Stone therapy

What associations you encounter the word "rock"? The solid, smooth and cool? Or a warm, gentle and healing? The latter characteristic inclined people, recently visited the southern rocky beach ... or in a beauty salon, on the procedure known as the "stone therapy".

Importantly, as stounterapijaSelf cosmetic procedures was formed relatively recently. Until that time, we used obscure scraps of information, the results of the use of different types of stones, etc. Putting all the knowledge and experience together, the scientists gave us a new kind of SPA-procedures.

From ancestral healers

Stone therapy - a special, complex methodthe impact on the human body with stones. No, they do not throw at people. Quite the contrary - neatly lay out in strict accordance with the zones of the body surface.

Massage stones from ancient times practicedmany nations. And it was then much more attention was paid to the energy characteristics of a particular type of stones. Not without reason, it was believed that they are able to accumulate, accumulate, the energy element and the surrounding area, in which there were even a short period of time. Thus, the stones raised with a small sea depth, when applied to the temples, wrists, popliteal fossa, improves circulation, restores power. Stones from the deep sea, even heated to a certain temperature, effectively reduced the inflammation in wounds. Examples can be driven for a long time.

Chinese healers have also tried to find the stonessoul or see the hidden meaning of their application. They equated stone massage to acupuncture, making them an extension of their own hands. Therefore, the scope of the "ancient stone therapy" in China has been much wider.

The ancient practices and modern technology

Modern scientists and doctors learnedancestors, draw your own conclusions. They compared the basic physical properties of stones (heating and cooling rates, surface nature, and so on. D.) With the theory of energy storage. This caused a great interest not only among the regulars beauty salons, but also in people suffering from various diseases. Among the indisputable advantages of stone therapy, in addition to the minimum list of contraindications, experts say:

  1. Painless and comfort during the session.
  2. Possibility of local heat or cold. In this procedure do not participate in adjacent organs and tissues.
  3. No direct impact on the respiratory andthe cardiovascular system, which can not fail to please lovers of massage, to deny themselves this pleasure for angina or high blood pressure.
  4. Contrast massage using hot and cold stones is the most convenient - no other method can not achieve the same results.
  5. Safety - stones easily disinfected, have a rounded or flat shape without sharp corners.

What and how to use it?

Stones for stone therapy are selected based on appointment procedures.

The basalt stones are used for a uniform and long warm areas of the body - a volcanic rock very slowly gives off heat, contributing to muscle relaxation.

Sea stones of different sizes are used more often fordifferent types of massage. It is a versatile tool, which in the hands of our professional artists tones and strengthens muscles, relieves pain and discomfort after injuries and sprains.

Marble is used in anti-cellulite programs,improving circulation, stimulating cell regeneration. Most often we use marble for toning the body and reduce inflammation.

Jade at all times was considered a stone withpositive energy, which enhanced returns when heated. Therefore, it is of particular use in stone therapy - relaxation, to recharge positive thinking. In addition to the normalization of emotional status, jadeite improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, providing at the same time, and pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Facial massage stones - the most beloved womenprocedure. Incomparable with any other massage, stone therapy produces a stunning effect: reduces swelling and improves elasticity of tissues, normal regulation of the sebaceous glands, acne disappear and inflammatory elements.

The duration of temperature influence onDifferent areas of the body is determined individually and depends on the purpose of stone therapy. Intermittent hot stone massage is performed (in order to avoid action on the neighboring areas of the body) for the rapid expansion of vessels, warm and relax the muscles. Increasing the exposure time results in deep relaxation, relaxation of large muscle groups, accelerate metabolism. Massage cold stones a stimulant effect on the nervous system, it reduces blood vessels, speeds up the metabolism.

The modeling used in stone therapyprograms for weight control, anti-cellulite and edema. Special techniques are designed to improve the blood supply to organs and tissues, normalization of metabolism and rapid elimination from the body fluid.

Nuances for interested

It is written above, you can add a lotinteresting and informative, but I'm sure to find the right information easily not be. In conclusion, it should be said about some "nuances" stone therapy, which had to face a lot of people.

Firstly, not all beauty salonsThey offer quality massage stones. It is important to understand that any natural source of healing the body is able to both help and harm. Therefore, professionals involved in stone therapy and offers its services should have sufficient qualifications.

And, secondly, to the absolute contraindicationsstone therapy are acute blood diseases and oncology. Therefore, stone therapy specialist will never advise cleanse the body of cancer cells or to "kill" them with the help of massage stones. This will only cause irreparable harm to himself.