The treatment of white spots on the nails

White spots on the nails from time to time appearin adults and in children. If the nail plate "decorated" a couple of white stripes or spots, do not worry this is not a cosmetic defect. However, if they appear in large quantities and for a long time do not disappear, you need to pay more attention to the problem. So, perhaps, the body tells us about internal breaches.

"Stained" nails - Health in doubt

Previously, the white dots and dashes on the nailplates considered a sign of strong emotional outburst. The negative, often. This saw where it is "label" - the closer it is to the center of the nail, the closer the time was an event that triggered her appearance. But the Celts to find a bright spot on the nail, waiting for a gift. Today, medicine has given the name of this phenomenon - Leukonychia. This change in the pathological character of the nail plate, when, during the keratinization process in the nail layers formed small air bubbles. Striking usually nails of fingers.

There are several stages Leukonychia:

  1. With the limited form of the disease are observed more subtle white spots on the nails 1-2.
  2. Symptoms point Leukonychia believe the emergence of many small bright dots or one big one.
  3. Title strip form of the disease speaksfor myself. Nail plate is covered with a large number of varying intensity white stripes. Depending on their position (horizontal or vertical) professionals can understand the possible disease of the body they represent.
  4. Total Leukonychia form - the hardest. In this case, the nail plate is completely affected, the doctor must be addressed immediately.

What really trying to tell usthe body in such a way? Let us together with the site healingandbodywork consider the most obvious reasons for this unpleasant defect. Basically, white marks on the nails of hands - a sure sign that you need to analyze and balance your diet. Modern man is not always "eats" a daily dose of vitamins and trace elements, replacing them with snack in haste to the nearest cafe. Like it or not, the present age - the era of beriberi.

Deficiency of zinc, calcium, iron, vitamins A and CIt may well affect the appearance of your nails. Sometimes people, mostly women, are to blame for the appearance of white spots: some foolish sitting on dubious diets, others take far from harmless drugs for weight loss, some suffer from anorexia. Leukonychia in this case takes the form of pairs of white strips arranged transversely to the nail.

Vitamins - are not the only substances that lack ofExperiencing our bodies. He sometimes may lack proteins. In this case, white spots on the nails declares itself renal failure. Most often, when problems with the kidneys, spots are formed on the nail bed. Moreover, in view of the state of nail plates affects the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, and metabolic rate. Sometimes a "spotty" nails - a sign of low hemoglobin. In any case, the diagnosis of possible diseases to start with a common blood test.

Spots spots discord: harmless otmetinka on the nail may be a harbinger of serious fungal infections of the nail plate. If the spot for a long time "CORN" your eyes, and next to it there are new, deformed nail plate, changing its color, please just in case a dermatologist. The earlier the fungus, the easier it is to cure, he is not going anywhere. With the introduction of shallow fungal pathogen in the nail layers, you can get topical antifungal creams and gels. In advanced cases treatment requires more time: about half a year, is not excluded antibiotics.

Women think about how carefully youYou are doing a manicure? If properly remove cuticles (to scrape it, and not cut), scratch or press strongly on the nail plate Manicure tools, white spot must appear. It can be cut when sufficiently grow a fingernail. Also looks like after mechanical injuries and bruises in the finger nail area. Unprofessional nail can also be attributed to the causes of Leukonychia.

Unattractive on nails point can be obtainedresulting in chemical damage of the nail plate. This is not surprising: wherever you look - around us a "chemistry", without which we, unfortunately, poorly represent your life. Nail polish, detergents, construction materials are potentially dangerous for healthy nails.

Treatment and prevention Leukonychia

So, we found that the disease affectsnails, in most cases the signal of internal disturbances in the body. So, in order to lead the nails in order, we must first find these disorders and eliminate them.

The first thing you can do to improve itsconditions - start to eat right. This is the cornerstone. If possible, you need to diversify your diet. On your desk must be dairy products, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruits. Pay special attention to products that increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood. This buckwheat, liver, pomegranates and pomegranate juice, dried apricots, apples. These foods will help you to forget that this anemia. Avoid canned foods, convenience foods and sweets. In winter and spring, to make up for the energy reserves of the body, take a multivitamin. Modern pharmacies offer a wide range of drugs. There you will find the fortified therapeutic nail varnishes.

If you are concerned about spots on the nails andperiodic unpleasant sensations associated with the kidneys, stomach, pancreas, heart, liver, do not wait, when the problem will become chronic in nature, refer to the competent diagnostician that accurately assess the state of harassing your body. Early treatment of a disease will help avoid severe consequences in the future.

In defeat nail chemicalsdaily quarter-hour hold the fingers in warm water with sea salt and iodine. This procedure is able to "pull" of the harmful substances, toxic nail plate. In direct contact with chemicals using fingertips and household gloves.

If white spots on the nails - the result of injury orimproper handling of manicure tools, special treatment is not required. It is necessary to have recourse to the procedures, improving the overall state of the nails. For example, you can treat your favorite hand soothing tray: 1 tbsp. l. chamomile flowers have to pour a glass of dark beer, heated to 70-80 ° C. Then, 15 minutes, the solution is kept in a water bath and filtered through a strainer. Cool it down to an acceptable temperature and immerse it in the fingers for 20 minutes. After the bath, you can lubricate the nails fish oil or vitamin A in the form of oil.

Good results were observed after coursetreatment oils. For example, the nails can be rubbed in a warm mixture of olive oil and lemon juice (100 ml juice oil add 5 drops). Excellent nourish nails following mixture: 5 drops of vitamin A, 3 drops of tincture of iodine and 60 ml of olive or almond oil. Rub it means you need before you go to bed.