Therapeutic massage

Mankind uses massage for a long time. No one knows exactly when people noticed that the stroking and kneading helps to overcome various diseases. But the fact remains - people interested in massage closely and today known for many wonderful properties of massage therapy.
Therapeutic massage
Mankind uses massage for a long time. No one knows exactly when people noticed that the stroking and kneading helps to overcome various diseases. But the fact remains - people interested in massage closely and today known for many wonderful properties of massage therapy. For example, therapeutic massage reduces the pain and improves the nerve conduction, increases blood flow to the tissues massaged. Very useful massage with such diseases of the musculoskeletal system as a low back pain, sciatica, neuritis, arthritis, myositis, sciatica, and others. It is no secret that many people often experience pain in the back. Today healingandbodywork would like to talk more about it and find out how to get rid of back pain through massage.

Preparing for massage

For massage need hard surface under the head enclose roller
If the loved one who has a sore back,ask you to massage, do not refuse. But remember that when performing the massage, including medical, you must have a perfect manicure. More precisely, the close-cropped nails without sharp corners. Before the massage, be sure to wash your hands. To make it easier to massage, apply a small amount of the patient's back any cosmetic oil or cream. And even if the patient's skin (on the back or chest) is inflamed acne - massage can not be done! After all, you can bring him to the infection, and the masseur to be unpleasant to maneuver between threatening to become evident "volcano". The patient must lie on a flat and fairly rigid surface, sofas are not suitable for massage. If the patient is lying on something soft, it will sag back, even from the low-energy push your hands. And it can cause very severe pain attacks. For massage is ideal for hard couch, or, at worst, the patient can be placed on the carpeted floor. For a session of therapeutic massage the patient should take a position on his stomach, arms along the body. For the sake of convenience, under the head of necessary pillow. it is recommended to put a low roller (5-7 cm) to increase blood flow to the patient back under the lower leg as well.

Do massage correctly

Be careful when doing a back massage, so as not to traumatize
If you are not a professional massage therapist, becareful when massaging, so as not to injure the already unhealthy person. It is important to calculate its power, because it so happens that the woman massaging her beloved husband, "nor with any apparent reason" begins to squirm and scream, "You'll break my back!" So, a man carried away, too pressed or rubbed. Masseur amateur obliged sensitively monitor the patient's response and to focus on his feelings rather than on their own. Even if you feel that you have pressed quite a bit, and the patient began to worry about, do not hesitate to ask if he is comfortable. Therapeutic massage for back pain should be just enough power to enjoy the feeling of a sick person receding pain and not lying, biting her lip and thinking, when will this end?
If you are a woman, then, doing massage, canface the problem of the opposite. Insanely difficult to knead and rub anyone's back for 15 minutes. In unusual to massage a woman probably will start to ache muscles of the fingers and hands. Therefore, during a massage, try to work hand in turn, giving a break of one or the other hand.

Massage with back pain

In therapeutic massage, try to stretch your back muscles
Perhaps the most common cause of painback pain is low back pain. Osteochondrosis - a disease of the spine, where the intervertebral discs are destroyed. The disc is compressed vertebrae and pain. In the acute phase of massage can not be applied.
Before you begin to massage therapy,find out which side of the back pain is not. If back pain and right and left of the spine massage where it hurts less. Massage Therapy start with stroking (1-3 minutes), it helps to relax the muscles of the back overstrained.
Then proceed to rubbing. Rub the back muscles can be pad of the thumb phalanges bent fingers, base of the palm, the pads of four fingers. When crushed hands or moving back and forth together from the lumbar belt and upward along the spine, or a circular motion in the direction of the spine. Each kind of rubbing (fingers, palm, etc.) To carry out no longer than 3 minutes.
In addition to rubbing, with therapeutic massage trystretch your back muscles, it will cause the blood flow to the muscles and reduce pain. This is done as follows. While on one side of a person, you massaging the opposite side. With one hand, as it grasps the tissue, making the second light stroking movements. The move follows along side by side, after the massage the shoulder and neck area, and through the back of the shoulder blade the same movements come down to the waist. If you want the massage was really healing, healingandbodywork would caution you: reduce the force when passing areas on the back, which are opposite the kidneys, lungs and heart.
Completing therapeutic massage strokes should be, they are well calm sweaty skin.
If a person is suffering from osteochondrosis of the cervicalspine, neck massage to help him. Before the start of a session of massage therapy, make sure that the patient's head rests comfortably and neck muscles are relaxed. Massage the neck should be on both sides. Start with strokes, then move on to the rubbing and kneading. At the end of the session - again stroking.
This scheme (stroking, kneading,stroking) is used in diseases such as scoliosis, sciatica. When radiculitis therapeutic massage can be done only when there is severe pain. Sami massage techniques should be done half-heartedly, to do no harm to the patient.

Do not forget that the unprofessionala massage can cause harm. Always consult with your doctor what kind of need a massage. After all, in different diseases massage movements will change. And one more wish of healingandbodywork - if possible, pass massage courses, such therapeutic and beneficial. And then you can help your family, without fear of harm.
I wish you health and good luck!

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