Tempering water

Health and health is the only valuenumber one in the world, it needs to be protected. Meanwhile, health can not only support. It is possible at times to increase the body's resistance to viruses, and forget that there are doctors and medicines. Afford such can only be the person whose body is stronger external factors, a seasoned man.
Health and health is the only valuethe number one in the world. This we were told the parents, teachers and doctors, the subject devoted to the mass of books and magazines, produced a lot of television programs. But even our knowledge, can not beat the permissive attitude towards the body. Yes, we know that health should be protected, but not only do not want to multiply, but not particularly seek to preserve what is. Only the most extreme cases push us to such a "victim" as cessation of smoking, alcohol, overeating, forced to reconsider their way of life.
Meanwhile, health can not only support. It is possible at times to increase the body's resistance to viruses, and forget that there are doctors and medicines. Afford such can only be the person whose body is stronger external factors, a seasoned man. And this may be one of us, the good, the possibility of hardening is at all.
Can be quenched with air, the sun, but the easiest, and perhaps more effective to do it with the help of water. This resource is always at hand for everyone.

What gives us hardening?

Tempering water
A lot of things, and above all good health. Even the notorious cold is capable of permanently unsettle what can we say about more serious illnesses, such as bronchitis or sore throat. With the hardening of water, increases the body's resistance to cold, and if we are able to withstand the cooling, then deal with factors such as excess moisture, overheating, or pressure fluctuations, will not be difficult.
In the process of hardening of the water is not quenchedonly the body but also the mind of man. In other words, the daily pouring cool organizes, increases willpower - day after day, force yourself to get up under the cold trickle of water under the force is not everything. But it's hard to be just the first month. Over time, the body becomes accustomed to this procedure so much that it can no longer do without it any day.
It was then that the readers already healingandbodyworkwill be able to notice a change! No, it's not just health. This brand new, a special state. This elation, vigor and vitality, is the awareness of his own victory over himself and circumstances, and an incomparable sense of confidence in their abilities. For the sake of it is tempered.

Types of hardening

Tempering water
When we talk about the hardening of the body, theunconsciously seems a bucket of cold water and towel. And, true, dousing - the most common of tempering procedures, very strong on the effects, but not the only one. Rubdown, wraps and local hardening of not less effective.
Incidentally, it is recommended to rubdownsto start for those who dare to stand in the way of recovery. The first procedure should not take more than four minutes, and the allowable water temperature - not below 30 ° C. Subsequently, the degree possible and it is necessary to lower, but it should be done gradually, one division every four days. Rubbing very well improves blood circulation and invigorates.
Contrasting wiping enhance beneficialeffects on the body, especially if you make them with infusions of herbs. To prepare this infusion of cooling peppermint and warming thyme, pine paws, tansy, and yarrow. For a cooling infusion take 4 tablespoons dry mint with flowers and pour 1 liter of boiling water for thirty minutes. Thereafter, the infusion is filtered and cooled to 22 ° C. Infusion of warming herbs prepared at the rate of 2 tablespoons per gallon of water and also leave for 30 minutes. Thereafter, the temperature was adjusted to 38-39 ° C and begin wiping.
To use two contrasting rubdownwoolen mittens. One is moistened with a solution of cold, another warming. They wipe alternating arms, chest, back and legs. Once wiped infusions hand, they should be rubbed with a towel, and only thereafter to continue the procedure. If wiping well tolerated, then after 3-4 days the contrast between infusions can be increased by 1 ° C. Gradually cold brew temperature was adjusted to ice (4-6 ° C), and warming to 41-42 ° C. Contrasting wiping very helpful to those whose joints react to the weather, as well as those who suffer from excessive sweating.
Partial wraps is not as popular as in the past century, but nevertheless this procedure is very effective, since it removes fatigue and improves circulation.
To wrap towels and require longdecoctions of herbs. Fabrics need to roll in the manner of a bandage, then the free part moistened with broth cooled down, squeeze and wrap the legs and lower torso. Wrapping must be done on dry skin, and not earlier than one hour after a meal.
The broth is prepared depending on the season: spring for this purpose, birch buds, summer wormwood and burdock, yarrow in the autumn and winter it is pine and spruce needles, harvested hop cones.
Tempering water
Since there is nothing for the prevention of diseasesbetter local hardening. To protect yourself from a sore throat, you should gargle with cold water, gradually lowering the temperature of the rinse. In no case can not start hardening with cold water - it is, on the contrary, provoke inflammation of the tonsils. Similarly begin to harden and foot. Although legs can be tempered not only foot baths and douche. Walking barefoot, gradually increasing the time, not less useful. If you want, then after a while, you can try to accustom themselves to the dampness. Herb thyme or mint dipped in water and placed in a shoe. At first, walking with wet feet uncomfortable, but gradually get used to the humidity of the foot and if his feet get wet day for a walk, then health is no longer hurt. So in the old days quenched the northern coast-dwellers.
Finally, dousing - the most simple andeffective tempering procedure. By the time it takes less than four minutes and does not require long preparation. Is that a moral. On habituation stage water should be below 30 ° C. Those who quenched the first year, are poured ice-cold water. But to bring the temperature down to the bottom mark to be extremely cautious, and only gradually. After dousing it is necessary to rub oneself with a towel.

methods for hardening

Tempering water
The first method of tempering - a graduallowering the temperature by 1 ° C every four days. I do not advise readers healingandbodywork start the procedure immediately with cool water, too rapid lowering of the temperature does not bring anything except irritation. It is better to start with a little warm water. It's okay if habituation period slightly delayed, but you do not throw tempered after the first week of treatments, and the benefits of them will be much more.
The second method involves hardeningSlow cooling. That is, the procedure starts with warm water and the cold end. The water temperature should be between 24 ° C-38 ° C. Thus, at the time of water treatment discomfort appear, they can be immediately eliminated by raising the water temperature. Repeat the process can be 3-4 times.
Another way of hardening the contrast withoutonly a beneficial effect on blood vessels and internal organs, but also tones and tightens the skin. In addition, it reduces the effects of weather on the body temperature drops will no longer have power over you. Start contrasting procedures should be with hot water, and to complete, depending on the season: the winter cold, summer - heat.
Hardening of the hot water is probably the mostunusual way of all. More precisely, nothing special in it, just sounds like something unexpected and does not inspire much confidence. How is it possible to harden the body by the heat? In fact, the effect of a "hot" hardening no worse. And the secret is that after wiping or pouring hot water do not wipe the skin and provide moisture to evaporate. This moment is tempering - during the evaporation of water from the skin, the body cools down, accustomed to low temperatures. Quenched hot water should be as carefully as the cold - slowly. Indeed, the higher the water temperature, the faster the moisture evaporates, and thus cooling any more.

Hardening of children

Tempering water
Diseases of children frighten us much moreown, and in fact our children get sick more often and harder. Therefore, the desire to temper their child is reasonable and justified. Generally, children can and should be tempered since 6-8 months, but it should be done very carefully, because the harm flanked by an immature body very easily.
The most good and simple way of temperingchildren recognized wiping that needs to be done in the morning after sleep. In order not to frighten the child, avoid sudden movements, wipe the body gently and smoothly, and the water temperature in the beginning of hardening drops below 36 degrees. As you become accustomed water can be cooled down each time by one degree, but it should be done no more than once every 3-4 days.
Tempering kids you can with the help of washing after the bath water by one degree lower than the one in which the child is bathed.
Children under one year is not recommended can be tempered only two ways to carry out the other, and before you start hardening, you should consult with a pediatrician.
Typically, children enjoy water treatments, sono hassle tempering should not bring, but the benefits will be substantial. The children can not tolerate temperature fluctuations and systematic hardening helps them to adapt to the environment and reduces the likelihood of colds.

The main thing - do no harm!

Having decided to embark on the path of health, bewareand consistent. I do not think that it's so simple - every morning, pour the bucket of ice water. Of course, eventually you will achieve this, but do not try to immediately get up under the icy jet. Let the body gets used to a first power saving mode. And the psychological factor plays a significant role. Too zealous principle can generally discourage tempered.
You can not start hardening in the period of the disease -thus can only aggravate the situation and make a lot of complications. And if suddenly one day, in the hardening process, you will feel fatigue, runny nose or sore throat, then for a while, stop pouring, and after a few days, start again, just let the water will be warmer.
And, starting tempered, do not try to keep upthe results of others. Here it is all individually: one is given easier, others more slowly become accustomed. No discomfort should not be. Only reasonable hardening provides a powerful defense.