Beauty Tips: How to collect beautiful long hair?


Every woman dreams of a long and beautiful hair, which, of course, can be called a symbol of femininity.

The lush waves flowing hair can enchant a man's heart, but thanks to woven braids, curls and other clever hairstyles look like a real queen.

Hairstyles long hair is very diverse,including a variety of styling and fashion braid and weave. At the same time, there are many simple, but at the same time very beautiful hairstyles options that women can make even yourself. To do this, just need to take a hairpin, curling irons, high-quality styling.


  • 1 Preparing for hair
  • 2 Hairstyles long hair at home
  • 3 Types of hairstyles
    • 3.1 hairstyles for long hair for every day
    • 3.2 Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Preparing for hair

It is worth noting that before you begincreate your own image, you must first prepare the hair. Be sure to use the funds for the restoration of hair - a balm and shampoo. It really looks attractive only the hairstyle that will be made from healthy and well-groomed tresses.

Hairstyles long hair at home

Even a simple styling curls is a real art, which is necessary and can be learned. Doing hair at home is not only financially profitable, but also very interesting.

After all, you have the opportunity not only to watchfor its own transformation, but also careful to choose something that will be perfect for your image, the individual features of appearance and even mood ... All you need to do - is to learn how to use a regular comb and some simple styling.

Any woman the strength to become a master of itself,respectively of room for imagination is simply huge, and time really is unlimited. Of course, the creation of a truly regal kind is impossible without a certain amount of expertise. Initially, therefore, possible to make the most simple, but also effective variants using different accessories.

After completing a few hairstyles for long hairon their own, you will gain confidence in their own abilities, and will create original and exclusive images. Do not be discouraged if the first time you do not get the perfect hairstyle. Yes Getting some strands will form not completely flat, or some curls will knock out of the spit, but after a while you will be under the force of absolutely everything and vybudete look simply irresistible!

Types of hairstyles

There are so many different ways and options of hairstyles for long hair. The most interesting and stylish we look at today in our article.

Hairstyles for long hair every day

If long-haired girl wants to look stylish and beautiful every day, to diversify the way it will be able thanks to braided braids in different ways, depending on the imagination and reason.

Those who love to hair was disheveled, achieve a beautiful hairstyle can be through a variety of styling.

Make your hair perfectly smooth as possible thanksspecial irons, but curling is ideal for hair dryer or curling. For laying of long curly hair, you can use a special hair gel.

Very simple and at the same time quite cutelaying can be called a hairstyle called "Running on Waves". To make the curls more manageable, they need to apply the foam. Further, by using thin strands are wound curling.

It is worth noting that the need to keep curlinghorizontally for a more expressive and dynamic curls. To consolidate the results on the cooled after curling strands of varnish applied rigid fixation. If you want your curls glistened, cover them with a special varnish with a flickering effect.

Another easy, but it is a good and interestingoption - it is a magnificent assembled tail, which is ideal for exit in a crowded place, and for outdoor recreation. It is very simple to perform. To do this, first make a side parting, separated directly on top of the broad strand and make bouffant.

Further, the strand of slaughter using invisible at the back to create additional volume. Further, the strand to collect in a low ponytail and tie with a thin lace or decorative elastics.

Hairstyle "Chrysanthemum" is aan original way to a spectacular placing on the long ringlets. This model is really popular because it provides a gentle and innocent feminine style. Moreover, this installation is absolutely suitable for girls with any face shape, hair color and any structure. It looks good on the straight and wavy strands.

To perform stacking "Chrysanthemum" youIt takes about 40-45 minutes. To do this, well washed and combed her hair collected in a high ponytail with an elastic band. This definitely left a few free curls on the forehead, temple, and half of the back of the head.

After that you can start weaving fromforehead, continuing to move forward and forming a circle strands. "Chrysanthemum" lagging until all strands. At the base of hair attached with pins. It remains only to fix her hair with the help of varnish.

Fashion classics of all time - a Greekhairstyle, which is also being done on long hair. To do this hairstyle, hair tips need to gather in a ponytail with a thin gum attached to it a decorative cord or ribbon. Next to it is wound to the neck locks.

You must wrap the braid on the head circumference andconnect via a hidden node or nodule with a bow. The image is characterized by its femininity and elegance, and is ideal for an evening, and business style. Selection of the thickness and color of the tape depends on the wardrobe.

Very nice looking hair that blendsBabette and a few braids. To accomplish such stacking, the hair collected from the temples, you need to connect on top. Strands woven into braids and attach the entire circumference of the head.

Popular for several seasons ishairstyle "fishtail", which is quite simple. To do it, the hair is divided into two parts. More stylish woven braid: alternately on both sides need to take small strands and move under the opposite of the hair. The installation should be made easily, without excessive tightening.

Owners of wavy and curly longHair ideal hairstyles with different types of asymmetry. For clear design curls and curls should use special nozzles on the dryer, for example - "diffuser". Final touches gives use a texturizing gel.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Wedding rightly considered to be the most critical day in the life of a girl, and therefore preparation for it must be especially careful. This also applies to hairstyles.

After wedding hairstyle on long hairIt has done only once in life, and so it should be really exclusive and stunning, depending on the shape of the face, style of dress, and the general style of dress of the bride.

The most popular wedding hairstyles for long hair are:

  1. The tail - is one of the easiest options for wedding hairstyles. Hair can be easy to build into a ponytail and secure with beautiful hair clips or rubber bands.
  2. Spit - a perfect hairstyle that will be perfect for girls who do not like pretentiousness. Kos braided wasp from mid-length flowing hair.
  3. Superb hairstyle with veil. To create it on neatly made beam fixed veil.
  4. Hairstyle with lace rim is done by filling in a special hair delicate rim of lace.
  5. A beam with a bow combines simplicity and elegance. On the beam is made of high fatinovyybant attached.

As you can see, there are really a lot of hairstyles for long hair, but well maintained and beautifully combed long tresses in themselves are a great decoration.

But their masterful form in beautiful styling really is the limit of perfection.