Fashionable and trendy hairstyles for school


Choose the right hair style for schoolgirls very important, nothing should detract from the educational process.

Hairstyle to school should be careful at the samewhile stylish and beautiful. It is important for every girl to feel attractive and interesting, and a good mood and have a positive impact on learning.


  • 1 Requirements for school hairstyles
  • 2 School hairstyles for short hair
  • 3 Hairstyles school by the average length of hair
  • 4 Hairstyles for school girls with long hair
  • 5 Selection of hairstyles by face type

Requirements for school hairstyles

There are certain requirements for hairstyles that are common to all schools and all classrooms.

  1. School hairstyle should be easy and quick. In the morning everyone wants to sleep as long as possible, so the hair should not take a lot of time of the morning toilet.
  2. Also important is the beauty and hairstyles. Perhaps, beautifully coiffed hair will allow even hide some flaws girl's appearance.
  3. It is important that the hair during physical education lessons or work does not interfere. If not prochnoya hairstyle, hair can disheveled appearance becomes untidy.
  4. Physicians are advised not to delay much ponytail or bun, braid, as it would interfere with normal circulation.
  5. Be sure that the hair does not interfere with reading or writing, not obscured notebook. Because this can occur even vision problems, so the demand is very serious.

hair styling option can be selectedDepending on the school schedule. For example, in the day when the scheduled exercise, the hair is better to clean up in a neat bundle or tail. On other days, you can come up with more interesting options, with hairpins, invisible.

School hairstyles for short hair

Short hair - the simplest solution for creating accurate and stylish image of schoolgirls.

Most importantly, time to correct the master cut and monitor the cleanliness of hair.

  1. Interesting short hair styling method, whichwill bring variety to the usual image of a schoolgirl - zig-zag parting. Hair should be alternately flip on either side of the parting, styling gel or varnish is secured.
  2. One of the most beloved and popularhairstyles options - squares. This can be a classic hairstyle or with different interior design nuances. Stacking is performed using a hair dryer. Curls a person can pick up a beautiful hairpins or invisible, then they will not interfere with the lesson.
  3. Naughty girl can go to school and with easy "hedgehog", which is fixed gel. This kind of hairstyle to school fashionista allocate among peers.

Hairstyles to school by the average length of hair

The easiest option hairstyles for medium hairlength - the classic "tail." He does not lose relevance, always it looks stylish, besides this hairstyle is very convenient. The "tail" can be removed very different hair lengths (except for very short).

Hair is created in minutes. If it is a little tired, you can make changes in its design, for example, buy a nice gum or pin for the "tail". barbers also recommended to complement the hairstyle in school fleece. For such an option should be slightly front to comb locks, then remove them with the others.

Girls really like the "French" braid. To her braid, you need to get up early. First, you need to separate the three strands on top. They trudge like a normal scythe, but they gradually left and right, new strands are added.

Those who have already mastered the "French" braid, likeexperiment with it, come up with new options. Sometimes this weaving is performed around the head, starting from the temple. You can also pave the pigtail braid diagonally or several thin and assemble them into a bun or ponytail.

Now sell special toolswhich allows for a few minutes to decorate the head of beautiful, stylish, elegant beam. This styling is going and little girls, and secondary school students, it blends nicely with the business school uniform style.

Hairstyles for school girls with long hair

Beautiful, well-groomed long hair - spectacular decoration women of any age. The girls are very proud of such hair and do not want their cut.

But the school is required to lay ear in a comfortable and solid hairstyle that will not interfere with classes.

  1. You can also remove the long hair in the "tail" orbeam. This is done quickly, the girl did not have to spend precious morning time. It is interesting to look "tail" with fleece on top. Sometimes folding makes deliberately sloppy, with vybivshimisya strands, hair of different lengths. It allows you to create a direct, natural way. But luxury is a kind and elegant, smooth "tail".
  2. Always remain fashionable braids. You can braid a plait or two. With braids also interesting experiment, for example, you can put them around the head, creating a kind of "crown".
  3. Convenient and harnesses are that differentIt can be placed on the head. The easiest option - to collect hair in a "tail", divided into two strands, twist them into tight braids and twist together. The ends of the strands must be secured at the bottom of the "tail", for example, an elastic band or invisible.
  4. You can braid the hair of thin braids, which combine with the "tail" beam.
  5. If you like (and school rules allow)You can sometimes come to school, and with her hair. But they have to be perfectly clean, neat, with no regrown over-dried and tip. To loose hair does not prevent them from the face can be fixed pins, and help a beautiful ring. Get a nice and tidy way, if you collect at the top of the side strands, they can be even a little bit to comb.
  6. Fashionable Trend - hair style "fish" the tail that is woven of two strands. Unusual pigtail braid can be on one side, so it is even more original.
  7. It should not forget about the wide variety of accessories that allow you to make any hairstyle interesting. It clips, rubber bands, headbands and other cute items.

Choosing hairstyles according to face type

Already in high school girls trying with the help of hair in the school to open its greatest strengths and hide flaws appearance.

The high beam, or "tail" will emphasize the beautifulneckline and strands around the face for help hide too high cheekbones. In his spare time, you can experiment in the mirror, choosing the best option of hair styling.