Tattoos for girls

The desire of women to make your body more beautifulattractive and passed down from generation to generation. Small drawing on the body accentuate the personality and allow a young girl to become more confident and will help to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The history of drawing under the skin has millennium.

The history of drawing under the skin hasGoals. Historians find it difficult to name the exact date of the appearance of a tattoo. The concept of tattoo, translated from ancient foreign language means "sign". drawing application technology under the skin remains the same - with the help of a special device - a needle is injected under the skin colorant.

Tattoos are very popular not only amongmen. Increasingly, and especially in the warmer months, on the streets you can see girls with interesting tattoos. Today, the drawings on the body have become not just an act of brave people, but also a fashion accessory. And, as the stylists say, has long been forgotten "blue" tattoo, but came true artistic masterpieces on their shift.

The tattoo parlors, especially in spring,painted while in the months ahead. Master tattoo fulfill orders for all tastes, but most favorite images for tattoos, girls choose the neat lettering, images of flora and fauna. This article will help you MirSovetov, young girls, to understand the meanings of tattoos, and to choose a place to teach how to properly care.

In that fashion has gone now

Female tattoo differ from men in thatthey are not bulky and dark. Tattoo for women performed with light strokes, figures matched gentle, graceful. The most common image that is selected woman romantic - it is the image of butterflies, hearts, floral patterns and even fairies.

The most popular tattoos for girls:

  1. Inscriptions. Holds a leading position. There may be small or large, thin, thick, the font chosen individually. Preference is given to the inscriptions in English, Latin, and even the Ethiopian language. The most common signs: "The struggle for life" or "life - a struggle," "All I carry with myself", "What woman wants - that God wants" and many others. These labels often made on the fingers, hands and shoulders, neck, soles of the feet, on the back along the spine, at least under the breasts and thighs.
  2. Flora and fauna. Most girls choose tattoos as birds, butterflies or beetles, spiders. For example, a tattoo "swallow" - is not only soft and beautiful pattern. Swallow symbolizes victory and success in business. Beautiful bird peacock means wealth, beauty, regal. Peacock Tattoo are bright and cheerful girl, who are used to achieve their goals and win. This value can be attributed to the image in the form of a bird feather - light, delicate drawing with fine lines.

    Girls shy practical and choose a tattoo in the form of a flying flock of birds. These tattoos look beautiful in the neck, abdomen and fingers.

    Elephants, cats, butterflies, lions, snakes and ladybugsLadybugs - most favorite tattoos of the fair sex. Snake - means wisdom, strength and sexual power of women, as well as the temptation and destruction. The cat is the desire to get the freedom to be independent. It is believed that the tattoo in the form of an elegant cat paws possessor bring good luck.

    Tattoo Elephant possessor will become stronger and wiser, to become serious.</ Ol>

    Popular tattoo in 2014

    Every year, fashion dictates its own rules, this is partly true of fashion tattoo. This year, the most popular among girls with tattoos are:

    1. The image in the form of wings. Wings - a symbol of an angel. At the sight of such a tattoo person feels calm. The wings represent the purity of the girl.
    2. Owl - gives wisdom. It is considered a powerful talisman. Owl Tattoo - choice intelligent and erudite girls.
    3. Stars - an ancient symbol. Girls love to do a tattoo in the form of a star or group of stars. The star symbolizes the protection and permanence.

    Choose place

    Women, unlike men, are trying"Plant" tattoo in the places that enhance the beauty and sexuality. There are times when you need to make a tattoo to cover a scar on the skin. Popular tattoos in this area include drawings wide conceal the scars on his stomach. To make a tattoo in this location, and in other places where there are scars - it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

    The most popular tattoos - on the arms, shoulders. Just arm is ideal for the creation of drawings of varying complexity. If drawing a volume - it can move from the shoulder to the forearm. On the wrist is applied small figures. If desired pattern can be hidden under a wide bracelets and other ornaments. On the fingers is common to see small tattoo in the form of inscriptions or small drawings. Though tattoos in this area and are considered fashionable, yet do not make them on their hands due to the fact that the skin in this area is growing rapidly, and the tattoo may eventually "swim."

    Legs. The most opportune place - hip. The picture can fill a large volume. With the help of different patterns can be like to emphasize the hips bend and conceal his excessive fullness. The advantage of the tattoo on the hip is that the tattoo can be seen only in the summer, when the owner wears short shorts or a swimsuit. In calves, too, can place a tattoo, but you need to consider the fact that the hair grow in these areas quickly and drawing would be inappropriate.

    Ankle. In this area, legs, neat tattoo look very advantageous. For example, girls suit tattoo bracelet or drawing flower.

    Chest, abdomen, shoulder blades and lower back. fairly large images can be placed in the upper part of the chest. On his chest tattoo should not do it for various reasons: over time the breast loses its shape and pattern will be on sagging breasts look ridiculous. On the blade is easy to apply image, the size can be chosen large. It looks good figure on the abdomen, waist, waist and buttocks. These places are the most popular among girls. Over the years, form a girl can change, and the tattoo will not look so advantageous.

    Tatu - it hurts?

    Almost every second woman asks thisquestion master. The pain threshold is different for each person. Some do not feel the pain of the needle stick, and there are women who pass out from the standard procedure of eyebrow plucking.

    Hardest to put a tattoo on a place whereI have a bone. The most sensitive areas - this area of ​​the ribs and the ankle. It does not hurt so much when applied to the figure in the shoulder, loin, shoulder blades. If the girl is afraid of pain, but really, really wants to fill a tattoo, you can ask the master to do anesthesia, which is sprayed on the surface of the skin and reduces pain.

    Once you have finished doing the tattoo, for a few hours you will feel the pain. Afraid not necessary, will be painful.

    Where the tattoo does not look

    Above, we have described the most popular places on the bodyto accommodate the drawing. The plot, which is already "out of fashion" - shoulder. It is considered a sign of bad taste. Drawing on his shoulder hard to hide, and if you wear an open evening dress and go to a restaurant - picture will be visible.

    On the lower back is also not desirable to fill pattern. It is considered vulgar, and eventually the tattoo rasplyvetsya.

    How to care

    This day you will remember for a lifetime - your dream come true and you become the owner of the tattoo. How to care for just to get a tattoo? Here are some tips:

    1. Master says, how many hours you need to remove the bandage.
    2. Wash the tattoo with cold water.
    3. Wipe impossible.
    4. Two times a day to lubricate the place baby cream or alcoholic tincture of calendula.
    5. Lubricate place antiseptic, which will recommend the master.
    6. After 2-3 days the crust is formed - it can not rip off.
    7. A week later, the crust will come by itself.
    8. It is impossible to visit a solarium during the healing period, the beach, go to the sauna and exercise.
    9. Before you go into the shower, place the tattoo should be well lubricated with petroleum jelly.

    When the tattoo is not desirable to do

    There are a number of reasons when a tattoo, you should not do, or wait:

    1. During exacerbation of chronic diseases
    2. Increased body temperature.
    3. Critical days.
    4. Heart diseases.
    5. You can not do a tattoo while intoxicated.
    6. During pregnancy and lactation.
    7. If you have a skin disease.
    8. If you are under 18 years old.
    9. In diseases of the mind.

    I'd like to, but my mother does not allow

    As a young girl to do when the veryI want to make myself even small tattoos, and parents strongly opposed? There is an alternative to permanent tattoos - bio tattoo. This kind of drawing on the skin make almost every beauty salon. Figure is applied to the skin natural henna. Natural henna is harmless and lasts from a few weeks to a month.

    Tattoos for girls - is a bright, stylish and fashionable. And do not forget that only a true master can emphasize your individuality and make a quality tattoo.