What styling you choose?


You can argue long about fashion for a certain typehaircuts, styling or coloring hair. But you first need to start from their own external data, and then later to follow fashion trends. With well selected and technically correct spent mowing not only corrected the shortcomings appearance, but also greatly facilitates daily packing process.

Barber fashion remainsloyal to the choice of hairstyle. Freedom allows the selection of hairstyles look equally impressive and women with short hair, and the owners of long hair.


  • 1 Short haircuts
    • 1.1 Bob
    • 1.2 "Pixie"
  • 2 haircuts for medium length hair
    • 2.1 Cascade
    • 2.2 Bob-bob
  • 3 Haircuts for long hair

Short haircuts

If you think that short hair - a lotelderly ladies and those who are too lazy to do packing, then you are deeply mistaken. The same hairstyle can give opportunities to experiment with styling. And short hair that it did not interfere, but only helps.

So, what trendy haircuts for short hair are presented in hairdressing collections this year?


It became popular in the beginning of the last century,Grooming has a lot of variations. Remarkable is the fact that the stylist still manage to come up with something new on the basis of a hairstyle "Bob". Classic Bob - it's pretty short haircut, in which the exposed neck and covered his ears.

She adds it makes the possessor of growth andsleeker silhouette. Second life is breathed into this hairstyle Victoria Beckham recognized it-girl. After the British star shorn her long hair, which, incidentally, did not differ in volume and density, the audience enthusiastically accepted the similar transformation.

Fashionistas rushed to the hairdresser shave their hair in imitation of the famous Englishwoman.


This ultra short haircut became popular at the height «glam-rock» style popularity. Examples of successful haircut "Pixie" can peep at the inveterate huliganok Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

To add an image of femininity, stylists advise to leave the long asymmetrical bangs, which gives a wider range of options for installation:

  • bangs can be charged by the ear;
  • it is possible to lift up, adding hair basal volume;
  • as an option for the evening, bangs can be screwed on curling, whipping curls with your fingers.

Often temples are cut extremely short. This gives the image of youthful enthusiasm and the very young.

Haircuts for medium length hair

If the owners of long braid is sometimes difficultpersuade to something extreme, and short hair nowhere to roam, the medium length hair can be a real ground for hairdressing experiments.

With basic haircuts and trendy techniquesYou can give them a variety of forms. And if we analyze the hair salon fashion of recent years, it is easy to guess what trendy haircuts for medium length hair are the most popular.


Very easy to installation. Cascading forms - a good base for various staining techniques: Californian dyeing, coloring, Ombre, bi-tonal coloring and so forth.


Elongated and classical squares fits any type of person.

Equally it looks good both on the bleached hair, and in copper, red and chocolate tones.

Haircuts for long hair

It dominates the so-called "well-groomednegligence". Graduated haircuts for long hair styling easier everyday and gives hair a beautiful silhouette. Girls with an elongated face should avoid direct severe.

It is better to give preference to a fashionable "ladder" with a long asymmetrical fringe, which will balance the elongated oval of the face.

Long hair can be curled in ringlets differentshapes and textures, or to give your hair silky smooth with the help of termoukladki utjuzhkom. On long hair always look good layered haircut that add them to the dynamics and volume.