Tone Cream for Dry Skin

Tone cream - the best solution in order toquickly and efficiently cover almost any facial skin imperfections, to disguise irregularities a natural tone, dark circles under the eyes, arising from lack of sleep or excessive tiredness, boring remove pimples and so on. Modern cosmetology has leaped forward, ever since I first appeared similar means, because today, the shelves simply abound in a wide variety of creams, powders, bases and the like "operating time" cosmetic industry.


  • 1 What requirements must meet the perfect "tonalnik" for dry skin
  • 2 What can be contained in a qualitative "tonalnika"
  • 3 What to do in the store, and what to look for

What requirements must meet the perfect "tonalnik" for dry skin

However, in order to tone cream and the truthhide flaws and do not turn your pretty face into a lifeless mask, have to work hard. The main factor becomes correct choice selection cream on his own skin type, which can determine experimentally intently watching only a few days for the reactions at its face washing creams, sun exposure to a ray and so on. Oddly enough, but the most difficult in the selection of "tonalnika" have those who have facial skin tends to be excessively dry.

Choose your own tone cream for dryskin at all easy, as this type requires the most careful attention and careful maintenance. Dry skin is hardly cause any trouble adolescence and early adulthood, however, over time, require more time in order to look fresh and beautiful. The lack of moisture in dry skin, it is necessary to compensate for anything, because it is prone to rapid, even abrupt aging on it wrinkles easily occur, it is thin and vulnerable. For all these reasons, it is necessary to clarify what should be the same properties, outside of doubt, have the foundation for dry skin to be a real boon for you and a real fount of health for your cute little face.

  • humidification

For those who suffer from a shortage of the epidermismoisture in the first place you need to moisten it, give him the beneficial moisture, which makes it soft and elastic. In addition, foundation cream for dry skin may have an effect for a long time to retain water in the skin, that is moisture longer do, let's say - during the day. Try to choose a moisturizing agent with a bright aspect, and your skin will thank you beautiful and healthy appearance.

  • Food

Girls or women who have justdry skin, of course, know how important it is to nourish it throughout the day. Tone Cream for dry skin must be both nutritious, nourish the epidermis is not harmful chemical additives, flavorings or silicone, and give her the "dressing", which is needed.

  • Protection against "excess" solar radiation

Do not forget about such an incrediblyan important factor, as the protection of the delicate, thin dry skin from the harmful influence of excessive solar radiation, especially in the summer. Pick up "your" means, in our case - tone cream for dry skin, it is necessary, taking into account factors such as UVA and UVB protection.

There are two types of substances which arequality to protect your skin from harmful radiation - it filters and screens. If you're ready for what should be a pretty serious skin sunbathing, then take the filters. It penetrates into the skin and efficiently converted into thermal energy of the sun. However, if your skin is very delicate, and you feel a little tan desirable, then you buy a cream with screens that act on the skin's surface by reflecting sunlight, and do not penetrate deep into the epidermis.

What can be contained in a qualitative "tonalnika"

When the priority properties "tonalnika"defined, you should also find out what exactly is and can be contained in the high-quality and effective creams for dry skin. Be sure, by all means, read the label, as dry skin does not tolerate any mistakes and wrong-chosen remedy can look messy, roll, collect in fine lines, exacerbating the flaws, but not masking them.

  • Oils of vegetable origin, and silicone oil

A wide variety of vegetable oilorigin may be present in the facility, and that you have chosen, but the most popular are olive oil, avocado oil and grapeseed, apricot, peach, and shea butter, coconut and so on. Note that some exotic ingredients can cause an individual, personal intolerance, so approach the subject with attention and care.

Among other things, it can be in creamsand also a component such as a non-volatile silicone oil. Afraid of the oil is not worth it, because it does not penetrate deep into the epidermis and forms a very thin plenochku, which prevents loss of moisture on its surface.

  • Vitamin supplements and complexes

Many of today's cosmetic companiesThey offer a wide range of tonal resources of the order, with all kinds of vitamin supplements, as well as those complexes. It is very good as an all-day foundation to be on our skin, and it is important to saturate, imbue it (skin) the energy, strength and radiance, which give it vitamins. The most common foundation for dry skin include vitamin groups such as C (ascorbic acid), A (retinol, beta-carotene), and also considered the most "feminine" of all, vitamin E. There are also "tonalniki" with the content of B vitamins, but quite rare.

  • Medicinal herbs (extracts) and natural substances

Many modern manufacturers offer theirThe customer selection of a cream, with a large share of the content of a wide variety of natural substances, for example, extracts of medicinal herbs, minerals, and other components. Extremely useful would creams with chamomile, aloe vera, honey, royal jelly, pearl extract, St. John's wort, propolis, and so on. These elements are beneficial to the skin throughout the day, giving it the desired gloss and well-groomed appearance.

What to do in the store, and what to look for

But all the dots on the famous «i» are arranged,and you went to the store to pick up the tonal foundation, which will be your companion every day, for a long time. Since usually use concealer to come every day, then it should choose very carefully, using a simple and homely advice of those who have more experience in this. What is recommended for women, and together with them and Estheticians - we will investigate this issue.

  • On the dangers of shopping "is not clear where" or "somewhereit "does not say just lazy, but still worth repeating. In no case, however much you do not want to, do not buy into the foundation of untested ground. Go straight to the beauty shop, whose reputation is well known, it will save you not only spoiled the mood, and it is quite possible, and by poslenduyuschih problems.
  • Tone Tone Cream is necessary to choose, easy to maznuvon his cheek or on the skin in the submandibular area. Sense from the application of "tonalnika" on the wrist will not be any, as the tone can vary significantly. Because the only way, or no way. It is best to take small probnichek home, and everything to try than to throw in the trash a large bottle, it is not a suitable means. All the more so often, they just handed out for free, or for a nominal fee.
  • What good would not have lamps in the store, theystill distort the appearance, and deposited in the room means that seemed entirely appropriate, on the street can look very different. So do not be afraid to ask the seller or consultant to go with you on the street, if possible. In other cases - help option with a probe at the house, and nothing else.
  • Tone Cream for dry skin can not behighly dense, or even more so, it is extremely oily. This skin, in itself, is a thin and soft, and dense base can look at it unnatural, creating the effect of a mask, and we do, of course, is not necessary.
  • Pay attention to the shelf life, its conditions,as well as on the tone means the expiration date, you will have a long time to use it, because to buy a cream with a term expiring soon, simply makes no sense. It also follows that the shelf life and would not excessively large, since this would mean the presence of a large amount of preservatives that dry skin is not useful.