Tea recipes for beauty

The tea infusion is part of the cosmetic products of high quality and products for skin care and hair care. Valuable tea cosmetic properties can be used in the home cosmetics.

Tea recipes for beauty

Infusion of green and black tea has beneficialIt acts on the skin, increases perspiration, cleans pores, removes dry skin, improves its elasticity and strengthens the blood vessels under the skin, which improves the appearance of facial skin. Scientists have concluded that the tea beverage may be used instead of cream.

Strong green tea with lemon juice is recommended to make compresses for oily, porous skin.
Washing black tea makes the skin matte, smooth out slight pigmentation.
Strong infusion of green tea used indermatology for the treatment of ulcers, burns, boils. Thus, for small burns burned area is washed by the warm, strong infusion of green tea and put soaked in the same infusion of sterile gauze. The gauze moistened periodically re-infusion, preventing it from drying out.

For eyes
When inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis), the most reliable cure - black tea. Washing the eyes warm tea in the morning and in the evening, you can remove the inflamed
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and swelling of the eyelids, get rid of the feeling of cramps in her eyes. You can use the bags of black tea brew and drink tea, and the remaining bags put on the swollen eyelids.
Strong cooled infusion of black and greentea, taken in equal amounts, with the addition of a small amount of dry white wine (a teaspoon per cup of tea infusion) - a wonderful remedy for conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

Strong tea leaves of green tea will relieve your eyesafter prolonged reading or using the computer. Simply soak two cotton or gauze swab is constantly brewing green tea, gently squeeze them and put them on the eyelids for 10-15 minutes.
From the swelling eyelids and bags under the eyes, you will save the mask of a mixture of sleeping tea (tea leaves) and sour cream. The mixture was put in gauze and put on the eye for 3-5 minutes.

For hair
Tea is used to strengthen and hair coloring. If your hair, rub a 20% infusion of green tea (take a tablespoon of dry tea on half a glass of boiling ka) into the scalp 4-5 times do not divide.

Using natural dyes tocoloring gray hair, you will attach not only to the natural color of the hair, but also greatly improve their quality. Take a tablespoon strong brewed black tea, add a teaspoon of organic coffee, a teaspoon of brandy and one egg yolk. The mixture was put on hair, while massaging the head. Then nestle head water resistant fabric, for example, polyethylene bag, or wear Sha kidney for the soul, and tie the top with a towel or a warm scarf. Leave the mixture for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with warm water. This "paint" you can use any number of times, the floor of tea auburn natural hair color, and at the same time strengthening, body healthy hair.

On a note!
It so happens that after drinking the tea, the rest in custardthe teapot brew topped with boiling water again, sometimes it is even the next day. This tea, of course, does not turn into a "poison rattlesnake", as it says literally in one eastern proverb, and tea in the full sense of the word, he is not. It is not only loses its taste and aroma, but it reduces the amount of vitamins and increases the amount of caffeine and purine compounds. Uses this tea will not bring, but some people can and do harm. The fact that the re-brewed tea does not tones and over-excites the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Excess same purine bases, accumulated in "yesterday's tea", is very unfavorable for people suffering from gout.