Blood transfusions from acne

Acne is perhaps one of the most hated skindiseases for many boys and girls. To get rid of them, the young people have resorted to many means, from cosmetics and medicines to the diets. When the one and the other is inconclusive, experts recommend a more radical method - a blood transfusion. Today healingandbodywork will reveal all the secrets of the way to fight acne.

The essence of a blood transfusion from acne

Often, if the result of the traditional methodstreatment of acne is not visible, doctors prescribe blood transfusions innovative course or, scientifically, autohemotherapy. It's quite effective procedure, which is popular for several years in a row. Autohemotherapy - is one of the methods of immunotherapy in which the venous blood of the patient it is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The human blood contains various toxins and waste decomposition products of bacteria and other substances which are regarded as harmful. Faced with them the body activates the immune system and includes all the protective mechanisms in order to neutralize them. Along with this happening and the fight against various forms of acne. Procedure The effect can be enhanced by adding additional antibiotics or blood using ozone or ultraviolet. By autohemotherapy has quite a wide range of indications. In addition to combat acne such treatment is excellent to help with:

  • advanced stage of acne;
  • purulent diseases;
  • abrasions;
  • long non-healing wounds;
  • inflammations;
  • dermatitis;
  • reduced immunity, and others.

At first glance it may seem autohaemotherapyquite painful and difficult procedure, but in fact, this method of treatment of acne is quite simple and can be done even at home. Before the course autohemotherapy should definitely consult a doctor and give blood for the study of all the necessary tests. If no defects are found, you can start this procedure. Blood transfusion is carried out according to a specific schedule, which individually prescribed by the physician. The most common autohemotherapy scheme last ten days. Accordingly, one of the schedules on the first day of the course of the vein gaining two milliliters of blood and injected intramuscularly in the buttock. Next on the rise each time added one milliliter of blood, respectively, the second day - three milliliters, the third - four, four - five and fifth day - six. This continues until the middle of the course, then the amount of blood introduced is declining. Sometimes autohemotherapy scheme is different from the above. Treatment also begins with two milliliters of blood, is added every day one. But in the middle of the course the number of milliliters of red liquid is not reduced and continue to add. So treatment ends with ten milliliters of blood. Most often, to improve the results of therapy are advised to use the scheme again after six months. Especially this recommendation should be performed when the first course took place not all acne or scars after them.

Despite all the advantages autohemotherapy, like all medical procedures, this procedure has a number of contraindications. It is forbidden to carry out a blood transfusion from acne:

  • in the presence of malignant tumors;
  • during any illnesses during their exacerbation;
  • in acute inflammation of internal organs;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • for chronic diseases in the period of decompensation.

Blood Pros acne

Autohemotherapy is quite effectiveway to combat acne. According to statistics, more than 80% of those who have tried this method of treatment, get rid of acne. Despite the fact that many physicians are negatively to this method, even they recognize its effectiveness. Autohaemotherapy especially effective in advanced cases, when conventional cosmetics or medicines are powerless. In this case the transfusion not only helps to remove pimples in the long term, but it relieves people from the problem forever. Moreover, the procedure is not only gets rid of most of acne, but stain after. It is virtually painless and simple procedure that does not require a lot of time and effort. And you can carry it anywhere, no problem will be even long journeys. By the way, the strict contraindications for this method - no. This greatly reduces the risks and side effects associated with the procedure. Furthermore, the method is cheap autohaemotherapy. Because costs are limited only to purchase accessories injection: syringes, wool alcohol and antibiotics, if desired. Often transfusions venous blood intramuscularly has only positive results and is a positive effect not only for skin, but for the whole organism.

Blood Cons acne

Despite all the positivesautohemotherapy, there are also a number of side effects. First of all, administering intramuscularly undiluted venous blood can be rather unpleasant task. This is especially felt in the fifth or sixth day of the course, when earlier entered the blood had not yet had time to disappear. In addition, blood in the buttocks rather slowly dissolves, thus forming small seal. They, in turn, can cause quite severe discomfort and pain. Already in the middle of the course, patients complain of severe pain during movement and when sitting. In this case, we recommend a number of measures to eliminate these unpleasant sensations:

  1. Dip your fingers in warm vegetableoil of any origin. Wet fingertips with a little pressure massage areas with seals. This procedure can be performed several times a day for five minutes.
  2. Also great help heater with hot water, which should be applied to the "restless" place. Keep it no more than an hour, and repeat the procedure until the complete disappearance of pain.
  3. Not bad helps iodine grid drawn on the injection site. Update it morning and evening.
  4. And finally, try to eliminate the pain with the help ofcompresses with herbs and alcohol tinctures. Find out what the best herbs to use and how often you need to put your doctor or pharmacist.

It should be remembered that under no circumstances shoulddeviate from the schedule. In case of improper administration of blood acute adverse reactions are possible. Among them there chills, fever, muscle aches, and others. With these symptoms should immediately seek medical attention. Also healingandbodywork recommends to closely monitor the sanitary norms, in which the procedure is conducted. In dysentery there is a risk of blood poisoning.