Treatment of demodicosis

In the middle of spring in the pharmacy celebrated a greatdemand for drugs for the treatment of heavy precipitations and pustular inflammations on the skin. And many do not know that the reason for this may be demodekoz - parasitic skin disease.

Do not confuse the disease with acne (acne), andinflamed closed comedones. They appear due to over-activity of the sebaceous glands. Pathogen demodectic mange - a living organism, which is necessary to deal with a very long and complex. The effectiveness of treatment is largely determined by operational "unmasking" of skin parasite.

Causes of demodicosis

Acne - a common chronicepidermal diseases. Diagnose the illness at a tenth of the patients with acne-skin lesions. Demodekoz provoke two kinds of microscopic mite - Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, still known as the mites ugritsy. They were first identified in 1841 in the human skin, and later found in the wool of domestic animals (dogs, cats, sheep, cattle).

Demodex folliculorum lodges in niches hairfollicles, Demodex brevis masters sebaceous glands. Almost all of us are carriers of these mites. When a person is healthy, the risk of demodectic minimum - an immune shield simply will not allow the microorganism to live "in a big way." But as soon as the condition of the body's health is deteriorating, Demodexes get complete freedom of action and of the surface layer of the skin to penetrate into the deeper part of it. So there is a local inflammatory reaction in the form of an entire placer bright red bumps on the skin.

The most likely to develop demodectic at:

  • excessive sun exposure (prolonged exposure to the sun);
  • frequent acute respiratory viral infections and acute respiratory infections;
  • chronic disorders of the digestive system performance;
  • frequent stress;
  • injuries of the skin;
  • immune and endocrine "shifts".

Demodex do not multiply outside the bodyhost. To become an adult individual, egg missing two weeks. The life expectancy of a microorganism is nine days under conditions of constant humidity and room temperature. The water mites live much longer - up to 25 days.

Paradise environment for demodex in the plantoil, skin oil, petrolatum, a cosmetic cream. In conjunction with the ether, carbolic acid, tar, chloroform ticks is not the slightest chance of survival. Salicylic acid is enough one minute to destroy microorganisms, ethyl alcohol "cracked down" with them for 3-5 minutes. Ticks do not tolerate dry air and high temperature (45-50 ° C).

The diagnosis of demodectic mange

Most often suffer from defeat demodexwings of the nose, the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, chin, and the T-zone. Sometimes the rash appears under the hair on the head, inside ears, and in rare cases - on the neck, chest, abdomen and back.

Diameter itchy bright pink or red nodules(Papules) reaches 5 mm. purulent vesicles (blisters) may occur also. If time does not start the correct treatment, the affected area gradually "spreading" a healthy skin, making it rough and uneven. Demodekoz particular danger is to the eye, affecting the eyelids, which react to the presence of mites blepharitis (inflammation of the strong). Typical symptoms of blepharitis: severe redness, itching, peeling eyelids, loss of eyelashes.

Acne is exacerbated in the late spring and early summer, during the cold season ticks are not as aggressive, respectively, and the rash is not very abundant.

Confirm the presence of Demodex can onlyspecialist. Dermatologist detect mites by microscopy. For the analysis of suitable secret of pustules, the contents of seals, peel, which are formed on the infected skin, eyelashes fell. The result is positive if the microscope "see" the mites, eggs and larvae, the empty shell of the eggs. If there are only a shell, the study was repeated.

When the diagnosis is confirmed, patients with demodexrecommend patients undergo additional tests to see the overall picture of internal organs, endocrine and immune systems. You need to consult a therapist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, ultrasound diagnosis of abdominal organs, pelvis, thyroid, general, biochemical and immunological blood tests. Women suffering from demodex, there is an elevated level of testosterone in the blood, so blood tests to estimate the amount of sex hormones is a mandatory procedure.

Subtleties of the treatment of demodectic mange

Features therapy consists in applying notOnly external agents for the skin. The doctor develops a complex course of treatment, which are the basis of systemic and topical anti-parasitic agents with anti-inflammatory and absorbing effects. The complete elimination of Demodex and restore the natural protective barrier of the skin requires a lot of time - 6 to 8 weeks. Demodex, alas, are often returning property.

The destruction of the parasites achieve usingMetronidazole or Ornidazole. Trichopolum (a drug with the active ingredient Metronidazole) cycles take between 8 to 10 days. Ornidazole - protivoprotozoynoe and antibacterial agent of a new generation. The drug has a high bioavailability and good penetration into the deeper layers of the skin, which can not reach no external agent. Ornidazole take 500 mg in the morning and evening for 20 days.

As an auxiliary means patients taking antihistamines, multivitamin complexes, gepatoprotektory, probiotics and immunomodulating drugs.

Basic outdoor complex treatment consists ofliquid mixtures with ether, alcohol tinctures of plants with antimicrobial effect (calendula, chamomile), products based on permethrin, benzyl benzoate, Naftalan, ointments and gels with metronidazole.

Well proven in the treatment of demodectic mangeEsdepalletrina combination and piperonyl butoxide in solution form, despite the fact that the drug is mainly used to get rid of scabies. Esdepalletrin, being neurotoxic venom attacks the nervous system of demodex. Piperonyl butoxide enhances the action esdepalletrina. In pharmacies a means can be found in the form of an aerosol. The solution is sprayed on a cotton swab and rubbing the infected mite skin 2-3 times a day.

After the main course of treatment the appearance of the patient's skin is restored with the help of cosmetic and physiotherapy.

Memo to patients during treatment by healingandbodywork

  1. Do not use cosmetics. You must throw away all cosmetics that were used at that time as the beginning of skin problems.
  2. It is important to strictly follow a diet that eliminates sharp, salty, fatty foods and alcohol.
  3. Every day you need to change the pillow case, pre-ironing a hot iron it from both sides. Bed linen must be replaced 2 times a week.
  4. For face and body should be different towels, which, like a pillowcase, changed every day.
  5. You can not stay long in the sun.
  6. During treatment, you can not go to the bath and sauna.
  7. You can not do steam baths for the face.
  8. Use special seboreguliruyuschie preparations for the skin, prescribed by a doctor.
  9. During the course of treatment should be carefullycare for pet hair, their cells (bunks). Demodex often "wait out" the attack medication, hiding in the fur of cats, dogs, guinea pigs and so on. D.
  10. Do not forget to handle the daily disinfectants glasses and cases, razors.
  11. By wearing contact lenses at the time of treatment should be abandoned.
  12. Thorough cleaning of personal items to be patient, which adjoin directly to the skin: hats, helmets.
  13. Try to minimize the effect of stress with the help of sedatives.
  14. Do not sit for long periods in front of a TV or computer - do not overload the eye.
  15. The most important requirement for the duration of the treatment - in whatever was the limit close contact (face to face) with the people you love.

Prevention involves demodectictimely treatment of internal organs, maintaining the immune system to the proper level, a balanced healthy diet, a thorough personal hygiene, a categorical rejection of the use of other people's things or makeup.