Which laying choose the ladies with a round face?


Many women experience because of the round shape of your face. But do not moan and complain all its supposedly not such as all of the exterior.

Round face occurs in many women, and one of thethe main features of the women is the ability to turn weaknesses in the unique dignity. It is representative of the fair sex is the proud title of the woman, and she has to do her looks glamorous and attractive.

If there are doubts about its formperson, then you need to take a ruler and measure the distance between the forehead and chin, as well as the distance between the cheekbones. When these parameters are equal, then the person is actually round shapes. In this case, it is important to choose the perfect hairstyle for round face, so they can visually make the face look longer and more beautiful.


  • 1 Suitable hairstyles for moon-faced ladies
  • 2 Trendy haircuts for owners of the full cheeks
  • 3 What is not suitable for round face?

Suitable hairstyles for moon-faced ladies

The best type of hairstyle for women with this face shape- These haircuts and styling to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of camouflage. So what needs to be done on his head, to always be on top?

You can follow these tips to create the ideal:

  1. The use of multiple layers.
    This is a great option for a cute face roundform. The hair must be longer than the chin, and the strands of different lengths to do. GM may cut the hair at an angle, so that highlights the soft rounded cheeks and other facial features. It must be remembered that the hairstyles for round face - is the lack of rigor of the lines. Hair should not be of the same length, so they will give only completeness, and is not talking to owners of round cheeks.
  2. Waves - the nature of or use of forceps.
    If your hair curls naturally, then enoughwill lubricate them mousse and leave to dry naturally. Before this process, the strands are twisted, it will lengthen the face. If the hair is long and straight, then you must use hot tongs - waves produced beautiful and kept more than a day.
  3. Caution with curls!
    Too curly hair added volume of the person,that it is not necessary possessor round schёchek. Waves should be longer than the chin, then the hairstyle will adorn the face, not to emphasize the wrong moment in the forms.

Trendy haircuts for owners of the full cheeks

Ask your stylist to make one of these hairstyles:

  1. Cascade.
    This hairstyle with strands of irregular length. This makes a person narrow staircase. The maximum length is not limited, but at least - is the length of the chin up. This hairstyle for round face suits ladies, both with straight and curly hair.
  2. French style - short bob.
    This hairstyle with long chin up, will draw attention only to the lower part of the face. Sharp strands and inhomogeneous line interspersed with soft contours, sculpted features are obtained and unique.
  3. Pixie Haircut.
    She really adorns the face holders andno need to think that this kind of hairstyle for a chubby lady will not work. You need only to ask the master to it on the sides of your hair shortened, and the locks on the ears should be a mandatory profile with a special tool. The neck becomes visually longer and cheeks will seem not so chubby.
  4. Long bangs to one side.
    Side parting you can do yourself atany length of hair. It is suitable for owners of big forehead. Such a move will add charm face. Many people think that long fringe to close the face, but it is not, it is simply to frame it and will emphasize the beautiful lips.
  5. Decorative elements in the form of modern or carelessly braided braid.
    If your hair is short, then it is possible to create some clever tricks with the help of an artificial chignon or strands.
  6. Hairstyle for round face "halves".
    Hair divided into upper and lower half. The top is raised and stabs herself, and on the bottom you can do light curls. This hair is ideal for an evening out and officialdom.

What is not suitable for round face?

The lush curls. From a haircut must be disposed immediately. It adds volume and do not decorate. If the hair on the nature of such waves, then they can straighten special utjuzhkom.

Excessive volume on the sides - a visualthe expansion of the already round face. The lines above the ears may be different, but not voluminous. Do not fit into the ends and bent, like a bob. Generally, about a haircut is better to forget owners of chubby cheeks and other facial soft lines.

Not an option, and a haircut "a boy". The person will seem more and more rounder than it actually is. Taboo - all hairstyles round silhouette, repeating the shape of the face. As a result, you may see a double chin, which was previously not visible and visually reduced facial features, which also decorates.

Not suitable and smoothly combed hair back. These hairstyles include "ponytail" and other severe and office haircut.

Every girl can use theseadvice and choose something for themselves. But there are other options for hairstyles. It is worth noting that for a basis we can take something from the above list and dream a little and experiment. As a result, it is sure to get your original image that will attract the attention of people around.