Tar soap for acne

Clean, soft and smooth skin makes a personneat and attractive, as opposed to the presence of acne, acne, greasiness and irritation on his face. It is therefore necessary every effort to bring myself up, because the look, you see, plays an important role in dealing with people. Especially - the opposite sex!

Today there are so manyall sorts of "eminent" and not very well-known cosmetics. Unfortunately, they do not cure, but only mask the problem. If you really want to get rid of pesky pimples, try tar soap - a reliable and effective method of struggle.

Use tar

Soap from tar - a truly unique tool that can be used by anyone, regardless of age and gender. In addition, this soap can be applied to owners of all types of skin.

The basis of this product is, as is clear fromname, tar - a unique birch-preservative natural origin. That is why the tar soap is able to fight against skin inflammation, acne and increased fat. And yet, tar perfectly rejuvenates the skin and quickly heals wounds and microcracks.

Since tar is able to accelerate the flow of blood toall fabrics, it is often added to the composition of all kinds of creams, gels and salves. For example, means to designate tar bedridden patients, since they can get rid of bedsores.

Often tar advised medical institutions with eczema and seborrhea, neurodermatitis and itching of the skin.

Thanks birch tar can be cured even such a thing as cracked heels, well-treated skin damage such as frostbite or burns.

Tar and used as an antiparasitic agent.

What is tar soap

The composition of tar soap is included, often,ordinary soap and natural birch tar. domestic production of soap does not contain any additional additives. But imported soap in its composition may also have coconut or palm oil.

healingandbodywork recommends: choosing soap, note the content of tar. A quality product that contains natural tar - at least 10%.

Use tar soap for the face

Now there is a huge number of speciescosmetics and cosmetic products that offer the most diverse care for all skin types. Nevertheless, all of these often advertised superdorogie means and - a pumping money. Nobody ever can guarantee that it is the price depends on the quality of the goods. Getting rid of acne also falls into this category. The fame of the brand and a good PR-manager does not mean that your skin will instantly smooth, smooth and matte.

In turn, this "penny" means both tar soap is an old proven natural product, which has long been used even when dealing with large boils.

Basically, tar soap is used as a conventional soap - wash them. But that is not all. You can make a mask or compresses point - that of soap.

But to reduce the greasiness of the skin, it will be necessary just to wash it with soap and water twice a day.

By the way, in order to achieve greater effect, you need to use a nourishing cream after using tar soap.

Tar soap and acne

Tar soap - this is the secret, thankswhich many people do not only get rid of acne forever, but also dry skin, making it smooth and beautiful. This method even have adopted many of the elite beauty salons - though their "secrets" they did not disclose, citing an ancient technique, or vice versa, an ultra-modern cosmetics.

In fact, everything is much simpler: getting rid of acne will uncomplicated activity - washing tar soap twice a day: in the morning - just after sleep, and in the evening - after removing make-up or a few hours before bedtime.

The packaging of the soap often write about how theyuse it, but you'd better focus on their feelings - the skin itself will tell you what is best for her. You will need to simply lather the soap, apply on wet skin, rub a little tool in the skin, then rinse lather with cold water.

Practice and a version of "treatment." Twice a week you need to thoroughly wash your face, then apply soap and soap scum on the skin dense layer. Withstand 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and a means to lubricate any cream face from acne.

Rules "cure" acne tar soap

If you want the effect of the use of the funds was the maximum: acne disappeared and the skin became velvety, then observe the following rules:

  1. Any soap is very dry skin, so it is not necessary to wash them just before you go to bed. It is better to do it for two or three hours before bedtime.
  2. If you have very dry skin, after washing it is necessary to grease lotion or tonic. In the case of peeling, it is necessary to feed a cream.
  3. Using tar soap as a therapeuticthe drug should not be used in other cosmetic products, such as masks, scrubs, peels. This can only hurt, because the dried soap skin is more sensitive to mechanical stress.
  4. With tar soap to get rid of realvarious spots, including the large and deep. To eliminate such "trouble", it is necessary to scrape off a little bar of soap, then put it on the pimple and leave it on all night. Already in the morning you'll be pleasantly surprised, because the inflammation will be much smaller, and perhaps it will disappear.
  5. When you're "treated" tar soap,remember that you can not violate the integrity of the skin, for example, by hand to squeeze acne. Otherwise, there will be inflammation, which spread over a large area and treatment completely there will be no result.
  6. On average, to see the result, treatmenttar soap is two weeks. The specific time you specify, no one can, as it depends only on how much you have acne, as inflamed skin, whether there is her irritation, etc.
  7. Try as little as possible to touch hands (no matter how you clean) to the face.

Tar soap with their hands

Experts say that the most efficientremedy for acne becomes soap, which you have prepared with their own hands. And this is indeed the case, because you are 100% sure what ingredients were used to produce it.

For the soap you will need:

  • soap (normal children);
  • Birch tar;
  • the form;
  • pans (2 pieces of different shapes.);
  • grater.

Tar soap with his hands prepared as follows:

  1. Baby soap grate.
  2. In a large pot of water to pour. Top set smaller pan, so as to obtain a water bath.
  3. Set the pan on a gas burner.
  4. In a smaller saucepan pour soap (remember,the smell of tar, you have nothing can kill, so you have to pan and then throw it away, or used exclusively for the preparation of this soap).
  5. Add a tablespoon of soap, plain water.
  6. Stir the soap until it becomes homogenous.
  7. To add weight tar (300 g of soap to take 1 tbsp. L.), Stir well.
  8. Pour the resulting mass into molds.
  9. Align the cold, to the mass of completely thickened. It is best to send the soap to fresh air as the room it is best not to leave - the smell of it is very sharp and not very pleasant.