Tredlifting mezonityami

Virtually every woman with age beginsthink about how to prevent skin aging and fear stares in the mirror, seeing that appears a new wrinkle and crease. The options to slow the passage of time and a lot of them - tredlifting.

The essence of technology tredliftinga

Not every woman is ready to fightskin problems operational methods, which require a long recovery. Do not despair, technology does not stand still - today there are effective methods of correction of the skin that do not require surgical intervention. And one of them - tredlifting.

Lifting procedure itself implies acosmetic process, which aims to lift sagging and sagging skin. Tredlifting - ultramodern rejuvenation technology, the result of which is simply amazing its effect. The essence of the procedure is administered subcutaneously polidioksanovyh filaments with a special needle. These yarns and form something like a framework that eliminates existing wrinkles and keeps the skin without letting it stretch again.

Advantages of the technology:

  1. Simulation entity with polidioksanovyhabsorbable sutures not require general anesthesia, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, it lasts less than 40 minutes and hardly causes painful and unpleasant sensations.
  2. The recovery period takes less than a week, after which the patient can lead a normal life.
  3. Polidioksanovye thread completely harmless, do not cause allergic reactions, are not repelled by the body as foreign material.
  4. Another important advantage of this method - preserves the natural and the natural beauty of women, do not change the features and oval face.
  5. The method leaves no scars and tiny traces not visible.
  6. The procedure gives a long rejuvenation - from 3 to 5 years, after which the procedure can be repeated.

What are the polidioksanovye thread

Polidioksanovye yarn used in tredliftinge, produced in South Korea, and they are divided into 3 types of generations:

  • mezoniti first generation - based synthetic monofilament polydioxanone which are bioresorbable property;
  • second generation mezoniti - different from the first generation filament thickness and the outer cover;
  • mezoniti third generation - have the same composition as the yarns of the first and second generation, only the structure different thread.

Polydioxanone - non-allergenic (allergyin rare individual cases) and non-toxic suture, which is used for surgical purposes. Almost does not cause skin reactions in the process of resorption. Do not manifested in a sharp weight loss as gold or platinum thread. Once in the tissue, break down into water and carbon dioxide. Fully resorbable after a maximum of 8 months, leaving a small seal, which perform the function of the frame.

Depending on the application, the threads are:

  • linear (mono) - are used to lift the face, neck and chin. For leather simulation of all these areas will need up to 60 threads;
  • Spiral (multi) - are used for correction of fine facial wrinkles, sagging eyebrows, wrinkles around the nose and lips, double chin;
  • Needle with notches - universal for any area of ​​the skin. Give the most lasting effect. The correction takes less than five filaments.

Indications for the procedure

With tredliftinga almost any woman can regain his youth and beauty. Indications The following problems may be for the procedure:

  • deep nasolabial folds;
  • wrinkles around the eyes;
  • drooping eyelids and eyebrows;
  • frontal wrinkles;
  • double chin;
  • deep creases around the ear;
  • wrinkles around the mouth;
  • wrinkles on the neck and upper chest;
  • sagging skin on the buttocks, abdomen, inner thighs and on the back surface of the shoulders.

Contraindications to

There are a number of contraindications for this method of rejuvenation:

  • period of acute infectious and viral diseases (herpes, influenza, measles, rubella, chicken pox, etc.);
  • allergic rashes in the area, which is planned for holding tredliftinga;
  • skin diseases (furunculosis);
  • oncological diseases;
  • immune system diseases;
  • blood disorders (hemophilia or poor clotting);
  • malaise and fever;
  • intolerance to the components that are part of the filament;
  • alcohol intoxication;
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • mental disorders;
  • a minority of patients.

Skin Preparation for tredliftingu

To avoid such complications after the procedure, as a skin infection, you need to prepare it properly:

  1. Be sure to remove any makeup special cosmetics.
  2. Twice processed antiseptic not only the skin, which will be applied tredliftinga method, but also the hair line around the area.
  3. Hair and other skin areas are isolated from the site of the procedure sterile wipes.
  4. The procedure shall end with the skin antiseptic treatment drugs.
  5. The room, which hosts all manipulations must take place kvartsevanie before each patient.

How is the procedure

After the skin in the area of ​​the plannedapplication of the method are prepared, you are ready to conduct the procedure. It should only be performed under sterile conditions by trained specialists:

  1. Immediately prior to the procedures applied in the field of application of a special cream, which will serve as the anesthetic.
  2. Thread the needle is inserted into a special conductor and gently inserted under the skin.
  3. Once all the threads are introduced, the needle is removed.
  4. The time and number of treatments depends on the patient's age, skin condition and number of strands. In most cases, only one procedure that lasts no more than an hour.

Skin Care after tredliftinga

This method of skin correction is unique in that it is notIt requires special care after the procedure. The only thing that recommends healingandbodywork - no access to the sauna and solarium, not to abuse sunbathing and massage sessions can be started to carry out a month after the procedure. After this period of time can be used mesotherapy, Plazmolifting and the introduction of neuromodulators.

Possible complications after the procedure

Subject to all rules of conducttredliftinga this procedure is considered to be completely safe and virtually does not bear negative consequences and complications. Still, in rare cases, the patient may show some unpleasant effects: bleeding, itching, pain and swelling in the area of ​​implantation of threads. These symptoms usually disappear within 2-3, up to 7 days. But if after this time will be no improvement, you should immediately see a specialist, who spent tredlifting.

tredlifting rejuvenation method is very fastgained popularity among modern women due to its availability, painless and effective. The result, which is expected because patients there came almost immediately after the procedure, and only in rare individual cases dragged on for several days. Excellent effect noted women who have had problems with the symmetry of the face after an illness or injury. Greater effect of this method of rejuvenation can be achieved if the woman regularly care for their skin throughout life. The neglect of the skin, the more difficult to achieve positive results. The main requirement for the procedure - should make it a highly qualified specialist in complete sterility.