Succinic acid for weight loss

All who once faced with excess weight,They know how difficult it is to lose it. You can take medication, go on a strict diet and do not get results. But those who took succinic acid diet, claim that they have achieved harmony rather quickly and effortlessly.

Action of succinic acid

Succinic acid - this secondary substance whichobtained by processing natural stone - amber. It is very useful for the organism. Pharmacies can buy this product in the form of white powder or tablets. To taste a bit like citric acid.

Scientists have conducted studies that showedthat in contact with succinic acid in the human body, the cells begin to actively scavenge oxygen. In addition, after taking this drug improves the adverse factors of the environment of the organism resistance. A man less sick, easier to tolerate stressful situations becomes energetic.

In all processes of the human body associated withsuccinic acid, regulate the adrenal gland and the hypothalamus. In the body it acts in a complex substance, it stimulates the liver and kidneys and cleanse the toxins and other dangerous and unnecessary for human substances. This property of succinic acid is very important for those who want to lose weight. Because only clean your body, you can expect good results from the diet.

After the application of succinic acid for weight loss is accelerated metabolism, the person easier to tolerate exercise, so take this drug and athletes.

The drug

There are three options how to take succinic acid:

  1. On the day you should take 3-4 tablets, and sothree days, the fourth day of the reception should be stopped, it will be a break from the drug. This day should be reduced to a minimum to reduce food intake and physical activity. Then, the course may be repeated.
  2. The second option is a longer reception - 1 month. It is necessary to take a special solution, which can be prepared as follows: in a glass of water to dissolve 1 gram of succinic acid and drink it must be an empty stomach before breakfast every day. This option is not suitable for those people who have increased the acidity of the stomach or have any gastrointestinal diseases. The solution is very acidic, and thus its use is necessary to rinse your mouth and brush your teeth as well as the destruction of tooth enamel can begin.
  3. The third option is for those who have problems in the digestive tract. Succinic acid must take daily tablet during a meal three times a day. You can drink a pill and immediately after a meal.

Those who took succinic acid for weight loss,They say it helps even if you do not stick to any diet. But eating right is still necessary, is to limit the use of flour and fatty foods, sweets, then weight loss will be rapid, but most importantly, without harm to the body. Because when strict diets can not only lose weight, but also your health, and at the slightest relief in the diet, the weight will come back double.

Another important point - the one who at least oncedieted knows that this period is often accompanied by depression, and so, when taking succinic acid on this "side effect" you will forget. And even on the contrary - it will increase resistance to stress.

Products containing succinic acid

For those people who are even supplementsconsider medication and does not want to take the "chemistry", there is an option. Succinic acid is also found in some foods, although not in such quantities as tablets, but even its lowest dose is the benefit of the body. Thus, succinic acid is contained in such products:

  • dairy products: yogurt and yogurt;
  • long aging wine;
  • barley;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • nedospevshy gooseberries;
  • products made of rye flour;
  • oysters;
  • Brewer's yeast;
  • alfalfa.

The use of succinic acid for weight loss

At the succinic acid has many advantages:

  • succinic acid is not a medicine, it supplement, and therefore has a minimum of contraindications;
  • in pharmacy or you can buy from distributorssuccinic acid, in which its composition contains additional nutrients vitamins and minerals. They will reinforce its action to lose weight and benefit your body;
  • Even a minimal amount of it on the body has a positive effect;
  • entering the body, succinic acid is primarily sites that most need it to help them affects the active and gradually cover the whole body;
  • if you follow the dosage, its use will not bring harm to the body;
  • It does not accumulate in the human body, so it is not an overabundance;
  • It is pleasant to the taste, like the citric acid, and therefore it is easy to drink;
  • it is not addictive, so the courses can be repeated again and again, but having achieved the result, you can begin to reduce the intake of the drug, or to give it up without any problems;
  • It consists of natural ingredients with no chemical additives;
  • It exists in the human body, so no foreign preparation therefor;
  • affordable price.


Take succinic acid for weight lossIt permitted in the case where you do not have individual intolerance. Learn about its presence can only empirically, drink one tablet or 1 gram of powder and observe the reaction of the organism. If you did not have an allergic reaction, you feel good, you can continue the course of treatment. In addition you are hypersensitive, there are still a number of diseases in which healingandbodywork not recommended to use this drug to lose weight:

  • stomach ulcers and 12 duodenal ulcer;
  • high blood pressure;
  • kidney stones and urinary tract;
  • cardiac ischemia;
  • glaucoma.

Dosage should be adjustedindividually and better to consult a doctor, he will assess the condition of your body. Sometimes after taking the patient feels dizzy and warming effect, no need to worry, this is a normal reaction to the reception of succinic acid. It strongly blood carries oxygen throughout the body. Importantly, do not exceed the allowable dose, or dizziness, stop being easy. Four tablets per day - this is the maximum that can take a person to lose weight.

Also remember that after eight in the evening do not needtaking this drug because it has an invigorating effect, and you may have trouble sleeping. Take it to the last six in the evening during a meal, by the way, this time for dinner and recommend the use of all nutritionists. So getting rid of the extra kilos will be faster.

The ratio of doctors to the succinic acid for weight loss

If you contact your district physicianwith the question of whether to take succinic acid as a means for weight loss, it is quite possible you will not get a clear answer. The fact that none of the medical reference is not fixed in the drug section medicines for weight loss and appetite suppression. On the contrary, sometimes the succinic acid is prescribed kids who eat poorly and little weigh.

Therefore, we can conclude that by itselfsuccinic acid to lose weight in large numbers will not help, but it can be of great help in this process. Speed ​​up the metabolism, give you energy and a desire to lose weight, get rid of depression and improve the body - already for this one worth taking succinic acid.