Tattoo and correction: what to do and why?


Tattoo relates to methods for professional color correction and shape brows with a lasting effect.

The colorant is introduced into the dermal layer of 0.3 -0.8 mm (depending on the density of the skin). In principle, the tattoo can be attributed to a unique type of tattoo under the hair, but the performance of machines, equipment, dyes themselves, minimal skin trauma - all significantly different from the usual permanent makeup tattoo.

In addition, the pigment of the skin is completely removed forrelatively short period of time (from 1.5 to 3 years), eyebrow color brightens, so after 2 years after the tattooing of eyebrows should be repeated. Immediately after tattooing the skin around the injection site becomes red pigment, becomes swollen, but when properly conducted procedure on the third day, everything comes back to normal.

Tattooing can be dangerous in some cases:

  • procedure makes amateur
  • there is an allergic intolerance pigment or its components
  • hypersensitivity of the skin, poor blood clotting

Therefore, even before the procedure, you should consult a specialist, to conduct the necessary tests, to find out all about tattooing, how to deal with eyebrows skin after the procedure.


  • 1 Basis for correction after tattooing eyebrows
  • 2 Dates of correction after tattooing eyebrows
  • 3 Correction after tattooing eyebrows

Grounds for correction after tattooing eyebrows

It is important to know what your color will appear not earliermonths after the tattoo - it is time for a complete renovation of the surface of the skin cells. Bright color eyebrows immediately after the tattoo - it's just a feature of the pigment penetration into the skin and not the master fault.

Besides, on the surface immediately after the eyebrowsprocedures will form a crust, aided by creams and ointments used to accelerate healing. If the tattoo is categorically do not like, do not need to rush to redo, we should wait until the skin layer will not come in the usual state for him.

Correction after tattooing eyebrows may needOnly after the renewal of the skin, that is, one month. As human skin has individual characteristics, the same pigment is perceived differently, thus correcting for timing may be slightly different.

Correction after the tattoo is needed:

  • to make any change in color: the greater or lesser intensity of color, an additional pigment shade, pigment alignment eyebrow area
  • master correction of errors, customer dissatisfaction obtained as a result of the tattoo color, full color change.

Correction after the tattoo is necessary in any case! Even if the master, who was making permanent makeup eyebrows, did not put it you know. The only way not to make a correction after the tattoo - this is an extremely rare case when all satisfied: pigment color, flatness, the shape of the eyebrows.

In other cases, after the tattoo eyebrow correction is required, to give brows a perfect shape and color.

Dates of the correction after tattooing eyebrows

Once healing has occurred, the skin is restored, and the color of the pigment became approximately the same in different parts of the eyebrows, you can contact a specialist for correction after the tattoo.

In terms of - this is from 3 weeks (for replacementskin) to 3-4 months, when the pigment begins to lighten a bit. If you miss the deadline lighten pigment, then the tattoo procedure must be performed again, full tattoo rather than his correction. The new procedure will be needed because the original color of the pigment will be impossible to recover.

The main thing is to know that all tattooing can be corrected, and if something does not like it, then after 28 days - 1 month (A complete renovation of the skin) can make a correction.

Correction after tattooing eyebrows

For uniform distribution of the pigment,color uniformity correction after eyebrow tattoo is obligatory. When skin healing will take place, will disappear crust types are places where color is not evenly distributed, and some parts are painted in different ways.

When correcting lighter areas eyebrowsadditionally painted, the color becomes smooth. If you need to change the contour of, or increase the size of eyebrows Correction lets do it, you can even bring the tips of the thin eyebrows, thereby increasing the length of the eyebrow.

In addition, be aware that the tone that you have selected for the tattoo, will be different from the original, when the pigment will be put into your skin.

This is due to the properties of the skin, andfeatures of your power, used in cosmetics, and even a way of life. Frequent visits to the solarium, baths or swimming in the river, swimming pool, stay in the sun make tattoo brighter, and repeat the procedure will have to be more often.