Thermal water Face

Thermal water as a cosmeticfunds will be available in the middle of the last century. It was sold in the packaging, which was the prototype of the modern cartridge. This water can cure eczema, moisturize and soothe irritated skin, slow the aging process.

The use of thermal water

To prepare cosmetics based on thermalwater, underground water is used, its temperature is above 20 degrees. With this liquid cosmetic ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, fight inflammation and irritation. This water is suitable for dry and tightened skin, prone to allergies to cosmetics or sun rays.

Thermal water is extracted from onesource, each has his own company, and therefore the composition, and the quality is very different. And choose the water must be based on your skin's needs. For dry skin, suitable water that contains a small amount of mineral salts and oily - on the contrary. The water, which contains an average salt content - is universal and suitable for all skin types.

Many people who study the composition of the thermal water,They find that it is the same mineral water, but it is not so. Thermal extracted from the deep layers of the earth, and in it a lot more salt than the mineral. Pour the water in the same place where it is produced, so the sterility can not survive.

Sold separately healing water in the form ofspray, and in the cosmetic composition. Especially popular it is in the summer, when the skin suffers from dehydration. The water can be applied to clean skin or already on the makeup, and sometimes it is used to fix make-up.

What are the advantages of thermal water:

  1. When applied to the skin and normal drinking waterleave it to dry, then it will dry face, and a thermal all the way around, getting on the skin, it becomes a kind of barrier that will not allow moisture to evaporate from the cells.
  2. Especially useful this water for inflamed skin, but also for any irritation or peeling, it can be used.
  3. Use water from the bowels of the earth, not only for individuals but also for weight loss in the hips, chest and abdomen.
  4. This water is considered to be very clean, asIt occurs at a depth which does not penetrate chemical waste, and because of the fact that it acts on the pressure and temperature, bacteria and infections do not develop therein.
  5. In the water, a lot of trace elements, mineralssalts. This structure is very similar to the same compound in human organs. And because water not only moisturizes, but also improves metabolism, normalizes moisture balance in the epidermis.
  6. The water does not cause allergy, which is very important for those who suffer from various allergies to cosmetic products.

Types of thermal water

  1. Bicarbonate-sodium water. It contains a lot of minerals, well calms the skin, struggling with acne, restoring the affected skin layers. Well suited for oily and combination skin.
  2. Low-mineralized water. It contains little of its natural trace elements, so Estheticians added artificial ingredients in it, because allergies healingandbodywork recommends not to use this water. Often it is added extract of violets, with the result that it is great to fight with acne, it regulates sebum and fights irritation. It is best suited for those with dry and combination skin. If water is added chamomile extract, it will be a good medicine against eczema, and if the aloe extract, it will help with sunburn and in the fight against skin aging.
  3. Water with selenium. The composition comprises selenium salts, free radicals are removed, resulting in slowing the aging process. This type of water is best suited for use in the summer, since it is well soothe the skin after sun exposure. Well suited for sensitive skin.
  4. Isotonic water. In this water-neutral acid-alkaline balance and composition is very similar to human blood. It will remove the irritation, soothe the skin and restore the moisture balance.

The use of thermal water

In order to cause the water to the proper person,you need to take hand with a spray of 15 centimeters from the skin and spray, making a circle in the air from the droplets. Or you can first do so the cloud of the water and enter into it. Leave the water on your face for a few minutes and then remove the remnants of cloth spray, no need to wait until the water has dried itself.

It is best to apply water to clean skin beforehow to make a mask or face cream treat. And if you're going to do facial peels, after it necessarily treat spray. It calms the skin after all the cosmetic procedures. And on hot days it is better to wear a spray with water in her purse, at any moment to help the parched skin of the sun and wind.

Doubly help mask if they are done on the basis of thermal water and aromatherapy becomes much more useful if the oil is diluted with thermal water.

If you plan to use water forfixing make-up, then you need to choose a bottle of very fine spray, the smaller the better, the water must scatter like dust, so as not to damage the makeup. To be applied to clean skin, you can choose a can of any, even the largest spray.

Thermal water in the home

If you can not buy thisthermal water in the store, traditional medicine offers its own version, substitute. For the preparation of healing water you need to take a tablespoon of dried chamomile, add lime and green tea, also on the spoon, boil water measure cup and pour a mixture of flower. Leave to infuse for half an hour, and when it cools, pour it in a bottle with a sprayer. It can be purchased in stores of cosmetics, where container is sold for making homemade cosmetics. You can use the bottles out of cosmetics, which ended before this washing them well. Or, in extreme cases can take conventional spray, which is sprayed flowers.

On the glass of the infusion need to add three dropsone of the essential oils to choose from: peppermint, rosemary or tea tree. If you select a mint, you can count on the fact that the water will cool your skin what it needs especially on a hot day. With tea tree oil water suitable oily and combination skin. It removes all inflammation and disinfect.

Yet another embodiment of the thermal water at home - itusing normal mineral water, from which the gas is released. If there is no special packaging, you can freeze the water and wipe the face with ice cubes. It will be very beneficial to the skin with large pores.

Restrictions on the use of thermal water there,it can be put in a bag and spritz on your face if necessary. But it is worth noting that although the thermal water and solves many problems of the skin, but all of her illnesses handle it is unable to, so you need to use it along with other cosmetic products for skin care. They will be able to choose an experienced beautician.