Tone face cream reviews: some prefer cream

It's not often you can meet women whocan boast of perfect skin face, because the vast majority faces a constant challenge to hide the flaws. Fortunately, the cosmetic industry is working very well, is constantly in search of new solutions, one of the most popular are different toners.

Tonalnika should be in every woman beautician, except may provide such reasons:

  • nothing to hide, that is, the skin is absolutely perfect and devoid of freckles, acne, dilated blood vessels, etc .;
  • a woman does not care how she looks;
  • It has no time even for a light make-up.

And in other cases, a woman simply must have in your arsenal of tone for the face cream reviews on its effectiveness can not not convince.


  • 1 How to choose a foundation?
  • 2 The best creams for the face, customer reviews

How to choose a foundation?

Selecting any makeup always dependson skin type, tsvetotipa, personal tolerance of certain components, and, of course, on personal preferences. The same criteria for "work" and creams.

It should be noted that the manufacturers of cosmeticstoday offer quite a wide range of tools to help hide facial imperfections. Tonal basis has a more dense texture, color saturation, so it is suitable for evening makeup. Cream Stick is designed to disguise a rather noticeable flaws such as red capillaries. Cream powder is suitable for women with oily skin, because this compressed cream absorbs excess oil released by the skin. By the way, when excess fat is desirable to select a lighter structure creams or foundations of a long-acting, over which will have to apply a layer of powder. Dry skin is recommended to "indulge" means having moisturizing properties. Light and barely noticeable on shade-creams fluids suitable to girls who can boast of normal skin. From all this it can be concluded that modern toners are able to provide not only a cosmetic effect, but also help to care for the skin.

The correct choice of color depends on tone means the perfection of all makeup. the perfect color can easily choose guided a few simple rules:

  1. Tone cream must meet the most natural color, the permissible difference is no more than a semitone.
  2. Redness, yellowness or blueness, you can "hide" from the pale purple, earthy, and earthy shades.
  3. Tone means chosen should not differ from the skin tone in the upper chest and neck.
  4. Keep in mind that some properties have Tonalka darken after drying.
  5. It is advisable to carry out this simple test - put a small bar on the cheek means, if it is 1 tone lighter, it means that it is - the fact that it is necessary.

Buying concealer is important to consider andmanufacturer, because his name is often said about the quality of products. Trust advertising is not always prudent, because it is not supplied with comprehensive information on this product, so we conducted an independent examination on the basis of customer reviews themselves.

The best creams for the face, customer reviews

  • Highest rated received Maxfactor. This tone cream reviews receivedvery good, and only one minus was noted among them - the high price. It has a dense texture, characterized by excellent stability and a covering abilities. Lasting Performance can help to hide from the eyes of obvious defects, up to camouflage birthmarks. Among the 27 surveyed girls, two noted the appearance of dryness after the second application, which is likely to have been caused by the use of creams that have expired. There are reviews and relatively Facefinity, which is a pleasant surprise ease of application, the ability to make the skin more smooth and perfect masks red spots on the face. The main drawback of this tool is called its high cost.
  • In second place sits a brand Vichy with its tonal means. Manufacturer attentively treated the girls with different skin types, so for each developed its own line of toning agents. It is uniformly applied, distributed perfectly over the entire surface, and allows the skin to breathe. In addition, the girls say the ease of selecting shade and rich color range. To his merit should be ranked as also the fact that it is perfectly absorbed, leaves no traces. Speaking of shortcomings, women noticed a light texture (but it is quite an individual parameter) and the high cost of funds.
  • Lancome - A face cream, which reviewsevidenced not only by the high quality product, but also its remarkable caring properties. It has a soft texture, is well absorbed, smells good and refreshes the skin. But, judging by the reviews, about 1 in 10 of the respondents, it caused a slight reddening and itching.
  • If you need a very stable foundation, which can hide the dark circles under the eyes, it is recommended to pay attention to Maybeline non stop. Tint range is not allows you to easily find the right hue, and noted the appearance of dry skin. Cream clogs the pores, so special care is needed after use, not very happy, and the absence in its composition ultraviolet filters.

  • Specially created for the foundation of the problem skin Yves Rocher, Which, unlike the previous product, notclog pores. Thanks to its special natural composition, it makes the skin clean, glowing, removes redness and leaves no residue on clothes. Cream falls even layer, and does not cause allergic reactions. Its disadvantage is called what it is not very long hold on the skin, but it can be corrected if you use a foundation.
  • Not a lot of positive qualities are called in favor of Tonalka Oriflame. Among the main advantages include comfortsmell, texture. But at the same time the cream should be used as soon as possible, as quickly thickens and becomes unfit for use. Most complaints to the discrepancy actual product colors, the colors of which were announced in the catalog.
  • Black PearlAs the foundation for the face of Yves Rocher, it is recommended to put on a foundation. And the rest of the vehicle can be attributed to the affordable price range and good quality.
  • Finally I would like to touch Cristian Dior. Those who were lucky enough to use it,It says that he gives an incredibly pleasant feelings from him "wearing" it perfectly hides all the flaws, including wrinkles, does not leave prints on the clothes, the skin is absorbed in the "5+". The lack of just one - it is practically impossible not to buy a fake, and the real cream of this brand in our country.