Spices for weight loss

Spices have long been an integral part of ourlife: shops and markets offer a huge selection of different spices to any of our meal, whether meat, fish, vegetables or any other food. But how to use spices in the diet? After all, did not want to eat tasteless food, it is at least very demotiviruet to comply with food mode.

Debunking myths and health warnings

Before proceeding to the detailed descriptionCondiments, that help with weight loss, I would like to expose some myths about them. The first and most important - is that many spices retain water in the body, resulting in weight takes longer. This is not true. Actually the only thing that can hold fluid in the body - is a salt. It is therefore necessary to reduce its use, but do not need to completely remove from your diet. At the same time a very large amount of spices conversely restores the metabolic processes in the body, including the water-salt exchange.

Another very popular myth is thatseasonings to foods only increase the appetite. In fact, many of them only block it, and if you know exactly what this list, then you will achieve a figure of their dreams.

The third misconception says thatspices that help in losing weight, simply does not exist, and this is only the internal beliefs. In fact, evidence that spices improve metabolism are involved in the fat-burning, has undeniable. Their study confirmed the world's leading scientists and, of course, the observation of women who pinch of seasoning has helped to clean up.

And now let's move on to thewarnings of doctors. The fact is that, as you are sure of the read below, many of the recommended weight loss in the spices are very sharp and burning. Doctors recommend treating them with caution, as many of them provoke some diseases of the digestive system. Because there is still need to feel the measure and, if possible, eating the minimum amount of spices to dishes.

Relish, help lose weight

The biggest drawback of any diet - a rejectionfrom the usual food. Someone has to get used to it quickly, some slowly. Spices are a great helper in the return not only the usual taste, but also an assistant in losing weight. Their considerable amount, and what exactly the spice is right for you and your body, you will be able to identify experimentally. Changing from their meals to the dish, you can feel every time something new and different, while watching in the mirror of dramatic changes. healingandbodywork offers its readers to consider a full list of the "fat-burning" seasoning:

  1. Ginger root. It occupies a leading position among all the spices and can even use the minimum quantities to improve the metabolism and reduce the bad cholesterol, which is especially important for people who are obese.
  2. Basil. Process helps in the gastrointestinal tract than improves absorption of nutrients and lipolysis.
  3. Mint has similar properties with basil, since they come from the same family. Mint is also indispensable in promoting digestion and well reduces appetite.
  4. Anise copes with increased appetite and a sense of "empty stomach". Use it well to deceive the feeling of "false" hunger.
  5. Cardamom - taking part in the burning of fats, stimulates this process. Its decoction can drink after a meal.
  6. Apple cider vinegar is known for many centuries as excellent appetite suppressant agent, as well as a stimulant processes of splitting of fats and carbohydrates in the body.
  7. Cinnamon is a leader in the field ofspices that help to lose weight. The fact that it is perfectly regulate blood glucose, reducing fat deposition process. Besides adding to the dish, it can be used in pure form by half teaspoon a day.
  8. Vanilla will allow to suppress the desire to eatsomething sweet. For example, you can add a little curd vanilki, so dessert will be low-calorie and tasty, and the body will feel the satisfaction from eating.
  9. Bay Leaf - such seemingly familiaradditive in conventional food can work wonders with the body: improve the water-salt metabolism, helps to eliminate toxins from the body. To save all the useful properties of laurel, one must not forget that it is best to put at the end of cooking.
  10. Black pepper is in every house, and wishinglose weight now we need to put the pepper close to him (thus removing the salt shaker away). Due to the sharp taste, its use accelerates all processes in the body, the main thing - do not overdo it.
  11. Red pepper, as well as any sharp spice, improves metabolism, improves digestion. But do not forget about the sense of measure, not to overdo it with the quantity.
  12. Dill and parsley. Nutritionists have long determined that all products are green in color, which gives us the earth, are extremely useful for our figure. Dill and parsley, not far from an exception to this list. They facilitate digestion, display the fluid from the body, thus removing the swelling.
  13. Mustard - no less than the usual kitchen attribute, there probably in every refrigerator. Like all acute additives to dishes, it has the property to accelerate the metabolic processes in the body.
  14. Thyme helps the bowel, it can come from the body toxins, improves metabolism, which contributes to more rapid weight loss.
  15. Cardamom can be added to coffee and tea, he was actively involved in the fat burning process.

How do you need to use spices

The use of some spices we have listedabove, but in fact many of them there are several ways to use, which will help to quickly and effectively burn fat subcutaneous layer:

  1. The addition of tea or coffee. Of course, the most suitable for this ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, thyme, and mint leaves. Add anything of the above in a mug, and you will experience a totally new fragrance that can surprise you and win. And quickly achieve their dream figure.
  2. Mixed into salad dressings, whether cream, butter or just vinegar. Salad will get a whole new flavor, the fat will be burned better, and cease to be a monotonous diet.
  3. Broth and tinctures, as well as refreshingbeverages. For example, ginger perfectly refreshing summer, while actively involved in fat burning. To do this, pour boiling water over the grated ginger, lemon and add (if the diet) is a little honey for sweetness. You can drink a cold, and instead of tea.
  4. Grill dishes with spices that give the dish a unique flavor and a new taste. To do this, add the selected spices directly into the oil for frying.

Which of the spices to choose - you decide. However, each experiment will give you a new taste and is sure to diversify your diet. Lose weight with pleasure!