Stretch, how to get rid of stretch marks

Smooth silky skin, beautiful well-groomed body- Is not it the dream of every woman? To at least one millimeter closer to this dream, you need to work hard and constantly take care of their beauty, without breaks and holidays! Many women & laquo; frustrated & raquo; and completely forget about the time on vacation, but if you want to get results, the fight against stretch marks should start today!

Not all changes in a woman's life disappear withouttrack. Some long remind yourself unaesthetic stripes on the skin. Childbirth, quick weight loss, long-term drug treatment often leave marks on the skin. Most often, these cosmetic defects occur in the abdomen, hips, breasts and buttocks. These defects are called stretch marks.

What are stretch marks?

Stretching - the result of the skin of micro andloose connective tissue. This cosmetic defect develops at the site of rupture of elastic fibers of the epidermis. Flexibility and elasticity of the skin are reduced, the skin is so thin that the tiny blood vessels located in the upper layer, visible to the naked eye. Small internal tears eventually filled by connective tissue. Initially, stretch marks are purple-reddish color, but gradually it turns into pale pink, then & laquo; fade & raquo; to corporal. Especially noticeable stretching tanned body as connective tissue contains no pigment and are therefore not sunning.

Well, to be like the zebra striped veryfrustrating, but do not panic afraid of stretch marks - this is not ugliness, not a disease, they are not deterred by men, in a word, they harm no. In addition, the probability of their occurrence is not so high, and with them you can fight, and even eliminated, as there is a lot of sredtstv against stretch marks.

One of the most common causes ofthe appearance of stretch marks - pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should be especially careful to listen to the advice and recommendations of doctors. Take it easy, and most importantly, that the strict observance of all the doctor's instructions eliminate the need to deal with stretch marks after giving birth.

During pregnancy should wear specialsupport bras and bandages to protect the skin and muscles from stretching. To maintain the elasticity of the breast, it should be rubbed with a towel soaked in cold water or massage ice cubes (from the fourth month of pregnancy). In this case also useful douches. After showering rub the breasts with lemon wedges. Try every day to find a way to take air baths for a few minutes. Air baths have a positive effect on the skin.

The famous French actress Sophia Marceauduring pregnancy for prevention of stretch marks used olive oil. She regularly rubbed in the chest olive oil, rich in vitamin E. According to the actress, it's a simple remedy helped her to avoid the appearance of stretch marks and keep the beauty of the body and after childbirth.

Prevention - in the first place

As is known, it is easier to prevent the occurrencestretch marks than to fight them and fight hard. The main principle underlying a set of preventive measures - the elasticity and support skin elasticity, which ensures the presence of sufficient amounts of connective tissue collagen and elastin. To do this, you need to eat regularly to massage, use professional creams and gels. It is also important to maintain a stable healthy weight, because weight sharp differences lead to the appearance of stretch marks.

In any case, it is recommended for the prevention oftake a bath with the addition of a tablespoon of pine extract to preserve skin smoothness. On the quarter-hour soak in the bath grow soft (recommended water temperature - 38ºC), include soft music and forget about all the problems.

Also try the tool is - 350-500 grams of starch dissolve in 2-5 liters of cold water. Cooked starch solution pour into the tub.


Nutrition and providing the bodythe necessary amount of vitamins and minerals to some extent reduces the possibility of stretching the skin. Dairy products provide the body with the right amount of calcium, tomatoes and bananas - potassium and fluorine contained in fish strengthens the body. Also, do not forget to include in the daily diet of soy and olive oil, ie, vitamin A and vitamin E.

improves blood circulation

blood stagnation in problem areas is not allowed. To prevent it, short pinching movements daily massage the skin on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and breasts.

Douches also has a beneficial effect on the skin: circular movements acts on the skin alternately hot and cold jets of water under pressure. After a quick shower
to rub with a towel and apply in a circular motion on the skin of a special remedy for stretch marks.

Sports also help to improve blood circulation - jogging, brisk walking, jumping rope disperse the blood and restore skin elasticity and beauty.

Save the beauty and resilience chest

In order to preserve the beautiful old age, and highfirmer breasts, you need to start taking care of her even in his younger years. Any program for breast care must include regular exercises - exercises aimed at developing and strengthening the muscles of the chest. Every day should begin with a water massage the breast: direct jet shower first on one breast, then the other, moving the shower from top to bottom in a clockwise direction and then in a circle. Do not spray directly on the nipples. Several times change in water temperature, alternating hot and cold water, but to finish the procedure should be cold water.

Contrast compresses help to prevent saggingbreast skin, as well as the formation of stretch marks. For compresses you need two tanks (with hot and cold water) and dry towel. Dissolve 1 teaspoon salt in hot water, and 1 spoonful of lemon juice - in the cold. Dampen a towel in hot water, wring out well and put to the breast as a compress for 30 seconds. After this time, remove the towel and soak in cold water. Wring out and attach to the breast for one minute. Repeat this procedure 5 - 6 times. Last compress should be cold.

Getting rid of stretch marks

Get rid of the old and discolored stretch marksmuch more difficult than preventing their occurrence. In this case the domestic procedure does not help, you need to take more drastic measures. Professionals from beauty salon offers microdermabrasion conduct (special peeling of the skin), or subjected to costly laser skin therapy.

Microdermabrasion - optimal treatment fortreatment of stretch marks; they lose their color and become thinner and eventually disappear altogether. However, such a happy ending is only possible in the case if you previously have taken all appropriate measures. There is also a surgical method of removing stretch marks (resection), but it works only if the stretching caused by pregnancy. Minus this surgical procedure - a long and painful healing of the operated areas.

Whether for health streamers Dangerous?

Stretch marks do not affect the health, however, somereasons that cause their appearance, such as Cushing's syndrome, can be hazardous to health. When stretch marks is due to pregnancy, with an increase in blood pressure, the redistribution of body fat in the upper body, as well as the appearance of unwanted hair on the face, chest, upper back (hirsutism), you must always consult a doctor.

Question: 4 months ago I gave birth in the investigation which has recovered on 10 kg. Plus, there were banners on the thighs, buttocks, chest. What is the most effective method to combat them? I tried to use a cream Vichy company, but it does not help me. And there will still stretching when I lose weight and get back to their previous weight.

Answer: In Borba stretch marks cream is more effective against stretch marks Lierac company. Unfortunately, if we have any stretch marks, then get rid of them fails (even if lose weight), since they are caused by changes affecting all layers of the skin.

Question: After delivery, there were strong stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs. It's been a year, but they do not become invisible, often inflamed, and itchy welts swell, kind of awful! What to do?

Answer: Cosmetic procedures can improve the appearance of the surface, but the method allows to get rid of stretch marks, unfortunately does not exist. In your case, you need to consult a doctor-cosmetologist dermatologist to treat itching and other symptoms of the active phase of the formation of scar.

Question: By what procedures can get rid of stretch marks post partum?

Answer: Completely impossible to get rid of stretch marks, but they can be made less noticeable. To this end, the home agent may be used kosmotsevticheskie containing absorbable material, and, the before starting treatment, the better the result. In our clinic, in addition, it is possible to undergo treatment using myostimulation and other physiotherapy techniques, sets Cream
s, concentrates sera. The duration of treatment was 0.5 - 1 year. In some cases (not all!), The best result gives the laser skin resurfacing, although it is much more expensive. Efficacy procedures depends on many factors including skin and muscle damage location and magnitude, age, etc. Therefore, a full answer, exactly how you'd better get rid of stretch marks, can be obtained only after consultation cosmetologist.