Sunscreen: reviews and prices

Summer is probably the most fertile time of the year! This is the time when the office exhausted dust souls corroded harmful exhaust gases of large cities of the soul, seek somewhere more suitable places. For example, on the shore of the warm, tender sea, invitingly splashing his constant waves rolling on the strip of the beach, or at least to the nearest river or mountain lake, to stretch out on the fine yellow sand and enjoy plenty of fresh air, as well as the hot rays of the summer, an incredibly brilliant sun.


  • 1 Do not forget about protection from ultra-violet
  • 2 Reviews of some funds, reviews and prices
  • 3 Practical Tips to not expose themselves to unnecessary danger

Do not forget about protection from ultra-violet

However, no matter how cool, and the sun, and the truth mayIt is not only a friend, ally and partner, not only provide energy, force, but it also has a detrimental effect. Ecological situation affects our environment, not in the best possible way, the present bald head and glades in the ozone layer of our planet that may have just incredibly harmful effects on the body of each person. Ultra-violet rays to freely penetrate the thinned protective "lens", and can cause our skin, sometimes even irreparable damage, because to protect themselves from this harmful influence Sunbeam, it is our duty and responsibility to itself, so you do not regret of his own carelessness.

An excellent choice for protection from the sunradiation which can harm our skin becomes sunscreen, good thing is that the cosmetic industry offers such a wide range of all kinds of products, a wide variety of brands and brands from different countries, from this enormous abundance, literally dazzled. Of course, miss any sunscreen at all costs, you should carefully review the range, and only then make a choice, or a short time and be trapped, owning a "wonderful tool" that causes you personally allergies, and in the best case, just worthless fake, a lot of money.

Reviews of some funds, reviews and prices

In order not to be the right person,to whom, and acted the same, well-known, "Murphy's Law", you can use the wide possibilities of modern Internet to read the reviews and ratings by independent buyers of a brand. One need only drive in any more familiar to you, the search engine the phrase "Sunscreen" as it will give a huge amount of a variety of reviews and recommendations, which can be easily assemble the big picture, though a mosaic assembled from separate parts. Let's understand at least the most famous producer

E and their products, as cover everything not happen even if you write a real novel in three to five volumes.

  • Avene Solaires Cream SPF 50

This is really a good product, it wasdeveloped by the French company Avene cosmetologists, and highly appreciated by a variety of women. According to the analysis of reviews, and we put it Solaires Cream sunscreen at the beginning of the list, as a leader among his "brothers."

The cream is based on a special thermalwater, it is quite light, airy consistency, instantly absorbed, even oily skin and protects against harmful Sunbeam. Here there are no harmful fragrances or preservatives, because it is recommended, even small children. The substances contained in the cream, it screens, meaning they do not penetrate deep into the dermis and act on the surface, so that means it is an


The price of this cream, since it is extremelyhigh quality, of course, not three rubles, but 720-750 rubles, it is also far from a million, especially when it comes to their own health or about your tiny baby's health. Reviews about this brand and specific product, very flattering, because the purchase without fear, of course, before reading the instructions and perform the test on the skin.

  • Vichy Capital Soleil Velvety Cream Complexion Refining Action SPF 50

Laboratory cosmetics giant company Vichy,of course, I could not ignore such a line as sunscreens, as well as other tools that are able to protect your dermis from excessively hot or even harmful ray of our luminary. One of these creams is presented by the company, and immediately won a large amount of positive feedback from women from different countries.

This tool has the original, tripleaction on this and based its uniqueness, and, as a consequence, and popularity among girls and women. Velvety and pleasant to the touch, this sunscreen is capable not only qualitatively protect your epidermis from sunburn, but also struggles with unwanted pigmentation, that is, about the ugly freckles and pigment spots can be forgotten completely.

There is another beneficial effect - this creamgently and unobtrusively prevents wrinkles ahead of time, making the skin more elastic, smooth and matte and even has a water-repellent properties. It also noted the many - you can swim and not worry about the cream from your face and body, just so not going anywhere and will continue to protect its quality and cherish. The price of this tool also varies from 750-810 rubles, depending on where to buy.

  • Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 30

Another way to protect against harmfulsolar radiation, from an extremely well-known in the world of cosmetics company called Garnier, is certainly worth your precious attention as an extremely high-quality and useful. However, it should be noted that the proposed sunscreen-fluid exclusively for the face and so vulnerable, décolleté.

Both women say in their reviews, creamquality and highly protects the skin and eliminates the appearance of freckles and age spots. This series is designed specifically for protection, because, in addition, that he copes with its direct "duties", many women suffer from some disadvantages, in the form of excessive oiliness.

The smell of the cream is also quite harsh, although afterjust a few minutes it ceases to feel, and indeed, it is quite small in comparison, with a surprising effect, which he offers. The cost of funds is lower than the price of the means described above, a total of about five hundred rubles, but the effect is simply stunning.

  • Oriflame Sun Zone UV Protector Face and Exposed Areas SPF 50 High

Sunscreen for the face from the company Oriflamejust could not help but like the women or girls who have tried it at least once. Based on natural ingredients, "armed with" a high degree of protection against ultra-violet rays, this cream has a light, literally flying consistency, instantly absorbed into the skin, and also has a light, it is not obtrusive smell, which is not boring and does not interfere.

This cream is saturated as filters and screens,therefore it protects both the outside and, so to speak, from the inside. Women celebrate smoothing and anti-aging effect of this cream, as well as preventing unwanted freckles. Tan skin, greased Sun Zone UV Protector, to go to a much smoother, the code is not too dry and high-quality feed. And it's all good, it is proposed to acquire all within 319 rubles, which is not expensive.

Practical advice not to expose themselves to unnecessary danger

Of course, the choice of sunscreen, it stillis not a guarantee that the holiday goes smoothly, you do not obgorite, or will not cover the spots, like a leopard. Because the best, before you go on vacation, you need to find some means of skin care products, which will give you a great mood, and protection. Among other things, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules completely, and then the fear, certainly there will be nothing.

  • Buy sunscreen in the audited areas.
  • Previous how to get a huge bottle of cream, test it. This is a mandatory condition of success, and if the probe is not available, it is better to abandon the purchase and choose something else.
  • Rely on friends comments, friends, and are also available on the media pages or Internet resources, there is sometimes possible to find a lot of interesting things, as well as protect yourself from mistakes.
  • Apply sunscreen not later than 15-20 minutes before gathered to walk on the beach as well as the means necessary to absorb and act.
  • Spreadable these funds only on a clean, pre-washed skin, so its effect will be maximized.
  • Do not forget that in the course of some bathingcreams are removed from the skin, if they do not have a water-repellent effect, because of the application will have to be repeated every time you come out of some water.