The technology to create a new form eyebrows


Needless to girls and women to prove that no makeup, no created image will not be harmonious and complete, if we forget about the design of the eyebrows.

Not only the eyes and lips are involved in the transmissionemotions and information about a person, eyebrow expression interlocutor perceived no less. Nature freely dispose of genetic material, and sometimes the results of her work, to put it mildly, are not satisfied with a woman. Using cosmetics and cosmetology techniques available, you can change the natural data at the same time making the expression more sweet and pleasant.


  • 1 What are your eyebrows to the face?
  • 2 The combination of the type face and eyebrows
  • 3 How to give the desired shape eyebrows?
  • 4 For details on trimming - how to make a correction of eyebrows with tweezers
  • 5 Eyebrow cosmetics

What are your eyebrows to the face?

In beauty salons masters are able to pick up thethe shape of the eyebrows, which transforms the face. What secrets are and how to make the correction of eyebrows professionals? To create a beautiful shape eyebrows, take into account the basic proportions of the face and forms, shapes, sizes lips and eyes.

Conventionally eyebrow is divided into three sections: the inner part - the head, the middle part - the body, the outer part - tail.

Ideally, the extreme points of the beginning, middle and end must comply with points 1, 2 and 3.

Quickly identify the ideal position on the pointscan be represented, for example, with a pencil. The picture also need to draw a straight line connecting the wing of the nose with the points: 1 - the inner corner of the eye, 2 - center of the eye, 3 - the outer corner of the eye. It is believed that the tail and head eyebrows should be on the same level. The latest trends in the location of the tail may be both below and above the eyebrow head.

Now let's deal with the type of person - so it will be clearer how to choose the drawing eyebrows suits your face.

Let us discuss five main types:

  1. Ideal facial proportions are considered to be close to the shape of "oval".
  2. The round shape requires a visual extension and contraction.
  3. Rectangular shape - a high forehead and an equal distance between the temples and cheekbones.
  4. A square face with a broad forehead and a wide jaw.
  5. Triangular face with a narrow chin and broad cheekbones.

The combination of the type face and eyebrows

The shape of the eyebrows is to select, based on the shape of the face:

  1. Arched eyebrows combined with any type of person. If your goal is to open eyes - "try on" them.
  2. Curved eyebrows are suitable for round, rectangular, oval face.
  3. Eyebrows with a break compensate wide jaw. They are recommended for square and rectangular shapes.
  4. Horizontal eyebrows look good on a triangular face.
  5. At the outer edge of the eyebrows rising slightly higher internal. Such eyebrows give playfulness oval and rectangular type.
  6. Eyebrows house rarely chosen, t. To. They give a sad image.

Eyebrows with images related to the right brow shape. And how do the correction of eyebrows, giving them a favorite form, discussed below.

How to give the desired shape eyebrows?

Change or adjust the shape of eyebrows using one or a combination of several techniques. Hair removal is a traditional brow to give the desired bend, thickness and shape.

Popularly removal in the following ways:

  1. Razor - method is practiced in professional salons because of low productivity and a high degree of injury to the delicate skin;
  2. Hair removal by laser or electrical impulses - popular techniques that affect the follicles and prevents hair growth in the future;
  3. Waxing thread (triding) or forceps (Trimming) - removal of the visible part of the hair, most often used techniques to form beautiful eyebrows;
  4. Sugar waxing or wax - performed hot or cold by the method of instruction.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal does not provideinstant results because of the impact of only the visible hair. Treatments are expensive and require repetition. Shaving and trimming the hair effective as a single extra Keying - the hair will continue to grow and quite quickly.

Triding we have less common than in countriesAsia, due to the lack of masters, fluent in this technique. It consists in the removal of hair using cotton thread. New hairs appear after 3-7 weeks.

Trimming called plucking tweezers. It is no less effective than triding. Plucking is not complicated, the only warning - to follow the rules of hygiene and skin disinfection tools.

Removing the wax is painful and traumatic. Sugar waxing involves only the eyebrows, without damaging the skin. Correction effect lasts for a long time in both cases, but these procedures to perform better from a master in the cabin.

For more information about trimming - how to make a correction of eyebrows with tweezers

correction procedure will be held with tweezers eyebrowspainless if steam the skin (for example, by applying a hot towel) or rub ice cubes. Pencil black hair can distinguish an area that should be left, and white pencil mark to hair removal.

If there is a pattern, it is applied and encircle a white pencil.

  1. Pre-brow comb brush, the better to see the extra hairs to be plucking.
  2. They begin to pull out from below his eyebrows, plucking every hair in the direction of growth.
  3. Upper eyebrows touched in exceptional cases where they are clearly dissonant with the target shape.
  4. Upon completion of the manipulation the skin is treated with antiseptic and emollient cream smeared.

Eyebrow cosmetics

Biotatuazh and permanent tattoo is used forYour eyebrows when their regular preferred tint. When the course is biotatuazhe resistant paint or henna, with permanent tatuazhepigmenty introduced into the upper layers of the skin. These techniques achieved the desired depth of color of hairs and eyebrows correction rare.

It's easy to make a perfect line of the eyebrows,using black or brown pencil, eye shadow, mascara and powder. Color pencil selected depending on the color of hair on the head and eyelashes color.

He must be half a tone darker than the main hair andslightly lighter lashes. Pencil well sharpen and correct them lines the growth of eyebrows. So give a clear outline and change their width, conceal gaps between the hairs.

Eye shadow or mascara is easy to adjust the light bushy eyebrows - with a brush is applied to the tips of makeup eyebrows. A special powder will fix thin or sparse gray eyebrows.