Technique of hiromassage face

Every time he passed a mirror, I want to seebeautiful, young, well-groomed person. If, however, paints a different picture reflection, perhaps it makes sense to turn to a professional cosmetologist? For example, in order to pass the course hiromassage face.

procedure Overview

As a result of the mixing of two practices: west and east arose hiromassazh. It is sometimes called the Spanish hiromassazh, since this technique appeared in the Iberian Peninsula. The essence of it is not only in obtaining health and beauty, but the main thing - to relax the skin and whole body in relaxation. This procedure will be pleasant to those who love younger relaxing.

Choosing a clinic or beauty salon,pay attention to the reviews. Masseur-chiropractor must have a great experience. He will pick up for you an individual program, which will help to achieve maximum effect. During the procedure, there should be no discomfort, the more painful. All actions are aimed at pleasing and relaxation.

Besides the fact that massage helps to restoreskin elasticity and youthfulness, he has shown in some diseases. First of all, all manipulations with the face of the patient's good for the circulatory system, this time improving the movement of lymph, go edema, cellulite becomes less (this applies to the body hiromassage), tissue recovered.

In hiromassazh it combines not only the knowledge of past generations, but also new methods.

Used hiromassazh person at such events as:

  • the laxity of the skin, loss of tone and skin freshness;
  • swelling of the face;
  • rosacea - when there is a grid of vessels on the skin;
  • deformation of facial contours;
  • facial wrinkles or age.

The secret to the popularity of the procedure

Every day hiromassazh face is gaining popularity in the world among women. There are several reasons:

  1. Chiromassage - two in one: on the one hand a medical procedure, and on the other - the prevention of aging of the face and body as a whole.
  2. In this technique, there are many massagemethods if they combined, the patient gets used to the tactile effects and then the effect of the procedure is always 100%. A massage therapist at this time will not be tired from work, because the movements are varied.
  3. For those who are professionally engaged in hiromassazh, there is always the option of professional growth, because this technique is still young, it develops and has not yet reached its peak.
  4. Usually those who have ever tried to imagine this procedure are so pleased with the results that we have to repeat the procedure again and again.

Effect of treatments

If you are not satisfied with the condition of your skin, butdrastic measures, you do not want to apply the procedure hiromassage will suit you. After the session you to smooth wrinkles, skin will look fresh and young, facial contours will stand out clearly.

Thanks hiromassazh can achieve this effect:

  1. Under the mechanical action on the skin is cleansedhorny layer of the epidermis. This layer accumulates on the surface of the body and slows down all metabolic processes. And as a result of clogged pores, and the skin fades and covered with rashes. After the procedure, the skin begins to "breathe".
  2. During the massage the muscle is stimulated by worktissue, so that the skin becomes elastic, smooth and younger looking. Rebounding complexion, go edema, restores its normal operation and lymph circulation. All stagnant processes that took place in the muscles removed, the skin gets proper nutrition, getting enough oxygen, the metabolism is restored to normal production of sebum. During this period, tissue regeneration takes place much faster.
  3. Good massage and affects the nervous systemhuman. Included braking processes that prevail over excitation processes. And then the emotional state is normalized. After the procedure, it feels like after a sound sleep: full of strength and rested.

To apply this type of massage can not only as a treatment, and then to prevent.

Contraindications to the procedure

Before the procedure, healingandbodywork recommends that you visit a good dermatologist or beautician, who will tell you in detail about the contraindications to hiromassazh.

So refrain from this procedure must in such cases:

  • if you occur in the body acute infectious processes;
  • have any kind of precipitation, particularly acne;
  • on the skin, there are wounds or burns;
  • fragile blood vessels;
  • fever;
  • allergy;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • on the skin of many moles or warts.

Technique hiromassage face

Depending on skin problems one sessionhiromassage may last from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Before you begin the procedure, the therapist examines the patient's skin, reveals all her problems and takes into account the wishes of the woman.

And then follows four steps procedure:

  1. The skin is thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Apply massage oil, moisturized skin.
  3. Chiromassage.
  4. Apply a nourishing cream.

His movements during the session, the doctor remindssculptor who sculpts the face. Smoothly, but at the same time, precise movements, the therapist kneads the muscles, so that they have earned in full force. A clear methodology is not present in this procedure. Masseur itself determines which movement and with what intensity will give the maximum effect.

Among the most popular movements can be identified as follows:

  • skin and smooth stroke with fingertips;
  • massaging gently knead nasolabial area;
  • followed by a massage cheekbones;
  • processed area eyes and eyelids;
  • kneaded his chin;
  • necessarily performed neck massage;
  • tapping of fingertips on the skin of the face;
  • slight tingling;
  • undulations.

After hiromassage body greater resistance tostress. In addition, during the procedure stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain and endorphins are released. To achieve this, massage movements should be uniform, rhythmic and continuous.

It is used for massage and gemolimfodrenazha,that affects the human venous system. In this case, the practitioner operates on the peripheral capillary network. He slowly makes a pulsating and undulating movement. By the way, hiromassazh - it is not only a mechanical action on the skin, but also a powerful energy.

During the session, the therapist uses and padsfingers and toes themselves, and palm and its base. There is a great gym muscles, so the first thing this massage is recommended for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and are not involved in sports. In sports people, as a rule, a person need not lift.

Chiromassage shown at any age, but theThe earlier you start to do it, the better. For women stepped line in 35 years, the number of courses should be three times a year, and between them is necessary to carry out procedures to support. And up to 35 years do massage 1-2 times a year. One course includes 10 procedures, 2-3 times a week.

Chiromassage at home

In principle, be carried out by hiromassazh andyourself at home. To do this, you need to learn the techniques and fundamentals, and listen carefully to how the body responds to the treatment. Any discomfort should not be. If the skin becomes red, there appeared irritation, immediately stop the massage.

Before you begin to massage, you need to thoroughly clean the face and hands. So as you can get to them, and infection during the procedure will open the pores and dirt.

For best effect, you can make a hotcompress on herbs for the face, whereas the muscles warm as thoroughly. Make sure that during the massage under the fingers did not get the hair, they need to be removed under a hat.

Apply a skin cream or massage oil,before that test it on your wrist to make sure that you are not allergic. Movement is performed only on the massage lines, because it is for him moves lymph. If massage is done randomly, the opposite effect can be achieved.

Tangible results from hiromassage in the home can be achieved by making it 10 consecutive days of 20 minutes. The course can be repeated after a week.