Breast reduction surgery, breast reduction

Operation for reducing mammary enjoysthe same high demand, as well as breast augmentation surgery. And if women who dream to have a magnificent bust, guided by aesthetic considerations, to look more attractive, the operation to reduce excessive and, accordingly, heavy breasts - it is simply a necessity.
Operation for reducing mammary enjoysthe same high demand, as well as breast augmentation surgery. And if women who dream to have a magnificent bust, guided by aesthetic considerations, to look more attractive, the operation to reduce excessive and, accordingly, heavy breasts - it is simply a necessity. Moreover, the need to help avoid pain in the spine, disorders of posture, gait and gain ease of breathing.


If we remember how difficult then pour in the summereven slender girls with tiny busts that much to say about the owners of the fourth-sixth or more breast size, which is not only hot summer ?! They martyred sweat, humbly change with a loss for bras, the beauty and grace, and that can not speak. Additional friction of the skin under the breast creates new challenges in the form of redness and irritation. Saggy breasts - a spectacle rather dismal, but with age it will only increase.
And what to feel those who have a clearbreast asymmetry? If one breast is smaller than the other one or more size, it is easy to imagine how much there is psychological complexes from the owners of a breast. There is also the problem that it is impossible to pick up a bra, because they are all standard cups. In addition to the beach and even uncomfortable to go out in a closed bathing suit, and even the traditional medical examination pass uncomfortable. Many enclose space in cotton wool or other handy materials, but it does not solve radically so difficult problem. With very strong asymmetry there are difficulties with the creation of the family, because not all dare to open their other intimate problem, and few such men, she seems a trifle.
Thus, undergoing breast reduction surgery, a woman gets beautiful breasts and problem solving as related to health, and with aesthetic appeal.


You should know that breast reductionThey can not do anything if you just turned 14 years old, if you are planning in the near future to have a child, if there is diabetes, cancer and other diseases, if there is a serious general obesity, weakness, cardiac activity - an operation you can not afford.
In all cases, the possibility of operationpersonally discussed with your doctor, who can you ask a number of questions relating directly to your plans for the future, learn the history of your disease. Professional only after careful analysis makes a decision about the possibility or impossibility of carrying out the operation.

Before surgery

The first thing you should do is visitmammalogy, which will hold a conversation with you, find out the reasons why you want to reduce the chest. As a rule, in the course of conversation, many things become clear, on the basis of an individual request: if the doctor sees another best solution in your case, it offers the options available. healingandbodywork recommends listen to the opinion of the physician, and to evaluate the most appropriate way - you can think about and deliberately, to take the right decision. If during the discussion and personal survey it was concluded on the need to reduce breast mammolog show, on what lines will be cut, clarify whether it is possible to decrease the desired size, give a rough estimate of the shape and volume of the breast after surgery. All of these issues will need to coordinate with your doctor before surgery to finally make sure that the result you want.
In order to assess all the risks associated with the forthcomingoperation, the possible negative effects after it, and how easy it is for you to pass the healing process, you will need to pass the following list of tests:

  • blood (clinical, biochemical, and HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, herpes);
  • urinalysis (general);
  • coagulation (blood properties);
  • blood type, Rh factor;
  • ECG;
  • chest x-ray;
  • Ultrasound or mammography breast;
  • Finally, the therapist (assessment of the state of the body);
  • Finally, an anesthesiologist (individual selection of optimal doses of certain drugs for anesthesia).

After assessing the overall picture obtained in the coursereview your results, your doctor may prescribe additional tests, if it is necessary to clarify the specific indicator. And if the resulting data will be favorable for the operation, you tell the exact date of its inception.
In addition, you will be prompted to ten daysbefore the surgery, you do not take a certain number of drugs that affect the composition of the blood and blood clotting. An example is analgin, lecithin, vitamin E is also unacceptable presence of colds, getting the operation date of the critical days - if they come, breast reduction surgery to be rescheduled for another date, four days before or after them. On the eve of the decisive day should be a good rest, take a bath or shower, wash nail polish, the last meal of all kinds, including drinking - 8 hours before surgery. If you smoke, you need to give it 2 weeks before and after. If you are going to go on a diet, it is best done in advance, being on a diet after the surgery can not change for the better shape of the breast.
If you decide to be operated in a different city, all the tests to prepare the best from yourself, in your city, in order to avoid unnecessary costs, time and hassle.


Now actually about the operation to reducechest. Your breasts are photographed, measured centimeter ruler and mark a special markers along the line cuts, and then accompany you to the operating room, where they spent the necessary sterilization and treatment of breast. The operation itself is done under general anesthesia for three to five hours.
There are several variations or technologycarrying out, and it will be good if you discuss with your doctor in advance all the details. The surgeon makes incisions along the lines around the areola and down the breast, then the excess fat tissue and skin is cut, the areola with the nipple go above and leather chest - down and around the areola, in the end is usually closed with stitches of bioresorbable fibers. seams form can be in the form of an inverted T, L or as a single vertical seam, depending on the state of the technology and of the mammary glands.

After operation

Required special recommendedcompression bra that is worn immediately after surgery and worn for about three weeks without having to remove (it can be purchased at the clinic). Some immediately after the operation the chest bandage, and a special bra dress later. In many clinics the cost of such linen included in the total cost of the operation, as it is important to know in advance.
healingandbodywork recommends no hurryleave the clinic on the first day after surgery, no matter how well you yourself do not feel. You will be discharged on the second or third day, depending on your general condition. Around the areola joints over time, they tend to become almost invisible, but the skin will remain forever in the form of a thin little white stripes. Seeing a physician under the arrangement: if you are from out of town, then to evaluate the healing of scars you can set up a meeting a few weeks later. Final results after surgery can be seen in six months, when the breasts will take his new position and shape.
The normal breast painful sensationswhen driving, so for the first time (three weeks) it is strictly prohibited weightlifting, tedious and long work. If you have a baby, ask your husband or his relatives sat with him. You may also experience fever, which is also a consequence of the operation, but if it increases, immediately contact your doctor who performed the operation.


If you have already gone through breast reduction, you can plan the birth of a child in a year or two
After undergoing breast reduction surgeryyou may lose the ability to feed the baby in the future, but it depends on how the operation was carried out. Considering this aspect, it is desirable to have surgery until after the baby is born.
If you have already gone through the operationbreast reduction, you can plan the birth of a child in a year or two. After giving birth your breasts as a result of feeding can be a little more, but it's not terrible - everything comes back to normal a few months after the discontinuation of milk. healingandbodywork draws your attention to the fact that, if you still will not hold view of your chest, a second operation is possible, but only in a year after the previous one. And then, provided that your child you are weaned from the breast and transferred to a common table (not uncommon for prolonged breastfeeding until the child is three years old). Abrupt cessation of feeding in favor of the operation will bring many additional problems with the behavior of your child, who will be greatly missed by his mother's milk and warm favorite shishi.
What else can be complications? For example, bleeding, still quite rare, will require surgery to remove the hematoma. If you have picked up an infection, you will hold a course of antibiotics. If you feel after surgery solid areas in the chest, you need to consult your doctor - mammologist, who may appoint a biopsy and other corrective actions. After surgery, you may lose the sensitivity of the nipple, partially or completely, in which case the return ability to sensations can occur within a few months.

Selecting the clinic and prices

At the end of this article I would like a littlefocus on how much such an operation could cost. Different clinics have their tariffs, but at the moment the figure ranges from 70 000 to 140 000 rubles, with some opportunity to pay a certain amount of credit limit (up to 300,000). As already mentioned, in the value of the services of a clinic may include not only the cost of most breast reduction surgery, but additional costs such as hospital stay, dressings, medicines, compression garment, etc., so you need to find out what exactly is included in the room price. Of course, the price is not small, but it's worth it, if it is performed by an experienced surgeon.
As for the choice of the clinic, it is necessary to take into account healingandbodywork recommends the following:

    • First, find out whether held in your city breast reduction surgery? If not, it might make sense to go to the capital.
    • How much time there is this clinic (if private)? Get accustomed to the external and internal appearance of the building, ask about the presence of the latest medical equipment.
    • How long has this surgeon specializes directly in such operations (the more years of practice, so, of course, better)?
    • Pay attention to the medical staff (literacy in their field, polite, informative, courtesy, tact in communicating).
  • Read reviews already passed the operation on siteClinics in the web. If you come to the clinic itself - ask to see photographs of his operations, and better yet - talk personally with his former patients. If the operation quality - is the pride of the clinic and such information from you will not hide. If you have not received any clear answer, not satisfied with the results of the external type of operation, it is not necessary to dwell on such a clinic.

If you carefully read and consider yourselfto the category of ladies who have been unlucky with the normal breast, if you care about your health and do not have any contraindications, the first step - to put his visit to mammologist. Do not forget about his age because hormones, characteristic of a certain age parameters, can make itself felt later. It is necessary to ask all the questions that bother you, because it does not suffer from the operation, and you, and that your task is to using a doctor assess their condition and level of readiness to carry it out.