Tone Cream for Oily Skin

The facial skin is something that in the very first placeand falls view, because every girl and woman is sure to want to look it always the best, fresh, radiant and wholesome. But sometimes to achieve this is not easy and not simple. It is especially difficult to have to in this situation, the girls who ironically became the owner of oily, and even more problematic skin.

But ahead of time to fall into despair andsprinkle ashes on his head, of course, is not worth it, because from any difficult situation, be sure to find a way out, the more that scientists recently made a step forward, and the cosmetic industry offers a wide range of variety of means "struggle" with oily skin. In particular, among the abundance of cosmetics, there are foundation for oily skin, which, with the correct selection and application, will be a real salvation.

Women with a normal, good skin of the person toTragically, it is not much, only five to seven per cent of the fair sex can boast of perfectly smooth skin tone, the complete absence of excess pigmentation (freckles) or pimples, greasy, and the like, to put it mildly, very very unpleasant moments. In addition to them, and also, at times, it is necessary to correct the signs of fatigue or lack of sleep, with the help of "tonalnika".


  • 1 What should he be the perfect foundation for oily skin
  • 2 Selection of your own tone (color) of foundation
  • 3 Secrets to "correct" application, selected with such difficulty, a means

What should he be the perfect foundation for oily skin

At the time when women with normal skin, does nothesitate to acquire any means, it's just picking up the color, for those who have oily skin, you can not do so, because the rash purchase can lead not to such results, we hope to witness in the mirror. Moreover, the wrong "tonalnik" can seriously exacerbate the problem, so Treat case seriously and carefully consider all the pros and cons before purchasing. Oily skin has an unpleasant property to shine ugly and using "not the" cream, it is possible to achieve even more slovenly looking shine, and even further enhance the secretion of the sebaceous glands, which is not desirable at all.

To avoid this, you need to clearly understand what is to be really perfect foundation for oily skin, and guide the purchase, a few simple criteria:

  • The lighter, airier and more tender texture "tonalnika", the better. This tool is for oily skin should most certainly be a liquid and easy.
  • Pay attention to the tone ofcream, which buy, it should not contain absolutely no essential oils, and if there is a certain amount of these substances, it should be minimal. That is, the essential oils should be indicated at the end of the list available in the cream ingredients.
  • Do not forget that the foundation for oily skinIt should be composed of as protective equipment against excessive solar radiation. It is better if it be so-called shields, as they are surfactants, and do not penetrate the epidermis, that is, it does not affect, and thus a problem and skin.
  • If hormonal means you are "you" and no contraindications are not available, you can choose the facility that will treat your skin is on the hormonal and molecular level.
  • Choose only the cream, which is able to constrict the pores, which are oily skin, constantly expanded.
  • Try to choose for themselves the only means,on the packaging which indicates that it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. This will not worry about the appearance of redness, itching and other unpleasant consequences.
  • In boxes or tubes "tonalnika" should be specified that the cream removes so hated by all, shine, or to purchase this tool does not make any sense.
  • Do not forget that the facility should be ideally suited to you in terms of age, so in recent years the cosmetic industry began to produce a large number of funds, namely with regard to age.

Among other things, it is necessary to remember,what's in store is better to open a tube of cream and look at the contents, so to buy a pig in a poke, certainly not advisable. The cream should not contain absolutely no lumps, clots, delaminate, or have a heterogeneous texture, all signs of unsuitability of the means of implementation, particularly given the high fat content of the skin.

It should also be noted that in the winter creamIt may be somewhat lighter, and in the summer, on the contrary, darker, because facial skin tans in the sun, in several shades difference is quite acceptable. And about the shelf life should not be forgotten. First, note how long shelf-life indicated on the package, the higher it is, the higher the content of preservatives in the cream and they, just, for oily skin Contraindications. Second, the default "tonalnik" can not be expired, if the period of use at the end, take the tube or bottle from another party, do not hesitate to ask the seller, since the buyer is always right.

Selection of your own tone (color) of foundation

But, anyway, and it is only the verhushechkaiceberg, the underwater part of which can be an unpleasant surprise at all. Because determine how the needs concealer for oily skin, we did just half the battle, and then you need to know exactly how you can quickly and easily pick up the vehicle in the shop. Of course, to say that you can not buy cosmetics, especially when account is taken of the type of skin, in untested areas, it is unnecessary, repeat this all over the place, and every girl and woman is already great, and she understands the importance of this fact. However, there are a few rules to remember, not to be trapped and not get totally unnecessary, astronomically expensive tube of foundation that you will not go by color.

  • If your skin tends to shine strongly, it makes sense to buy matting or simply a matte agent.
  • Choose a color (hue) of cream only in daylight, which would not seem a good lamp, it still distorts the real picture.
  • Do not smear the cream on hand, this is inefficient! Whatever it was, but the wrist or back of the hand, though, is different from the skin, and is ideally approached, it would seem, the tone may not come. Ideally, if you apply a little "tonalnika" on the submandibular area.
  • "Paleface" girls and women do not fittonal basis with effect of sunburn, it's the law and it can not overstep, a person can look messy and even dirty, choose for themselves apricot or peach color, it is best to go.
  • If your face has a yellowish or grayish tint, it is best to take the foundation of orange or pink, it will hide flaws.

Secrets of the "correct" application, selected with such difficulty, a means

True to the selection of foundation for oily skin is already eighty percent of success, do not doubt, however, except for the selection, there is also a application, which will also require careful attention.

  • Use concealer, especially for oilyskin only after a thorough cleansing it. Washing with soap and water is not for everyone, because you can use milk or tonic to cleanse.
  • Use creams, scrubs or masks,which remove the shine is not less than twice a week. This will clear your skin from dead skin cells and cleanse the pores. Desirably, the agent does not contain solid particles, traumatic epidermis.
  • Apply first a simple moisturizer that leaves no greasy and only after it is absorbed, and on top of it to impose "tonalnik".
  • For oily skin is optimally applying tonal framework sponzhikom or as a sponge soaked in advance, non-saline mineral water.
  • Apply the product can be as "the center", and from the bottom up, as do the experienced, professional cosmetologists.
  • On the eyelids and under the eyes is best to get wet overfoundation cloth, in order to avoid rolling and highlight wrinkles. You also need to carefully shade cream in his ears and the hair roots to become invisible border.

No need to get upset if things are not sowell turned out the first time, a little practice and skill will come by itself. If all of the above into practice, good mood and youthful appearance will be your constant companions for a long time.