The grapes will help facial skin?

Grape seed oil for the face

Older women, of course, well imagine how important that anti-aging cosmetics was extremely kind, and most importantly, effective.

However, many girls begin the complex processsave own youth long before the time when the little faces to appear the first wrinkles, diminishes and the skin's own production, natural elastin and collagen.


  • 1 As such, the notorious oil from grape seeds and why it is not cheap
  • 2 What are the "useful", boasts grape seed oil for the face
    • 2.1 polyphenols (bioflavonoids)
    • 2.2 Vitamins
    • 2.3 Resveratrol
    • 2.4 Chlorophyll
  • 3 How true use grape seed oil, in practice,

As such, the notorious oil from grape seeds and why it is not cheap

Collagen FaceThis is absolutely correct, you should always remember the fact that the dermis is always gratefully responds to care and respect.

However, nonetheless, and age-related changeshappen, and sooner or later, and everyone, of course, they will feel, and our most important task is to as far as possible to push this point in time.

And to make it quite possible today cosmetology has leaped forward, and scientists invent ever new means for preserving youth.

However, the most effective are thosesubstances that are perfectly familiar to women, as they say, from time immemorial. For example, an excellent means, of course, become a grape seed oil for the face, which our grandmothers used a long time ago.

Of course, the use of grapeseed oilSeed face women began not by chance, they found a beneficial effect it has on the dermis, both qualitatively combats premature aging, looks like a perfect epidermis, after its application.

However, the oil from tiny grape seed,not so common, such as olive oil, and it's not that it is less useful, or acts as something wrong, or have contraindications or side effects. All this is absolutely not true, and in fact, everything is much easier, grape seed oil for the face, it is an extremely expensive substance, as a huge amount of raw material required for its production.

For example, we can calculate that for the production of only a single liter of this miraculous elixir, you need about fifty kilograms ever grapeseed.

Imagine so many prettydifficult, it can be compared to approximately five hundred kilograms of fresh grapes. We go to the store, look at the real cost of the bunch, and we understand why cosmetics containing grape seed oil for the face, is just incredibly expensive.

What is "good", boasts grape seed oil for the face

In fact, this amazing substance - oilGrape seed has long been used not only in cosmetics, but even in medicine, due to the fact that it contains a huge amount of, a wide variety of materials, components and trace elements that are beneficial not only to the epidermis, but also on the whole body human. Of course, this striking effect, just could not skip past the ears of doctors.

In addition, grape seed oil for the face is extremely easy, as well as liquid, on its own structure.

Because of this, it is perfectly absorbed by the skinyour face, completely without leaving any greasy residue, and providing a gentle, but highly significant, care and concern. What are the substances contained in the unique grape seed oil? The answer to this question is quite easy, because let's deal.

Polyphenols (bioflavonoids)

Oil made from grape seeds, incorporates virtually unique substance, which is the most powerful antioxidant of all used in cosmetology.

This is the procyanidins, which refers tocategory, those same polyphenols, or, as they are called, bioflavonoids. Such a beneficial agent to the dermis, still should look, its antioxidant capacity is many times higher than the action, the same, the good old, ascorbic acid, and at times exceeds the benefits which the epidermis has vitamin E.

Procyanidins from grape seed oil, is able toqualitatively protect your dermis from the effects of free radicals, thereby protecting against oxidative processes and, therefore, preserve youth, resilience, beauty and freshness of your face.

It is because medicine recommends not to useorange or apple juice, for loose or decaying organisms, namely the grape, as even in the grapes have a good share of these "useful".

Grape seed oil for the face, also hasproperty to display the most powerful and "hiding" the toxins that are also important to many, and in addition, oil is still able to whip up, collagen, and bind it and prevent premature failure. In general, from all sides the useful and pleasant substance.


Plastic facial massage: resultsYes, except for the above voiced substances, oilGrape Seed Facial, also contains a lion's share of a variety of vitamins that reinforce and support the action of those same polyphenols, which have already been conducted and speech.

The oil from grape seeds have vitamin A, notorious, retinol, as well as ascorbic acid, ie vitamin C.

In addition, there were, of course, and without the most"Female" vitamin - tocopherol, that is vitamin E, which is also enough oil in the composition of the grape. The benefits of vitamins has been said a lot, but in this case, they also support each other, significantly increasing the effect of each other, because the dermis gets many times more benefits and energy.


The composition of the oil from the seed of life-giving vineIt includes a striking substance as resveratrol, similar in structure, but also by the action, with the female hormone called estradiol. This material has many beneficial properties.

For example, it is able to remove the inflammationprocesses, provide antibacterial action, it is an extremely high quality protection against blood clots, and also protects against the development of atherosclerosis.

In addition, it is capable of resveratrolquality and "painless" to regulate the sebaceous glands, as it were, by adjusting them on the right way. That is, using grape seed oil for the face, you can absolutely do not have to worry about is that the skin becomes oily and begin to shine, but just the opposite.


Everyone knows that the green color leaves obliged substance called chlorophyll, which is produced by plants and under the action of sunlight.

The greenish color of grape seed oil,it is due to the same, and it is understandable, contains a lot of chlorophyll, which can have a beneficial effect on the facial dermis, as well as the rest of the body.

Chlorophyll can kill germs, hassome anti-inflammatory and tonic effect, moreover, that this substance can efficiently and quickly "heal" microtrauma and injury, contributing to their rapid healing, as well as resorption of scars.

As correctly applied grape seed oil, in practice,

As part of this same grape oilvery rich and diverse, many cosmetologists are advised to use it regularly, and select cosmetics that also have him in the lineup. In most cases, it is recommended to use it for the face and hair.

Grape seed oil for the face - pieceextremely useful, and it is almost perfect, has no contraindications, ie it can be used even by those women or women who are the owners prone to allergies, or with hypersensitive skin.

However, you can manually apply this miracle cure, without resorting to industrial production of cream or other cosmetics that are in complete abundance are commercially available:

  1. Always apply to grape seed oilperson solely on net pre-steaming the skin. Even if you are lazy, you come late from work or terribly tired. As the remnants of cosmetics, in conjunction with the oil can "give" you a scattering of pimples, irritation and itching.
  2. This oil can be applied to the skin withcotton pad, sponzhikom moistened with water, or just a cotton swab. Lightly moisten the face a little water, for better absorption of ingredients, lightly wipe the skin with oil and leave for a few minutes. After some time, the remains can be washed off, but typically, the skin completely absorbs oil, leaving absolutely no trace.
  3. Grape seed oil is wonderfully combined with almond oil, because boldly mix these two ingredients in equal parts - the effect is only increased, and you will be quite satisfied.
  4. It is also well combined grape oil and oilmint. Just a few drops of peppermint oil in grape, help effectively combat wrinkles, even a fairly deep. Just grind the mixture wrinkles several times a day, and a week later the result will be visible to the naked eye at all.
  5. It is not necessary after such procedures, and in anycase, wash your face with soap and water, as this will remove completely mikroplenochku here, which left on your dermis is useful and healing oil, grape seed face.