The complex is to increase the beauty and lips

How to increase lips and give them beautiful shape and volume, is it possible to achieve a lip augmentation without surgery? We offer a free system for the beauty of your lips.

If you look at the statistics, which are constantlyprint glossy magazines, we know that it is on the lips, and not on the eye at first drew the attention of a man, when he looks at the woman's face. That is, first the lips, and then everything else. Why so?

Maybe true statement Freud fanswho believe that the lips on the face is a mirror of the labia majora, and it is for their fullness, freshness, brightness men instinctively know our sexuality?

The complex is to increase the beauty and lips

What body part do you think ismost plastic surgeries? If you do not know the vast number of operations done on the chest and lips. If you ask surgeons how lips do women want? They are in one voice say that the most frequent "sample" that bring them patients - photo Angelina Jo Lee, who, incidentally, is the third consecutive year among the ten sexiest actresses in Hollywood. Men from her just crazy, they call her lips inviting, calling, luxurious, maddening. What to do to the woman who wants to be like her, want to make your lips beautiful and sexually attractive, but does not want to do injections of hyaluronic acid gel. Especially men obviously not happy when they are cheated, and quickly recognize the artificially inflated lips, considering them vulgar and women with inflated lips seeing only as sex objects. And most importantly - the slightest mistake surgeon is particularly noticeable on the lips, and hide it there is no way. Even the "well-made" lip is usually stretched. the upper lip above the bottom and corners of the swell of collagen. There is a way - there is a special set of physical exercises "call of nature", which will emphasize your natural lip line, making them more volume and attractive.

The complex is to increase the beauty and lips.

The need to deal with during the first monthdaily, preferably even twice a day, and then to keep in shape for the full range of 2-3 times a week. In order to get the maximum effect, before the training thoroughly wash and rinse your mouth vigorously first with warm, then cold water. All exercise is repeated 10 times at first, then gradually bringing the number of repetitions for a month to 21.

Fish swallows air.
Strong pull forward the lips, slightly open mouth, then tightly Close the lips and relax your facial muscles.

The camel chews prickles.
Keep your mouth closed, move your lips sequentially first to the right and left, then a small drawing eight.

Chameleon catches a butterfly.
Slightly open your mouth, stick out your tongue as far as possible and hold in this position for a count of three. Then remove the tongue, close your mouth and relax your facial muscles for a count of two.

Elephant blows a feather.
Pull the lips forward and exhale sharply forward as if blowing out a candle or fire blowing fluff. Then, relax your mouth for a count of three.

Keith Fountain releases.
Take a deep breath and inflate the cheeks, lips curved into a tube. Exhaled air, first gradually and slowly, and in the end push the air two or three jerky.

Coyote howling at the moon.
Slowly intoned sounds And-I-O-Y,then take a deep breath inflate cheeks and exhale air through the floor closed lips so that they vibrate. The sound should be like a low hum.

The smile of the Cheshire cat.
Dial a deep breath and forcefully Blowhis lips pursed pout, believing himself to six, and then relax the muscles, open your mouth and the maximum stretch lips into a smile, lifting them over the teeth.

Within 2-5 minutes whistle familiar melodies, trying to make the sound loud and clear as possible.

Caring for the lips.
Of course, it is not necessary to restrict their attention tobeauty lips one complex. There is a simple beauty treatments that allow your lips always look perfectly. Worth a morning massage lips with a soft toothbrush, followed by a put on a little lip balm first, and then the lipstick - so you'll soon forget about the dry, flaky lips. Before going to bed, it is desirable to moisten the lips and with a special nutritious balm, and if you do not, use a gentle eye cream. Do not forget to moisturize the lips and after a prolonged exposure to the sun, using a balm or clear gloss.