Delicate images for little princesses


Let's talk about makeup for girls: consider the nuances of the application of cosmetics for girls preschool and school age, we give examples of makeup for different eye colors, unveil the curtain on the mysteries and secrets.

Tips come in handy mothers who wish to make a compelling image of a young lady, and adolescent girls who have decided to learn the wisdom of unobtrusive school makeup.


  • 1 Make-up for girls preschool age
  • 2 Makeup for school-age girls
  • 3 Recommendations for eye make-up

Makeup for girls preschool age

Every mother knows that baby skin immediately reacts to allergens and that disrupt the natural balance of the skin tone means, age creams, professional cosmetics is not necessary.

If it needs a makeover for girls, for example,for a photo shoot, matinee, the masquerade, the best one for mom should be hypoallergenic, it is desirable that children's cosmetics. It does not harm the child who can eat lipstick, try a shade of taste or smudge mascara all over his face.

Proceed directly to the make-up. Regarding the tender age it is hardly appropriate to talk about the shortcomings, skin defects which must disguise. But to emphasize the freshness of the face, focus on the eyes - what you need.

A light touch to the face with a sponge crumbly powder under the skin tone and the volume of one layer of mascara on the lashes. To the child was not uncomfortable, paint eyelashes better from the middle.

even easier with the lips - limit to transparent or translucent gloss or balm, as a maximum, natural lipstick shade.

Brightness makeup for girls will add a delicate blushpink and peach colors. You can make a thin eyeliner around the eyes. Rules for selecting shadow girls similar general guidelines which will be described later in the article.

One note - more organichnynezhnye pastel shades for pre-school age, otherwise the child will look vulgar.

Makeup for school-age girls

The make-up for girls who have and still in school, adhere to two principles - the ease and naturalness.

Choose a lightweight powder, the maximumproper skin tone, dull shades of blush peach or pale pink flowers. Powder applied to the entire face, blush shade on the cheeks toward the temples.

Perfectly in tune with the delicate skin neutralshade (beige, brown, blue, green, gray) are excluded dense matte and pearly shades. Eyelashes emphasize can be brown or black mascara. Brown blends with light skin and eyelashes. The lower lashes to paint is not necessary.

Lips highlight the brilliance of peach, caramel or beige shades. Swarthy advise girls light pink or pale peach shine.

Teenagers have to pay attention topredmakiyazhnomu skincare. Makeup contraindicated applied to dirty skin. Be sure to perform three steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Oily and combination code clean foam, gel or mousse for washing, dry - milk or cream.

Tonic, chosen according to skin type. If you have dry skin do not use alcohol-based tonics and lotions, but for oily skin problem they are just right.

For teenage skin moisture to be foundCream specifically for young skin. Oily skin will be grateful of water-based, dry - thank nourishing cream. When applying the cream around the eye area is excluded.

Do not try to hide the rash tonalcreams, this approach is fraught with even greater skin inflammation. Camouflages defects antibacterial correctors and light transparent (or skin tone), make-up foundation. The application of these funds should be a point on the problem areas.

Fulfilling school makeup, remember that you needharmonious way. It is unacceptable to place emphasis on lips and eyes at the same time, ostanavites on one thing. Adolescent girls to isolate lips represent their border outline with a pencil, then apply gloss.

Recommendations for eye make-up

Having mastered the basic make-up lessons for girls, you can experiment with colors. Brunettes to face intense and warm colors, bright girls are cold, soft, pastel colors.

Shadows of dark color is applied to the lower part or the upper eyelid crease. Light colors of shadows under the eyebrows look good if they are applied to the inner corners of the eyes, the eyes will be shining.

There are some preferences for choosing the shadows:

  1. for green eyes - brown, chocolate, purple, yellow color;
  2. for blue eyes - purple, silver, gold, pearl, lavender;
  3. for brown eyes - almost all colors and shades, but the focus should be on the richness of the color of the iris.

The intensity of the color of shadows should not dominateover the color of the iris. Green and blue eyes underline the cold shades of gray, blue, or blue. Gray-blue eyes, on the contrary, will make the gray featureless, better to give preference turquoise or aqua.

For everyday school makeup and eyeliner arrow it is not a good idea. These manipulations are added age, but for a party, you can paint on the arrows on the upper eyelid.

If not satisfied with the shape of the eyebrows, slightlyAdjust it carefully removing tweezers excess hair on the nose. Dyeing eyebrows too: brown shadows, change the color of the eyebrows, but he has to stay a half-tone darker hair color.