  • diseases of the stomach (gastritis, ulcers);
  • diabetes;
  • vascular dystonia (hot water increases the pressure);
  • pregnant women.

Benefits soda baths

Besides the fact that soda baths can transform your figure, they have a positive impact on other areas of health:

  • Cleaning the lymphatic system;
  • elimination of toxins and normalization of metabolic processes. Soda baths are recommended in case of poisoning food, alcohol, radiation effects;
  • elimination of cellulite (active ingredients of water and salt penetrate deep into the skin, leaving it supple and healthy);
  • a beneficial effect on the skin - removalirritations, inflammation, allergies. The cure dermatitis, seborrhea, eczema, fungal diseases. Soda copes with age-related changes in the skin - removes flabbiness, roughness;
  • relieves nervous excitement, tension, stress;
  • It improves blood circulation, eliminate swelling.

Helpful advice: usually in water is big cities and rough purification includes at least chlorine and many nutrients. Such "hard" water can "soften", adding a pinch of baking soda to 1 liter. This is especially useful for people with oily skin - helps to clean the pores soda and gently dry the surface.

"Bombs" bath

"Bombs" for a bath - is an opportunity to have a great time, learn a new craft and find interesting application of soda.

MirSovetov prepared his readers a wonderful recipe, how to make a useful and fragrant "bomb":

  1. Baking soda - 8 Art. l.
  2. Citric acid - Article 4. l.
  3. Powdered milk / starch - 2 tbsp. l.
  4. Almond oil - 1 tbsp. l.
  5. Essential oil (to your taste) - 5 drops.
  6. Flower petals (if you want).
  7. Molds for "bombochek".

Making "bombs" of soda need to wear gloves,to protect your hands from exposure to individual ingredients and prevent sweat ruin the future of "explosives" for a bath. The best part is that these bath and bathroom accessories, you can do what you want! Decorate their products with coffee grains, dried slices of citrus and even pieces of real chocolate. Special natural dyes help make "bombs" of all colors!

  1. Pestle ceiling soda with citric acid.
  2. Add starch / milk, almond andessential oil. Mix thoroughly. Ideally it should have stiff "dough" that preserves the shape. If the mixture crumbles, add a little almond oil.
  3. Good extruding "test", they fill the molds.
  4. An hour Put future "bombs" on the paper and leave to dry for a day or two.
  5. Use the "bombs" on purpose, and reserves wrap in plastic wrap.

Everyone wants to be slim and beautiful, and now you have the opportunity to find a compelling figure, without making this almost no effort!