Top 10 most fashionable hairstyles and packings


Past fashion shows eloquentlydemonstrated the fair sex that anything natural in the upcoming season will enjoy enormous popularity. Almost every female form 2015 on the podium there were long hair. And many hairstyles and styling have been adapted specifically for this length of hair. As for the hair color, the current will be only natural shades.

Modelling styling eminentdesigners offer to do a "invisible", so that others did not have even thought that to create a magnificent head of hair curls and volume even a drop of the locking nail was used.


  • 1 Trendy hairstyles and haircuts autumn-winter 2015
  • 2 Top 10 most colorful hairstyles 2015
    • 2.1 Bob with side parting
    • 2.2 Gingerbread bean
    • 2.3 Rack
    • 2.4 "Cap"
    • 2.5 Asymmetrical hairstyles
    • 2.6 bouffant at the crown
    • 2.7 Hair style rockabilly
    • 2.8 curls
    • 2.9 Perm
    • 2.10 Actual styling for long hair

Trendy hairstyles and haircuts autumn-winter 2015

This year, every woman will be able toexperiment with your hair and at the same time fully consistent with the fashion trends. Famous fashion designers for their models so-called "live" strand - natural, like a ruffled and razlohmachennye breeze.

But this does not mean that all women shouldto give preference only to such hairstyles, because the smooth styling comb-over and also acquired the status of a trend. Now every fashionista will be able to quietly change their way depending on the situation, the dress and even mood.

Top 10 most colorful hairstyles 2015

For those who want to know what hairstyles fashionable in the coming year, designers have made selection of the most vibrant and relevant options.

Bob with side parting

This season, the side parting will be a truly iconic and completely self-contained part of the female image.

Familiar bob haircut with parting will become more interesting and dynamic. And it is not necessary that the parting was perfectly flat, somewhat sloppy creases only will add hair coloring.

Particularly interesting this asymmetrical side parting will look at the long and medium lengths pod.

Lush bob

Do I have to wear a bob hairstyle parted inThis season? No, if you think that such an option does not suit you, you can safely give preference haircuts lush bean. And with today's assortment of styling this hairdo can afford and the owner of thin strands.

Bang up to the eyebrows, bouffant or a mousse for volumecapable of performing miracles and turn any girl into a beauty pyshnovolosuyu. In this hairstyle is also to focus on the natural, no need to style your hair to hair, a little negligence only benefit your image.


This haircut is recognized by many experts as a unique variation of bob hairstyle.

But the difference in the square is still there:

  • more rounded shape;
  • fixed length - not below the middle of the neck and above the ear lobe;
  • minimum volume during installation.


Is it possible to fashionistas wear very short hair and do not lose their femininity and elegance? It is, when it comes to grooming "cap".

This is the shortest haircut 2015. Experts propose to make the selected image more interesting due to the asymmetric bangs and careless "disheveled".

Asymmetrical hairstyles

The fashion is not just a side parting, and hair combed to one side. And almost all of its models for designers chose a combination of these two key pieces this season.

And we must admit that the image at the same time was very organic and attractive. By the oblique parting left or right to actually add the entire head of hair comb-over in the opposite direction.

Fleece on top

Hairstyles retro continue to be relevant. And due to the fact that this year's long hair in an absolute trend, it's time to try on the image of the dazzling film stars 60-ies.

High bouffant at the crown and careless locks of hair,scattered on the shoulders - perfect for a reception or a party. Such hair can be safely counted among the category of the most elegant.

Hair style rockabilly

This hairstyle combines bouffant directed at an angle in the form of waves, and will back long hair, flowing down the sides.

Forehead, however, remains open. The ends can be curled curling curls, then hairstyle will look more elegant.


Regardless of. what hairstyle trendy and topical, romantic vertical spiral curls will be popular.

But it is important to look at this hair well-groomed, clean and shining brilliance.


Despite the fact that the absolute trend of the futureyear - of course, many designers do not mind a perm. Especially popular will enjoy fine chemicals, fine hair, slightly feathered comb.

There will also be an actual chemical that mimics the natural wavy hair - big curled hair, flowing over her shoulders - a great option for everyday and for ceremonial way.

Actual styling for long hair

The mod will be styling long hair at the nape. Moreover, it can be smooth, with "curls" on the back of the head, and can be careless mop of hair styling using studs, lace, or a lock of her hair also.

The strands can be left carelessly flowing on either side. Also welcome intricate designs of hair and other decorations on the back of his head.