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In modern life, oxygen was not just oneof the elements necessary for normal life, as a means of healing of many diseases. In this capacity, oxygen is used in different ways - both internally and externally. Single point of any procedure oxygen is the oxygen saturation of the body or individual tissues.
oxygen Treatment
Probably each of us noticed how muchsleepy after a good walk in the fresh air somewhere in the mountains, the woods, or even outside the city. Just wanted to say that was poisoned by oxygen. Joking aside, but so far it looks like a serious problem. Residents of big cities suffer from chronic lack of oxygen. Normally, the concentration of air in the composition should be 20.8%, that causes the normal functioning of the human organism, since the gas participates in our bodies at the cellular level.
Oxygen is more than 60% of the weight of the human body, but its supply in the body so small that a person without replenishment may be only 5-6 minutes.
Today, according to various estimates, the oxygen content inmajor cities atmosphere varies from 19% to 10% in some areas! That is, with every breath we receive less oxygen is almost 2 times. Oxygen is not enough to our lungs, heart, liver, brain and all other tissues and cells in the body. This is called "anoxia" or hypoxia. The lack of oxygen leads to very dire consequences. List of them is huge, ranging from diseases of the respiratory organs, the cardiovascular system, and the last dying off of brain cells and premature aging.
Therefore, the oxygen in the modern life did notjust one of the elements necessary for normal life, as a means of healing of many diseases. In this capacity, oxygen is used in different ways - both internally and externally. Single point of any procedure oxygen is the oxygen saturation of the body or individual tissues.

Inhalation of oxygen

Inhalation of oxygen
This type of oxygen therapy is used beforeall with different respiratory diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary edema, tuberculosis and other diseases caused by the violation of pulmonary activity), as well as the cardiovascular system (acute and chronic heart failure, coronary insufficiency, a serious violation of the pressure, etc..). In addition, oxygen inhalation effective for gas poisoning, intoxications, suffocation, renal work, shock conditions.
The same procedure will be useful to almost everyone as a preventive measure, especially the inhabitants of modern cities:

  • improving the overall tone of the person;
  • removal of chronic fatigue and increase efficiency;
  • improvement in appearance.

Produce inhalation through a mask or tube forwhich breathing mixture flows. The most effective way is considered to be inhaled through the nose using a special catheter, so it is used in severe cases. Perhaps the best illustration is the memory of virtually any hospital scenes from Hollywood movies, where the patient is attached to the bow of some transparent hose with mounts - this is the inhalation of oxygen through the catheter.
The oxygen content of the inhaled gas30-50% and sometimes reaches up to 95%. Duration of treatment depends on the condition of the body and can be 10-20 minutes and can last almost continuously.
Oxygen inhalation used in surgery,post-operative recovery period, in severe stages of the diseases associated with hypoxia. They are produced with the help of special equipment, so are available in the main medical institutions.
However, there are special devicesoxygen inhalation at home. Inhalation can be curative in long rates (indicated for the treatment of hypoxia), but more often it is ancillary therapy for asthma, allergies, neurological disorders, fainting, obesity, chronic fatigue, and so on:

  • in pharmacies, some shops, fitness centers andFilling can be found even slight oxygen cans 20-30 cm tall. Inside they contain oxygen gas, diluted with nitrogen (80 to 96% oxygen) amount of from 5 to 14 liters. The cylinders are equipped with special nozzles, through which gas can be inhaled through the nose (using the mask), or through the mouth. The number of breaths for different cylinders is different. Some have relied on manual 5-10, while the other - 2-3 breaths; repeat procedure is recommended 2-3 times a day. On average, 5 liter bottle is consumed in about 5 days. You can increase the daily norm, but doctors do not recommend taking more than 4-5 liters of gas per day, otherwise it can lead to overdose. Their cost depends on the size, the manufacturer and the place of sale, therefore, varies from 170 to 700 rubles;
  • Oxygen Concentrator

  • for oxygen inhalation existas oxygen concentrators. This electric apparatus which produce oxygen from air at room temperature. Device separates ordinary air into oxygen, nitrogen and other elements. The resulting gas, containing not less than 70% oxygen, is fed through a respiratory mask or cannula.
    It is believed that this is one of the most effective andoxygen economically advantageous way, especially when longer necessary courses. Furthermore, they are completely safe, quiet and comfortable to use. However, for them will have to pay a decent amount - between 25 000 and 60 000;
  • in the home can be usedOxygen generators. This high-tech device, the principle of action similar to the above oxygen concentrators. The difference is that oxygen derived from air is sprayed into the room space, thereby saturating it with oxygen. Such devices are equipped with controls and the concentration of oxygen supplied timers to avoid an overdose of oxygen. The cost of them from 7500 to 20 000 rubles.

Attention possible overdose and oxygen,are harmful as well as its drawback. You should immediately stop taking the oxygen and consult a doctor if the following symptoms: dry mouth, dry cough, burning sensation behind the breastbone, convulsions, disturbances of thermoregulation.
To avoid oxygen overdosecarrying oxygen at home, healingandbodywork may recommend use of a device for determining the amount of oxygen in the blood - a pulse oximeter. Today, commercially available pulse oximeters compact and convenient, allowing anyone to keep track of the required level of oxygen and thereby regulate the course of oxygen. The device is equipped with a sensor worn on the finger (earlobe, the leg of the child), and the data is displayed on the LCD screen. There are miniature pulse oximeters, the price of which is from 5 000 to 25 000 rubles.


Another type of oxygen therapy is barotherapy. It is based on the effects on the body of air or pure oxygen at reduced or elevated pressure.

Treatment with oxygen under increased pressure
The most common type of barotherapy under increased pressure, which is created in special pressure chambers
The most common type of barotherapy atincreased pressure, which is produced in special pressure chambers. These devices may be of different sizes and are used in various fields of medicine. So there is great pressure chamber, which held childbirth or surgery in people with a cardiovascular system problems, peptic ulcer and other diseases.
In the medical-therapeutic hyperbaric chambers used for one person. There is even a mini-pressure chamber for the local impacts, for example on the injured limb.
The principle of operation is based on the increase in the numberoxygen carried by the blood, it is possible at elevated pressure. Enrichment of oxygen the body has anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effects, accelerates the regeneration and rejuvenation of tissues. Effects on the body with oxygen under high pressure is effective in diseases of the cardiovascular system, pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of the nervous and endocrine systems, ocular pathology, gynecological problems, pathologies in newborns, radiation injuries.
In addition, such procedures may be administered to healthy people in order to relieve fatigue, stress, enhance immunity, improve muscle tone.

oxygen treatment under reduced pressure
Mini-pressure chambers are designed for local effects, for example on the injured limb
Hypobaric hypoxic training - a way to improve health by short-term exposure to air body with low pressure, which creates conditions similar to alpine.
The methodology was developed based on the idea ofactivate "sleeping" reserves. At the moment when the person no longer enough oxygen in the inhaled air, the body begins to "save" ourselves out of this situation due to the reserve capacity. With constant training these same reserves are active all the time. As a result, you will have no problems when climbing the mountain during the interrail, during exercise and in stuffy rooms.
Hypobaric training contribute to changesin the body, leading to the improvement of microcirculation and blood gas transport function. This in turn increases the oxygenation of the organism at all levels and reduces the symptoms of hypoxia. Such training is used for the expansion of physical and intellectual capacities, to enhance resistance to disease and the harmful effects of the environment, elimination of chronic fatigue and improve performance, preparation for work in extreme conditions, resistance to stressful situations, preparation of pregnant women for the prevention of fetal abnormality. Hypoxic training and conducted to treat cardiovascular diseases, disorders of pressure, chronic lung diseases, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system diseases, allergies, cancer pathology for protection against the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Today barotherapy - a fairly commonkind of procedures that improve the physical and mental state of a person. Therefore undergo barotherapy as reduced or lower pressure can be not only in hospitals but also in boarding houses and sanatoria. Number of treatments, usually about 10-15 sessions, and depends on the duration of the indications for use. It may increase during the course of each day starting at 5 minutes, finishing 20 minutes (usually applied in the treatment of the affected limbs using local impact pressure chambers). A therapeutic treatments typically fixed duration - 30 to 60 minutes daily. Such a time is assigned to the common pressure chamber, where the person is all over.
Pressure chamber
Hyperbaric with an increased or reducedPressure may be carried out independently or may be components of a single complex. In this case, first there is a course of hyperbaric and then hypobarium.
Of course, the cost varies depending on theorganization. The average price is 500 rubles for 1 procedure. However, in many sanatoriums Services baroterapevticheskogo cabinet included in the basic structure of medical and preventive services.
One of the oldest methods of localbarotherapy - is familiar to all of us banks! Inside the jars a vacuum, so while touch is sucked inside the skin. On this site significantly increases blood flow. As a result, stimulates blood circulation, improves the metabolism, the body's cells are updated. Traditionally, banks have used for the treatment of pulmonary diseases. And they are used for back pain, joint pain, headache, abdominal pain. Today, treatment banks received a new name Vacuum Therapy.

Oxygen mesotherapy

With the help of oxygen mesotherapy accelerates the process of regeneration, rejuvenation effect is achieved, restored a healthy skin and disappears hated all women cellulite
A relatively new area of ​​oxygen therapy, used in cosmetology.
Essentially this is the same method baroterpii, usingwhich is accelerating the introduction of active agents into the deeper layers of the epidermis. As a result of this procedure is incorporated into skin cosmetic preparations, a long time to feed and enrich it. It accelerates the process of regeneration, rejuvenation effect is achieved, restored a healthy skin and disappears all women hated cellulite.
mesotherapy procedures have been widelyspread in the medical and beauty centers and beauty salons. The average cost of treatments for the face is 1,500 rubles, and for problem areas on the body of the price varies depending on the area to be treated.

Oxygen baths

oxygen bath
The technique is similar to the performance of carbon orhydrogen sulfide baths, a man takes a nice bath with warm water 35-37 degrees, which is saturated with active oxygen. Unfortunately, the mechanism of therapeutic action is not yet fully understood. However, as a result of these procedures have improved human well-being, stop headaches, normalizes sleep, improves metabolism, blood pressure equalized. Doctors suggest that the health benefits of oxygen baths is achieved by the penetration of oxygen through the skin. As a result, skin respiration oxygen penetrates into the deeper layers, stimulates nerve receptors, which in turn activates the nervous system, and other systems of the body.
Oxygen baths are very common and foundthey can be in almost any medical preventive pension on SPA-resorts, and especially in nursing homes, based on the mineral springs. Almost always this kind of procedures included in the price. If you pay for it separately, the average price of 600 rubles per 1 duration 15-20 minutes procedure. The general course of 10-15 days, one procedure daily.

Oxygen cocktails

Oxygen cocktail
Today it is one of the most popular andcommon types of oxygen. In addition, he is also very nice. Oxygen cocktail - a foam, bubbles which are filled with medical oxygen 95%. The basis for a cocktail is a special foam-forming composition (eg, syrup of licorice root) and fitonastoi, juices, vitamin mixture - that adds flavor, color and fun filled process. First, oxygen cocktail affect the function of the gastrointestinal tract since there comes first. It activates motor, fermentative and secretory functions. Accordingly, it improves the condition for any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, since colitis, gastritis, ulcers and ending gelimintizatsiey dysentery. Also cocktail helps with functional disorders of the central nervous system, pressure disorders, liver disease, improves metabolism and promotes weight loss, relieves fatigue, improves sleep, removes harmful compounds from the body. With regular use of oxygen cocktail improves immunity and performance.
Oxygen cocktail - the most commonand affordable method of oxygen. Despite the fact that it is offered in almost every sanatorium, oxygen cocktails and it is possible to take home. Pharmacies sell special kits for their preparation, which includes: a cylinder containing medical oxygen, a special attachment to it, bags of dry mix (as it is traditionally included rose hips extract, dried egg white), measuring cup and spoon. The liquid can be used juices, herbal teas and so on - it is a matter of taste. This set will cost you about 350-400 rubles for 10-15 servings. However, given the strong growth in prices in 2009 is expected to increase its value by almost 3 times.
For home preparation of oxygen cocktailsa greater number of servings used kokteylery, inflates when connected to an oxygen concentrator. Their standard volume of 1 liter and is designed for the preparation of 50 to 80 portions. The price range for these extremely high - from 600 to 15 000 rubles depending on the material and design, the manufacturer and seller.
Installation for preparation of oxygen cocktails
The standard regimen of oxygen cocktailsnext - a minimum of 4 weeks to 2 servings per day for an adult and 1 drink for children. After 3 weeks repeat the course. Healingandbodywork But I must say that in the presence of stomach ulcers and other inflammations in the body, and therefore before the cocktail reception should consult a doctor.
Drinking oxygen cocktails todayDay has become extremely fashionable pastime. The so-called Oxygen bars can be seen not only in the resorts, fitness centers, and even corporate parties.
Oxygen Effects on the body hardoveremphasized. And, of course, the lack of it results in the emergence of a variety of serious illnesses and up to cancer, so oxygen is so widely used in all areas of medicine. However, despite the fact that the overall effect of oxygen therapy treatments is very similar, it is imperative to remember that each treatment method, there are contraindications. And each species they own procedures.
And I would like to add that a simple walk in the fresh air - this is the oxygen therapy. Do not let your body to suffocate and be healthy!