Kombucha slimming

And again on the extra pounds. This topic has always been and will be relevant, so much talk, tips and resources devoted to it. Sometimes, having tried a lot of things, the girls are desperate and do not know what to do to get rid of excess weight.

No newfangled drugs do not help. We can only hope for a miracle, and more - on the gifts of nature. Just to lose weight, you can try to drink Kombucha.

healingandbodywork just wants to focusreaders on the fact that the miracle of Kombucha should not be expected. There is no such drug that saves time and permanently lose weight. To return to its former shape slenderness, a fungus will not be enough. NUTRITION (exclude fat, spicy, fried, fast carbs, chocolate, alcohol), moderate exercise plus regular intake of Kombucha help you bounce back.

What is Kombucha

Kombucha refers to the ancient microorganisms,which have long been known to mankind. First mentioned mushroom in Manchuria in 220 BC. Homeland fungus - Ceylon, later healing drink shifted to Asia, and from there - to China. Tea jellyfish or fungus has been popular in China 250 years ago BC, and has not lost relevance to the present day. The Chinese have revered this drink and called him immortal.

Views on the history of the emergence of teamushroom diverge, some scientists believe that it came to Ceylon, and some argue that it was first discovered in Tibet. From other sources we know that the drink consumed in ancient Greece. Now it is impossible to know the truth about the history of the origin of tea fungus, we only need to enjoy the unique taste of the drink and its healing properties.

Composition zoogloeas (mucous formation) found Russian scientists. The present composition Kombucha acetic acid bacteria and some yeasts.

Kombucha (real name meduzomitset) -This amber drink, which has been obtained by fermentation of yeast and bacteria in the tea. As a basis can be used as black and green tea. This depends on the taste preferences of each person. If you prepare a drink of black tea, its color will be saturated, amber, and if the green - drink a light shade will.

Externally Kombucha itself looks like a densewhite film, yellowish or brownish tint, which floats on the surface of the container. Outwardly resembles a mushroom hat, because this meduzomitset and was called "Kombucha." The drink composition contains vitamins of group B, as well as iron, phosphorus and potassium.

How to prepare a medicinal drink

To prepare a drink, we need a small amount of the fungus as well as the following components:

  • glass bottle at 3 L, it is desirable that the neck was broad;
  • otrez gauze or cloth;
  • sugar (you can take an ordinary or refined cane);
  • tea - black, green and collecting herbs.

Buy Kombucha for weight loss in the store is notout, it can only be taken as "leaven" with friends, neighbors or friends. It is also a good option to find Kombucha on the Internet ads. Mushroom growing constantly, so it can grow out of a small piece, and then be happy to share useful fungus with friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbors.

Propagated fungus quickly, the process is easy to follow: when the lower layer is separated from the "mother" of the fungus, it can be propagated in a separate bank.

Preparation of tea beverage mushroom

  1. MirSovetov immediately draws the attention of the readers - you need to prepare two containers: one will be a mushroom (multiply), and the other should be ready to pour a drink.
  2. Take a clean jar, put into it the fungus.
  3. Prepare a clean gauze (it is necessary to lay down inseveral times) or a piece of fabric (necessarily pure and genuine open weave). The drink should "breathe." Close the container with a mushroom cap can not, he will die soon.
  4. To the fungus grew and developed, it needs a certain power. Make a solution of a mixture of tea (any) and sugar. Take 2 liters of tea and 220 g of sugar. Mix the sugar until dissolved.
  5. Fill mushroom solution. Remember that water should be boiled only. If we take normal tap water, the interaction with the fungus will be allocated calcium salt and bottom banks precipitate formed.
  6. To rapidly dissolve the sugar in the tea beverageYou can warm up a little water. When you pour the foundation in a jar with fungus, the water should be cold. Due to the high temperature of the fungus can be killed at once, so do not be lazy and just cool water to the fungus.
  7. In the preparation of a tea beverage is necessary to remember that the fungus is afraid of strong tea. This suggests that it should be in moderation.

An acceptable temperature for the normalvital functions of the fungus to + 25 ° C. If the room temperature is lower than + 17 ° C, the fungus mold be acquired or greenish blue color (called a green or blue algae).

To get a real drink, which will deliveryou from the extra kilos, you need to ensure normal conditions for its preparation. For example, the fungus should be put out of the window, in direct sunlight in the summer and cold air in the winter will hamper the development of the fungus.

Drain the infusion should be after 5-6 days in the coldtime of year, and after 3-4 days in the summer. Drain the infusion should be through cheesecloth, folded in several layers. Taste Kombucha looks like a brew with the same rapid containing gases.

If for any reason not to merge the infusion time, the fungus ferment and the film, which is formed from the top, change its color. This means that the fungus has deteriorated.

Pour the mushroom as the black and green tea. Since the diet is better to use green tea (it has a lot of vitamins), and the effect will be much better. If you for some reason do not want to use green tea, you can make an infusion to make herbal teas or a mixture of herbs with the addition of green tea. Just to cleanse the body and get rid of excess toxins (and hence kilograms), you can add the grass mother and stepmother, strawberry leaves and birch, as well as the hips. On 1 liter of water you need to take 2 hours. L. herbs and 1 hour. l. green tea. The grass, which contains large amounts of essential oils (chamomile, wild currant, sage, and so on. D.) Should be consumed in small quantities.

How to make mushroom slimming

To get rid of the extra kilos, infusionfungus need to drink 60 minutes before meals and 2 hours after a meal. On the day you can drink about 6 cups. The course of Kombucha - 30 days. To see how the fungus, it is necessary to spend 3 slimming course. The result is impressive - this month you can lose up to 7 kg. Naturally, the next month will go the extra kilos is not so intense. And you should not rely solely on any one fungus, these simple rules in the complex can help you achieve excellent results:

  1. Reduce the amount of servings.
  2. Your daily diet should be formed bythe following formula: 60% - grains (bran or corn bread), 20% - fruits and vegetables, 15% - meat, fish, dairy products, and only 5% - quick carbohydrates (bread and sugar-containing products).
  3. Drink pure water (1 kg - 30 ml).
  4. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten 20 minutes before a main meal.
  5. Eat as slowly as possible, thoroughly chewing the food and wait until it leaves the taste.
  6. 1 times a week to arrange a fasting day - eat only fruit and drink water.
  7. Exercise has not been canceled! 30-minute workout - 1 times per day.

What are the contraindications?

Despite the fact that kombucha at first glance, it seems harmless, it is necessary to take into account that not all people will find it useful.

Abandon the use of Kombucha is necessary if:

  • you have diabetes;
  • low pressure;
  • stomach ulcers;
  • low acidity.

It is forbidden to drink Kombucha on an empty stomach, and too concentrated drink is better to dilute with water.

Avoid drinking the beverage, if you do notWe believe that it is prepared under sterile conditions. Drinks for weight loss in the ceramic ware is prohibited, otherwise you can be poisoned by lead.

If everything is done correctly, then a month laterexcellent results can be seen. Lose weight, feel more cheerful and energetic help healing drink - Kombucha. And to make you more pleasant to drink, you can reduce the amount of sugar before serving add a spoonful of honey drink. Be fit and healthy!