Tone Cream matting

Oily facial skin - a real punishment, isI understand each already the owner of this skin type. All the charm of the fight against fat shine await them on the road, but too much should not be upset, because you have oily skin and its benefits. For example, it would be extremely useful to reassure himself that those who have oily skin, long may retain its elasticity, and consequently the youth.

Because of subcutaneous fat, which is available atowners of such skin in excess, it does not dry up, does not appear premature wrinkles, but in order to get rid of shine, there are many different means, for example, tone cream matting that will make your life easier and more pleasant pastime.


  • 1 Oily skin face - the problem is completely solved!
  • 2 What are the advantages matting cream
  • 3 A few moments not in favor of matting "tonalnika"
  • 4 How to make a foundation imperceptible on the face

Oily skin face - the problem is completely solved!

Many women and girls think that oily skin,this sentence, and struggling with her all possible, and sometimes even impossible, ways. It is believed that by greasy help only alcohol-based agents, and that, in part, of course, true. You can constantly harass his poor skin with alcohol, can be applied to it, the whole tons of all kinds of powder, but you can do a lot easier to buy and foundation matting and get rid of the huge number of problems in one fell swoop.

The good thing today cosmetologyof industries running "client" and provides more and more tools to help you quickly and painlessly get rid of a variety of skin problems. And not only oily, but also with other types of leather. Tone Cream matting went on sale not so long ago, so still not very common among women, but do not lose sight of this remarkably effective tool, just perfect for owners of oily skin.

However, those who have dry skin of the face, or themore hypersensitive, have to give up this pleasure. On dry skin tone cream matting can not look carefully, and in addition, the lack of nutritional fatty elements that could further emphasize the small wrinkles, roughness and problem areas, rather than hide them qualitatively. This is because such a "tonalnik" does not contain oils or contains them in very minor amounts.

What advantages does the matting cream

First of all, you need to fully selfclarify that tone matting cream, by itself, without all sorts of aids can not make your appearance flowering and skin perfect, but he can create that unique "clean sheet", fresh, velvety and smooth, which and you can "paint" what he wants.

  • Matting "tonalnik" does not act immediately,its properties with time are shown. That is, the effect will be visible immediately, but all the properties of your cream, fully will manifest only after a certain time (usually a couple of hours). That is, your appearance will not be untidy and tired appearance, with the passage of time throughout the day, and even vice versa. Cream absorbs fat from the skin and make it more smooth and velvety.
  • Above the foundation matting can beapply any means that only your heart desires. For example, more fresh and youthful appearance, help to create a variety of tanning, blush or concealers. The main thing is not to overdo it, because, as the Poles say that too, it's not healthy.
  • This cream will stay on your skin is extremely long when other means have usually completely lose their "marketability", your face will look like candy.
  • Matte foundations on which and carriedlike cream, tend to go to great skin, great shade and smeared, leaving no traces and stains, sparing you from constant anxiety about their own appearance. Often correct your make-up, you just do not have.

A few moments, not in favor of matting "tonalnika"

However, against the background of existing advantages, and they,and the truth, quite a lot, there are some disadvantages of foundation with matte effect, and must be considered by purchasing the tool. Although much less flaws than advantages, and it certainly pleases.

The main negorazdom that mark virtuallyAll women using matting foundation is that the cream of this type are very difficult to wash off the skin. Familiar to us, and are available in the "arsenal" of every woman tonics, lotions, milk and so on, will not be able to cope with such a burden. Because acquiring foundation matting, it is best to attend as the acquisition means to remove it, for example, an oil, or a silicon-based.

That matting cream is not very suitable for somedry skin, also referred to as its shortcomings. However, if too much want to take advantage of this tool, you can, of course, contrived. It is enough to cause a matting base in addition, any greasy, nourishing, moisturizing cream, and on top of it, it is already possible to put and chosen, matting. However, be sure to remember that while the cream is absorbed, and pretty good, but in dry skin, it still can gather in wrinkles, for this will have to watch carefully, so as not to spoil your whole day poor quality makeup.

How to make invisible foundation on her face

Like it or not, and the main task of any brandcosmetics, is to become completely invisible (of course, except for decorative), against the background of the beautiful, blooming appearance. Over such a task, and conjures a huge number of beauticians, ensuring more quality and tangible results. But in order to tone cream matting has become completely invisible on the skin, you need to follow the rules of its application, and do not violate them in any time.

  • Do not rush, take your make-up on enougha lot of time. Running is better not to use not only matte cream, but also any other cosmetic product, because the make-up done in a hurry, you do not decorate, but rather hurt. Distribute and plan their time properly.
  • Do not throw the thing halfway. If you have something does not work, do not immediately abandon the use of this tool. Most of the skills not come at once, from the first time. Do not be afraid to experiment, and the time margin from the first paragraph, will allow to correct any deficiencies or failed flush option (in extreme cases), you can put "tonalnik" anew.
  • Apply matting foundation exclusivelyto clean and dry skin. To smear a ton of makeup on top of the other, is simply unacceptable. In addition, the effect of matting cream does not disappear throughout the day, because to put it better in the morning, after washing with water, or by any means familiar to you.
  • If you apply a pre-primary daycream, and it is necessary in most cases, before applying the top of it matting foundations, be sure to wait until it is completely absorbed, and the excess can be gently wet cloth.
  • Be sure to pay special attention to thenasolabial folds, and on the wings of the nose, there are traces of cosmetic products are seen the most. all "roughness" Thoroughly bothering, you can smooth out and make their appearance, as close as possible to the ideal.
  • Tone Cream matting can be powder, butin any case, should not be applied over an existing makeup. That is, if during the day you found a defect or "gap" in his "armor", do not need to lubricate it in haste, in the ladies room at work. Better a little powder problematic place, so as not to worsen the picture.
  • Matting foundation should be on the faceso that no one would know that he is there at all. Do not smear "tonalnika" neck and shoulders even more, and try to trim the right tone that is suitable for you personally. Because Harlequin mask smuglokozhih beauty, looks, at least unnatural.