Hair tips splits, treatment

Healthy hair - is not only attractivelook, first of all, it is the image of any person. To keep the hair, followed by the careful care. But the conditions of modern life are far from ideal. All this does not go unnoticed to your hair, they fade, become thinner, whipped, drop out. These problems can be solved in a systematic grooming.
Healthy hair - is not only attractivelook, first of all, it is the image of any person, which gives confidence. To keep the hair, followed by the careful care. But the conditions of modern life are far from ideal: bad ecology, stress, smoking, use of air conditioning and heating units, a lack of time. All this does not go unnoticed to your hair, they fade, become thinner, whipped, drop out. These problems can be solved in a systematic and competent care, in more advanced cases necessary to visit a doctor.
What is meant by proper care? All care for the skin: cleanse, moisturize, protect against aging. The same applies to the hair. Purification - Use a shampoo that suits your hair type; nutrition and hydration - the application of balms and masks; protection - application of special means, by thermal treatment of hair dryer or utjuzhkom.
This is general information, to care for damaged hair has a lot of nuances, but first things first.

The structure of the hair

Hair tips splits, treatment
Hair pieces hidden under the skin of the head,It called the root. At its end is the bulb, from which the hair growth begins. Another part of the hair located above the skin - rod which has three components.
The bulk of the hair is composed of corticalsubstance, it contains a pigment. It can be black, red, combination of colors and hair color determines a person. If the pigment is missing, the hair becomes white. Outer layer - the cuticle is composed of dead skin cells, which, like the shingles are laminated on each other. The root of the hair is in the hair follicle, here and sebaceous glands that produce a secret.
Hair composition is simple: 3% of the liquid, the remaining 97% - protein. The protein substance is composed of zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, iron, and vitamins A, B, P, C. Therefore, proper nutrition has an important role in healthy hair form. After all, hair is not only an ornament, but also protect the head from overheating and overcooling.

Hair tips splits

Hair tips splits, treatment
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Hair normal type flexible, have a livingcolor, easy to comb and style, retain these qualities for several days after shampooing. If you properly care for them, they will be for many years to please you. Unfortunately, not all people are the holders of such hair.
Delamination of the hair into several components is called a section. This problem pursuing many people with different types of hair.
Dry hair is dull, poorly reflect light. They are hard to comb, torn, broken and whipped on the tips. Often such hair - a consequence of improper care: the abuse of UV light, the rejection of a hat in the winter season, the frequent use of hair dryer, hair coloring. As a consequence, disrupted the sebaceous glands, there is increased fragility of hair, and as a result - split ends.
Hair mixed type - greasy at the roots and dry at the tips. As a rule, it is long or curly hair. Holders of this type of tips are usually cut by not getting sufficient lubrication.
Dyed hair dye due to exposurethinning agents, are dry. If in this case you use a hairdryer, tongs and are often in the sun, a problem such as split ends can not be avoided.
Thin hair also fall in the risk zone. People with this type of hair trying to make hair more volume, because of which it was dried hairdryer and tease. By doing this regularly, you risk to become the owner of the hair with split ends.
So, now you know that the hair forming section factors are:

  • frequent blow-dry;
  • bouffant hair;
  • perm;
  • burning in the sun;
  • combing wet hair;
  • long length.

Learn how to care for hair

Hair tips splits, treatment
Many people ask, "What is the properhair care?". Let's start with the basics. Of all the manipulations with the hair of one of the most important remains unchanged and shampooing. For themselves, you need to determine the frequency of washing, from the everyday to 1 times in 3-10 days, depending on the contamination. But if every day you are using paints, mousses, gels, it is necessary to wash your hair every day, because these funds have a negative impact on the structure of hair, they become brittle and split. For everyday cleaning use special soft shampoo labeled "for frequent use."
Wash your hair too hot or cold water is not recommended. Shampoo is only applied to wet hair, slowly and carefully pounded along the entire length, after the formation of the foam is washed off.
In the shampoo for split ends shouldinclude: lecithin, chamomile, lime, wheat germ, vitamin C. There is a lot of cosmetic products for hair with split ends. They contain beer yeast, keratin, plant proteins, which are reduced from the inside and the outside is coated with a protective film.
After washing, dry damaged hair can behair dryer, but with cold air. Purchase a comb with a few teeth, preferably wood, and use them. 1 Do not forget every three months to trim the tips, give preference haircuts using hot scissors, thanks to high temperature at the end of the hair is sealed, preventing the hair section.
Do not leave home without a hat in cold and heat, snow and rain.

Treatment of hair with split ends

Hair tips splits, treatment
Restore the structure of the hair mask will help. At home, the most simple and cost-effective way is to use different oils. To do this an hour before shampooing rub in hair ends olive or almond oil. Burdock oil also copes with this problem, but it should be warmed in a water bath. Warm oil is applied to the hair for 1-2 hours before washing, covered with cellophane and a towel.
A good solution to this problem could serve as such a mask: egg yolk, honey, any oil, brandy. We take each component to 1 teaspoon, mix well and put on hair.
Another simple method of dealing with split ends - sour milk, which is rubbed and leave for an hour, then wash off with shampoo.
In addition, there are many home recipesbalms, masks of famous brands marked "for split ends." Professionals working in these companies, clearly and understandably talk about the advantages of each tool, based on the type of your hair. After applying the mask, experts advise to rinse your hair with water with a little apple cider vinegar. You can also add lemon to water or infusions of various herbs: linden, chamomile, mint.
Damaged hair lacks moisture, to resolve this problem, there are moisturizing sprays (thermal water). They irrigate hair from one to several times per day, especially in hot weather.
The composition varnishes and hair mousses includesa drying alcohol, with split ends should not be overused. When coloring hair try to choose coloring agents with therapeutic additives, which moisturize and nourish the hair. If you split the hair from perms better for some time off.


When split hairs some food regulations must be observed. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day - it is not only beneficial effect on your hair, but also on the skin.
In your diet must include foods that contain fatty acids:

  • fish (salmon, tuna, herring, sardines);
  • vegetable oil;
  • nuts;
  • cereals;
  • olives;
  • pumpkin and flax seeds.

Not only is proper nutrition, but also a healthy waylife will help in the fight against split ends. Be active, sleep at least 8 hours per day, reduce the consumption of sweet and fatty, add to the diet of fruit and vegetables. The reward for all your self-care will become thick and shiny mop of hair.